Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my primary love language: words of affirmation. i received it today, it came as a total surprise. (:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

It was Willis' last day at work yesterday. i'll post the photos once i got them from ning. OT-ed last night until 11.30pm, even the legend and the true legend left, 3 of us were still in the office, ning helping me fax documents to Brunei, while i was revising the stuff that i've learnt with willis. just wanna thank both of you for making me to settle in so quickly, that i'm able to click with you all,and of course my upperstudy for teaching me so patiently. Always so encouraging, for having so much confidence in me after just teaching me for 6 days. No doubt that it was stressful for both of us, for you, you have to hand over properly to me in 6 days and i have to learn as much in 6 days.I think i'll be quite happy working because of the company i have. even though work load sometimes may be overwhelming, nonetheless, caring boss,supervisor and officiers, friends and priceless experience are enough for me. (: I think all of us will be sending him off on 11th. i will update again when the photos come (:

off to pack my room now.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

VANN!!(: You are the one i can talk for non-stop. haha. hope to see you soon ok (:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've heard about the 101 things you can find on your body.=/
left early from work yesterday and today. Last night had yummy japanese food(: it's delicious and it's affordable, i won't say that it's very affordable but still ok.

today gt to interact with Linda M., i still find her a little scary, when you let her look through the work that u've done and let her sign, it's like waiting for major exam results. Luckily she got talk to me, so that ease a little of the scary-ness. Interacted with winnie a little more. Work has been good so far just that it's tiring. I'm starting to get use to the daily procedures(:

Dinner with loo, tham and ning. initially the mood was quite heavy and down but after settling down and eating, everyone felt better. i'm really glad that to have met up with them, miss loo and tham a lot because we haven't met up since november. as for ning, i see here from monday to friday, she's still as sweet(: the 4 of us, of course will cam-whore. haha. will upload the photos one i got them from ning (:

wendy: hope your jaw will be ok soon (:
vann: be well soon and drink more water ya (:

hang in there

Last but not least, happy birthday wei qin !(:

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday blues. haha. some of us have them some of us dont. it can be taken away by surprises that makes you really happy (:

today is my 2nd day at work, i must say i have quite a good upperstudy that im understudying but then again, nobody is perfect. haha(: only God is. Learned quite a lot during these two days, i think tomorrow i'll be 50% on my own and slowly, next monday onwards, i'll be on my own. Those colleagues that i have lunch with are nice people, eat together, share sweets together, joke together, laugh together. haha.

Indeed i've understand why people say that you'll miss studying once you've started work. working life may be fun on one hand but is tiring too. Well, we can't have both the winning side. Life is not a bed of roses.

Dinner with mich tham, mich loo and ning tomorrow night(:

on a slight note, never take 65 from tamp interchange to plaza sing. haha. (:

human life is so fragile.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

it's the first time in 2 months plus that i'm awake so early! that's because i have an agenda later on in the morning. remember a few posts earlier on, i said i'm going for it and thanking a few people? to those of you who are curious, like janet, haha. what i meant was i'm going for the job! i went for the interview 2 days ago, they called me yesterday to say that i can start work tmr. i was so happy ((:

i don't have much to blog now. perhaps i just enjoy my last day before i start work.

thanks for letting me understand(:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i've indeed procrastinated too much.

i long to serve you once again.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

i'm sorry that i've disappointed you lately, i still care very much about you.
it was such an exciting day!! C: although it didn't start off as great and both jamie and i concluded that it was a bad day, at the end of it, it turned out quite well C: This morning went to the airport and bump into olivia and jillian! Both of them were wearing the orange tshirt. haha.

just now celebrated panda's birthday. that's panda's standard pose when she doesn't want to take photos.We settled for our favourite subway. But i have to say that sing post's subway is still the best out of all that i've tried so far.after dinner, was busy cutting and pasting the birthday messages, while wei qin told us her hilarious stories as a relief teacher in a primary school. of course, we burst out laughing at some really funny parts.

panda took this shot. burger king was only half opened because they were closing soon. we sat there from 9 all the way until 11 when we got chased off.
in the beautiful toilet C: wei n i had the most creative idea of celebrating in the toilet but we decided not to, so ended up taking pictures C:

i wasn't being kissed. haha. we were in the midst of planning the celebration.
kangaroo n penguin C:
panda n penguin C:
whee ! C: bought a slice of cake from gloria jean's where adlin was working C:
i purposely put 19 sweets into the puzzle box and asked her to count.
tadaa! the present C:
kangaroo n panda C:
panda n penguin C:
Met jamie because she had something to pass to me and celebrated kelvin's birthday with the rest as well.

kelvin's cake with a flame-less candle. lol
janet and kelvin
janet, kelvin, jamie, adeline.
and somemore photos!Janet decided to take photos from different angles. haha.

happy birthday kelvin! C:
i feel so happy today ! ((: one of my happiest days where i couldn't breathe properly because i was just too excited. haha. panda jokingly said that i need an oxygen tank. C: thanks girl, i really enjoyed the company. I even broke my curfew n reached tanah at 12.10am. haha. Thankfully my mum was quite cool about it because i told her that i'll go home late. thanks mummy for picking me up from the mrt station C:

cellgroup and service later C:

before i close this entry, today is the 12th, so happy birthday jia hui and bro darren! C:

Thursday, January 10, 2008

it's the 10th day into the new year, these few days i didn't do much. watching movies on crunchyroll, getting addicted to drama series, especially the cantonese ones and just reminiscing about school days. i'm still unemployed till this moment.

thought about tpjchoir. how i rose up to take that heavy responsibility of an ASC from just a mere soprano singer when i first joined. being in the music comm, having to work closely with man aka aiping . i still remembered when i first started to take up the role of an ASC,it was just so difficult, i didn't know what to do and it didn't help when someone kept telling to step up into my post for umpteenth times. i know i need to step up to my post, i need time to adjust to the new post too.

i remembered we even called a 5 minutes break because both of us were just so pek chek. haha. thanks a lot man (:
panorama 2006. "Our Shared Dream". haha. i think it's kinda like a song that every tpjcians has to know? i still remember teaching the new j1s in 2007 during their orientation. when i heard that we need to teach them, i was thinking.. "oh no. singing in front of hundreds of people.." In the end, i just went on with it and it turned out quite alright. except the fact that the j1s weren't really interested. haha.
Plasir de Chanson 2006. when we still have our silver gown.

just before aj performance with our new gown. i dont know but a lot of us feel that the gown looks a lot better like this. lol.
olomouc 2006. it holds many memories.

Malacca trip.
Plasir de Chanson 2007.with our new costume and xu hao!!
it's that pose! (: i will never forget that super high note at the end of the song being sustained by the poor sop 1s. haha. the note usually will be sharp, so.. poor us.
at the end of concert(:I wonder when is the next time i'll step on a stage and perform again. performed on stage with a choir since primary 1 in hong kong, it has been so many many years...
Of course, not forgetting my class(: though there were many internal conflicts in the last 2 years, if i were to choose a class once more, i'll still choose 06s12(:
how the guys lift their shirts to show off their six pegs. haha >.< during road run in 2007(:
this 2 wonderful girls!! it would have never been possible without mutual forgiveness about the past. love you two(:
just after one of the many night studying in the library.(:
a sort of motivation by us(:
the last day of school. when are we meeting up again? (:
of course not forgetting my cute ct! (: i hope she's doing fine(: really enjoyed the times when we chatted in the bus on the way to sispec. haha. hope to see her soon(:All in all, jc was well.. fun and challenging. fun in terms of many wonderful memories and the times in choir, the times spent w the girls. challenging because it's super stressful preparing A levels and actually taking it. Just want to say a word of thanks to those who had been there for me, you know who you are (: and last but not least, i thank God for all the opportunities and challenges, that out of them, i emerge as a stronger person as a whole (:

okay, enough of emo-ness. haha (:

happy birthday darling panda!(: it's green! haha.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I went to the library yesterday and read up on variation in consciousness. It's really interesting. Our brain sends out waves of different frequency when we are awake, in meditation, light sleep and even deep sleep. The role of circadian rhythms which is also known as our biological clock. How to reset it. haha. i didn't know our body clock can be reset by taking small dose of melatonin. How jet lag and working on shifts cause harm to our body. reading about deprivation of sleep, even partial deprivation. i guess it applies to many of us.
Dreams. What is a dream? Actually, what we often dream about is affected by what is going on in our lives and the characters that dominate in our dreams are usually those we are familiar of, with a sprinkling of strangers.

Hypnosis and meditation. How drugs alter our consciousness.

spent quite a few hours at the library. thankfullly i wasn't disturbed in any ways.

on a slight note, just want to help OLIVIA to advertise her shop blog! click here

Monday, January 07, 2008

just completed my resume, so thought of updating my blog!(: I was packing one of my cupboards the other day and came across a lot of things, like letters, old stuffed toys, games that i dont play, a complete collection of macdonald's snoopy.

2nd of jan went out with my 2 darlings(: it's the official first day of school and decided to spend it with them(:
thanks for being with me through thick and thin these years, i've never regret knowing you all(:

Saturday went Carrefour with joseph, zoe and jamie to buy the stuff for steamboat.this is joseph, with bags of food. haha.

back at joseph's place, jamie and zoe preparing the meat.
celebrity of the day!(: wendy!
it was just before the steamboat, we have hong xiu, wendy, kelvin and charles.
jamie, jonathan (whom we haven't seen for weeks) and elicia.
adeline and terence. in front of the screen we have yong quan and i think lewen/?
steamboat was fun(: i was one of the maria-s preparing the meat. the fish smell was overwhelming. haha. I've learnt that preparing a dish is not so easy after all. But of course, spending the night with them was great, just that i had to leave and couldn't stay longer because i have a curfew.

heading to library tomorrow!(:

Lord, i pray that i will get the job.