Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've unofficially graduated, meaning that I'll be currently looking for a job to support my business, which i'll be doing it part time.

Even though it was bittersweet as in the part about leaving friends and not being able to see each other everyday in school. Nonetheless, I'm really excited about what i'm going to do and what i'll be achieving :)

i'm almost turbo-charged! woots!

Friday, August 13, 2010

You Are - Abundant Life Church

Love unfailing, truth unchanging
I depend on You
Faithful Father, peace forever
I will rest in You

Unshakeable my hope remains
Lord, I believe in You

You are the strength of those in need
You are defender of the weak
You are everything we need
You are our God, You are our God

God of mercy
I will live in praise of all You’ve done
God eternal
By Your power I will overcome

None greater, none higher
All praise to God our savior
Unchanging, unfailing
All praise to You our Savior

It's just the song that i need at this moment of time.

It's really the finals now, everyone is stressed, including me.. BUT GOD saves the day.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A yearly birthday has passed. Though not as many gifts as compared to when I was younger, I feel blessed indeed. Despite being in the midst of tight deadlines in school, friends took time off to buy presents for me.

One of the most memorable thing was the surprise by joyce and vann. I got bluffed into believing that vann went to the ladies.. And to my surprise,they handed me a F21 bag containing a _ _ _ _ _. LOL. Nonetheless, they are really sweet(:

Not forgetting the supporting group of friends that I've just made, wishing me success in my life (:

I'm especially touched when I receive hand-made cards. Thank you everyone (:

Memorable celebrations in July but all good things will come to an end, am looking forward to the next July (fav month of the entire year).

On a slight note, exams is next week and next next week I'll be officially finish with school! Am really excited to learn new things and to take up new challenges. :D