Sunday, August 31, 2008

I love my cellgroup!(: Initially I told them that my jamming will be near riverwalk then they wanted to have dinner at riverwalk so I could join them. After which, I told them that jamming's actually at bugis area, so they changed location, dinner at bugis so that if there's any chance, i can join them. i'm really really really touched by their gesture of love. Even though I weren't able to join them, you all still went to bugis.

It was my first time jamming, an ulu place at arab st., 3 ladies, 3 guys. It better than what I had expected because i was expecting to get stuck and just stuck there. Thanks for the guidance to sean, john and lionel, that i'm able to play praise on the keyboard together with you guys. and for vann n pei en's support too(:

i'm excited for the BIG DAY! woohoo~(:

cheers to those the worship team! All the best to those who are involved in one way or another(:

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I've finally completed the tutorials(: Accounts was to a great degree of difficulty because it's totally new subject to me and i don't know how to answer the questions but nonetheless, i still did. With the help niao((: whee~ thanks a lot!(:

Breakfast eating out with my parents tomorrow, it has been quite some time since i join them for breakfast outside because usually, i'll sleep in. hahaha. alrights, i'm very sleepy...practice with the band at night after service.

good night!(:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yes, I still have not uploaded the most recent photos yet but will do so soon, probably by end of this week.

Well, school has started this week and so far everything is going well. Just want to thank God for placing my friends back to the same group of lecture as me(: I was really happy when I saw them on Monday because I thought that i'll be going to the lecture all alone and have to sit with unfamiliar people. In the end, I saw Crystal, Ryan and Allison, also Jye Ying (who prefers to be addressed by her surname-Sam). The journey to school is squeezey!!! Especially if I need to be in school by 9am, it's hard to get a seat.

Lecturers are captivating. hahaha. I mean I can pay attention and not fall asleep even though I yawned before the start of the class as well as after the class has ended.Oh, not forgetting break time I was yawning. I really like angmo lecturer(: I think they look good. Due to the aussie accent, focus is needed.

I bump into Kai Yun! My SAC choir senior. This means that not only do we get to see each other more often ( we were very close back in secondary school), have lunch together and I get to buy second hand books from her. Even though she's not doing the same course as me, there are some books that are the same. (: YAY!

Crystal talked about Wall-E at the MRT station and all of us got so excited. hahaha. I wonder if 4 of us will watch that show together(:

Alright! Time to snooze!(: Girl Power GO!(:

Monday, August 25, 2008


This is the first time we are holding this zone event. Kindly do come and support! friends are mostly welcome(: there'll be a Look-O-Like competition where you are supposed to find a friend who looks like you and you'll stand to win attractive prizes!(: Let's Live Out Loud (LOL)!

*credits to jme for the image

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

arrival of miadidas supernova!(: whoots!(:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cellgroup on Friday! It wasn't exactly convenient having to find our way to the part of Singapore that I'm not familiar with but nonetheless, I enjoyed myself! Of course, nian played great too!((:

Preparing for the revolutionary change. Do we worry easily? Many a times, when we fear about the future, we tend to worry, thinking about all the what ifs. It does not help us at all, it only works to magnify our problem. So how do we live a worry-free life? It's to have God in the picture! When God is in the picture, our future has been planned by Him and we can be sure that the victory is already ours. All that we need to do is not to loose steam and just continue to run this race.

Another thing that hit me was that part about stepping out again. Yes we have stepped out but what about stepping out again? It takes faith to be able to step out again and again. How about stepping out to reach out to our friends and our loved ones? How would I rate my urgency in doing so? The arrow really hit straight at me. Many times, we fear in reaching out, we fear of rejections, about being pai seh when we include God in our daily conversation. I guess this will be one of the personal things that I want a breakthrough in. I was also reminded that we need to have constant breakthrough, if not we will become stagnant and tend to slide backwards.

Let's continue to run the race and not just be the starter but also the finisher of this race!(:

Saturday, August 09, 2008

HELLO!!((: Yes, time for an update! Do be prepared that this entry will be full of photos.

photos from iphone

Pretty vann(:
this was the roses in the toilet taken at Roland Restaurant
Jamie and me(:
the 'escort' with the CIC graduates. haha. "TUMMIES TUCK!!!"
Thank you Dad for the iphone(: It's really amazing how nice the photos turn out!(: woohoo!!

Time to back track(:
It was one of my last few days with SCB, so that means photo taking time with colleagues!(: Working in SCB was not as easy as I would have thought, we have to handle cases and even complaints. Nonetheless, lessons learnt were for life(: So are the friendships that were made(:
Cai Ling!(: The really sweet girl, though haven't known her for very long, she's nice to others around her(:
Linda Chia (she was one of the pioneer batches from tpjc!)
Mildred! mama i miss you. MAMA of the two 'daughters'(:
Last Tuesday, I treat the 3 of the important peoples for Haggen-Daz as well as to celebrate my birthday(: these people are really important to me as we all share the same goal(: Thanks for the encouragement all this while(:

with my dearest sister(:
brotherly love. haha
our dessert(: Of course I can't miss out on my favourite STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE ice cream with COOKIE CRUNCH topping and CREPE!
Shi Jie and Stephen
WHEEEE~ First present presented to me by Stephen. It's a cute t-shirt that I thought was small but it fits perfectly. The presentation of the present was really unique and one of a kind. In the plastic bag are verses to encourage me. With a dried rose and 'SISTA YOU ROCK!' at the bottom of the bag. WOAH~ What more can I say(:
that's the shirt!!(:
Jie Jie has a tummy-ache.
and he starts hitting his tummy.
present from shi jie(: It's a tigger mug! I think everyone knows I love tigger(: haha.
pretty shot of ning(:
opps XD If you're wondering what's that in her mouth, it's banana.
two brothers(:
Shi Jie! Why your eyes open SO BIG?!? haha. A nice self-timed shot(:
4 people but 5 glasses of water. 4 cold and 1 warm, the warm one is specially for the guy who had tummy ache.
stephen with the glasses.
ning's turn!(:
It was my last day! The first thing i did was to take photo with my manager because it's really hard to find time to take photo with her as she's always busy.
Angie and me(:

this is Wen!(: The girl who wears thick frame specs like me(:
Faridah!(: The one whom I learnt simple malay words from(: haha.
Agnes, the one who 'chased' me for my OT sheet. (:
Kelvin! DA GE GE!! He is also the only guy from my department and also known as da ge ge/ OT king! haha. No one has broken his record of the number of hours he OT-ed. After much persuasion, he has decided to take a photo with me without covering his face! (:
this was during lunch time. As my last day coincides with hong zhou's last day as well as my birthday. We had our lunch at pizza hut, even though I wasn't a pizza hut fan, the food wasn't too bad(:

L-R: Kelvin, Hong Zhou, Cedrych, Darren, Stephen.
Home-made birthday cake
This is the first time blowing candle at age 20!
Back in the office, i saw a surprise cake from coffee bean! It was from Mei Ling, Mei Hwa, Rochelle and Jerrick(: Really thoughtful to get me a cake(:
Kelvin and Hong Zhou.
Hong Zhou! The one who asks us lame questions. haha.
Mei Ling! PSTT PSTT! haha(: we always have nice shots taken at the first attempt(:
Shao Jun. He's also from tpjc(:
michelle and me!(: WOO! Her hair is really really LONG(: pretty girl!
Faridah, Aunty, Linda, me(:
whee(: Linda and me(: My assistant manager(:
the SEXY girl in office is my grand daughter. I became her ah ma within seconds after I said something wrongly.
Here's ting ting(: the loving one(:
the final shot of my work table. (:
just as I was about to leave... ning came to surprise me!((: With a cake, card, handmade earrings and 2 balloons(: love love(: This is the 4th cake of the day. haha. First one was the chocolate cake at pizza hut, 2nd was the coffee bean chocolate cake.3rd one that I didn't take was from UNCLE TEO!! He gave me a keychain and blueberry cheesecake from coffee bean. *drools.
Emily!(: The one I slept with during the chalet(: haha. and gossiped.
PUAYPUAY!(:. , ning and me (VALVAL!(:.) MVPS is STILL standing(:<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Dinner(: you were smart not to get a cake. haha(: Thanks for the presents too!!((:
Close up shot of the 2 balloons(:

I can say that July 2008 has been the most difficult period for me for the last 20 years of my life. Nonetheless, I wouldn't have accept the fact and move on without the wonderful people around me(:

Breakfast!(: L-R: mum, grandpa's sister, me, grandpa, grandma.
with grandma(: grandma is the HIPPEST grandma with bright colour clothes(:
with grandpa(: I think my grandpa is the coolest grandpa with GOATEE!(:
Saturday afternoon. This was just before the ceremony started. It was taken with my brother and our first maid, Edith(: She practically watched me grew up!(: haha
I will not post any personal photos taken during the ceremony.

After the ceremony on sunday, we went to the chinese restaurant for a 8-course meal. Below it's a tissue box that says 'serve with a smile'. It ties in with servanthood(:
Joey!(: He's 183cm tall!
Theodora(: We share the same birth date!
The MTR advertisement at the tunnel(:
Beryl and Joanne(: I went shopping with these two ladies at Mong Kok on Monday!cheap cheap!(:hahaha. Of course we bought a lot of things(:
Legs were shouting out for a rest! So, we settled down at the bubble tea store(:


This was the family dinner on monday night. The night just before I came back. All the young people at the table(: L-R: Joey, Korkor, Theodora, Marcus, Joanne, me
and of course, 3 sets of parents(:
Just now was the 4th cake right(: More cakes on the way! haha. Should I count this as 3 or 1? haha(: the 5th one! I know that they know that i LOVE tcc cakes(: heehee. Of course, my favourite marble cheesecake!! WOOHOO((: They know me (: Belated birthday celebration with 3 of the 6 animals(:
making wish again. haha(:
Taken with Linette with her new jacket!
Before & After. haha(:
Presenting... the JACKET gang!(: LOL(: Thanks for celebrating my birthday pretty ladies(: 4 years of friendship and still counting(:
Saturday night! I guess many of you were catching the live telecast of the national day parade, if not at city hall area catching the fire works! BUT~~ It was another belated birthday celebration for me(: awww.. I feel especially loved this year. haha(: You will get to see my 6th cake below! It's ALSO from TCC! YAY(:

Terminal 3's Sakae (just beside Sakae Teppanyaki), they have beanie bags as seats(: Really comfortable.
darling bestie and me(:
yours truly(:
both the girls were hungry while waiting for Charles so we ordered Chawanmushi! it's YUMMY!!! Their food presentation is so unique! Be prepared! Lots of photos of FOOD!(:

enjoying my chawanmushi(:
You see the teapot! hahaha. It's green tea for each person. The cup is cute(: Oh ya! It's also refillable(:
Look at the wasabi! So much detail in it!(: Both victor and I took a closed up shot of it(: and the UNAGI SUSHI!((: =D
ikura (salmon roe) and I think scallop. haha.
Charles and Victor(: both of them keep giving each other brain teasers. haha
vann n me(:
Classic sashimi(: six pieces artistically served(:
Mr Chan sipping his green tea.
While Mr Tay! sipping his ice water.
This is not the birthday cake. haha. It's chocolate cheese cake topped with blueberry and chocolate powder all around(:
okok, let you have a closer look(:The cheese cake is not very cheesy, so it's a nice dessert(:
UNAGI!!! =D The best one that victor has eaten. haha
the guys ordered a mocha float(: Yummy too(:
In the toilet(:
When we came out from the toilet, I saw the lighted candle that victor was holding. hahaha. this is the 6th cake! from TCC((:
Artistic shot(:
belated birthday girl(:
with vann(:
taken by victor. haha.
6 cakes just for one birthday! You can imagine the amount of calories in there, plus F-A-T. hahaha. Time to hit the pool, the roads and the gym! XD I just want to extend my thanks to everyone who made a difference to me, you know who you are(: