Friday, September 29, 2006

now i have a special place in school(: titanic! woohoo. just want to take this time to thank michelle(:thank God for a sister like you(: and edwin too(:yupyups.

turning your fear into faith. Phil. 4:13-> I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. i know i can't do it all by myself but with God i can! Whopeedoo.Though my papers weren't that fantastic, but i know i did my best and i'm lifting everything to You my Daddy God(: You are everything i need. Today during my gp compo, i could write so fast and could elaborate on each point, it's as though i'm guided by the Spirit and yups. ((: i know i did my best and i have no regrets about whatsoever.

take care hard ya(:

Sunday, September 17, 2006

ahhh.God help help!!how come everything turned out like this? tears filled my eyes when i just looked at the photo at the blog. why. why. Lord, i ask You to make the impossible possible for all things are possible in You. Lord, my Father, i ask You to strengthen me as i know that i can do all things through You(Christ) who strengthens me o Lord.
I am falling to my knees
I need You Lord to breathe in me
My prayer is still the same
My heart is calling out Your name

Sweet anointing fill this place
I am found in Your embrace

Rain down on me
Rain down on me
Here in Your presence I am free
Pour down like rain
Come and touch me again
Lord let Your presence fall on me

I'm longing just to see
Your power and Your majesty

Sweet anointing fill this place
I am found in Your embrace

Sweet anointing
Wash me over
Sweet anointing
Wash me over

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

just a short note to add(:
I BUMP INTO JOY!! ahh. i miss crapping with her, haven't seen her for 2 years plus. anyway, i know you won't be reading this, but take care!(:

what i did in 3.5 hours: econs government measures for imperfect market for essay q 2b. aj chinese common test. electrophilic addition, intro to organic chem remedial ws.yups. quite fruitful.(:

alrights. take care!
Lord, i just want to take this time to thank You for pouring Your blessings over me, for granting me the focus that i need to study.(: You never failed to lift me up. thank You(: i pray in Jesus' mighty name, amen(:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

HELLO!! woah. i haven't been blogging for close to two weeks already. and for the next few weeks i don't think i'll be blogging that often. promos is just around the corner and im blogging because SIEW CHENG miss me!!(:awww.haha. i miss you too panda.
promos. promos. tut. tests. spa. make-ups. argh.
phy spa is a day before gp and econs on the 28th sept. hmmm.. and then after promos will be pw. chinese and choir. Malacca trip in december.and sco concert too! those having exams, all the best!!(: *hearts.
the present and the future matters, not the past.jiayou(:

Friday, September 01, 2006

straight off 7 hours! MACLAURIN TUTORIAL!(: awww. haha(:
thank you!!(:

continue with maths today and perhaps a little bit of chem? but maths first(:
mon-maths tut,maths test
wed-chem tut and choir(perhaps)
thur-hair cut
fri-chem test and sl project

there goes my holiday!