Friday, November 30, 2007

"You see things and you say 'why?' but i dream things that never were and i say 'why not?' "
George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, November 29, 2007

hello!i'm still rather confuse about it. anyway tuesday was a fun day spent with ning, loo, tham, edwin and jimmy.

this is jimmy trying to... i don't know what he is doing. tham, jimmy, ning.
cute tomatoes!
ning n me.
i met tham, ning n jimmy at cold storage and i was shocked to see the amount of food that they bought. it is one of the most expensive lunch, about $11 per person, split among 4 people. i cooked the fish fingers, they are yummy(: they all bought one packet of egg, those 10 in one pack. we managed to cooked finish all the eggs. haha. u can see fried egg, sunny-side up. potato wedges and pizzas. ning called it an eggy meal. lol
not forgetting a group pic!(:
performance time. haha.
jimmy with lucas.
the beloved black and white keys that i've played for 13 years.
self-timed shot!
edwin n jimmy playing w lucas' toy. tskk
this photo is funny! the leg belongs to yours truly. haha(:
after a few attempts, this turned out quite real. lol
staircase self-timed shot. haha. ning n i were trying to hold our laughter. haha.
we tried a few attempts of squeezing 3 people into the photo. this is the 1st attempt.
2nd attempt
3rd attempt
and finally 4th attempt.
and the 5th one. haha
group photo!
i know ning's love for pooh, that explains the pooh bedsheet and pillow cover(:
at night!(:
just before doing facial. lol
during facial. haha. we closed our eyes because the mask was hardening so it was quite difficult to smile. haha.
ning peeled off the mask faster than me! i'm still peeling.
this is after! just before washing our faces.
we watched the first two episode of 'a step into the past', highly recommended by mr jimmy chung. there was a part in episode 1 that both of us laughed out real loud. haha. after watching the episode 2, we decided to sleep.
can u guess who this is?
good night!
all in all, i had a fun-filled day(: especially during the 'chalet' at my time we will know not to buy strawberry strudel anymore, it is not that nice actually. BUT apple strudel is yummy!!((:

yesterday went for the concert with jill. we practically marched to mos burger, marched to vch, and then marched cum run to take the train because we thought it was the last train. of the better things that happened was that i bump into yan xuan! still looking pretty. haha. the concert was alright. i dont really fancy the politics though. anyway, supper at lao pa sat with jill, henry, han rui, wei lin, eunice choy and jasmine.

supposed choir bbq but oh well..

Monday, November 26, 2007

this is really confusing.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

many loves! (: dinner date on saturday with her!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

friday was kbox with my girlfriend!(: we sure had lots of fun singing all the cantonese songs. fast or slow songs, out of tune or what also don't care. haha. it was really fun(: though we didn't spend a lot of time talking but we will meet up again soon right?(: many loves to you(:we ordered a cup of coke each. n halfway through, our voices were running away so i suggested honey green tea. surprisingly it tasted not too bad(:

woohoo. future singer eh?(:
us again(:

then i took bus 14 to sac for alumni prac. so many O level batch of juniors. ended quite on time so went to 85 for dinner. and i had a terrible experience with xiao qiang =/ barhh

anyway, had pm at my place n then cabbed to expo tog!(: after service went for the very first s12 gathering at jk's house. the bread that came with the curry was really yummy. n wong's sushi tasted very delicious too(: even though i went there late n missed out all the fun that they had before the musical chair game, i had my fair share of fun too(: i really hope that this will not be the first and the last gathering that we have. i'll post the photos once i got them(: oh ya!! the forfeit that ahmad n jk did was... didn't capture a shot of it, i think all of us were shocked. haha.

okay! i'm feeling sleepy. good night!(:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

HELLO!!!the post As has finally arrived! i've finished watching forensic heroes and fantasy hotel, both are hong kong drama series in CANTONESE!! my favourite (: tues stayed at home but went to tamp to get guitar strings with roy because i don't know how to buy guitar strings as i've never bought any before. and at the same time asked how to restring. However the 1st string broke while i tried to restring. really heart pain.=/

wed was spend w jillian! we spent our day at the arcade where i had my hair cut and headed down to vivo city. Lunch was at tamp with the 3 wonderful juniors(: yamaha doesn't sell guitar strings one by one. tried on dresses at shops but of course we didn't buy them. i'm still waiting for photos from her. oh i bought charcoal mask, it's really good! after you peel off the mask, you can feel your skin is soft and this clean feeling on your face(: don't laugh at my face hor. haha.

Today was spend with the six (minus 1). another day spent at vivo. i bought a red belt today! i shall leave out how funny the scene was. haha. XD honestly speaking, i kinda miss my long hair but hair will grow, so nvm(:
tried out a dress at daniel yam's. it looks nice from the photo but if you can see the design, it's a bit lao tu. i mean that glittery pink flowers on the dress.
a random shot at harbour front centre while on the way to find yoshinoya.
oh! did i mention, weiqin makes really cute cards!! that's penguin, panda and pig(: and yes, your bag makes a nice background.haha
on the left side is my envelop, n on the right is linette's.
cosy sofa at coffee bean.
vivo's sky park.
can you see my red belt?!!haha(:
just outside pet safari

chow chow!


soup kitchen at raffles city
chilling out at the merlion park(:

i'm having a great time for the post As. especially today when i get to spend time with my really close friends. they are the ones who are always true, whom i really trust. they don't manipulate and don't backstab. i know i can count on them(: and i finally got my guitar strings after 2 whole days. (:

i got to sleep now. good night! kbox with wingyi, sac alumni prac and 85 dinner tmr!(: