Wednesday, February 28, 2007

1. maths test
2. phy faculty test

3. gp essay test
4. gp compre test
5. econs faculty test
6. chem supplementary test
7. spa trial skill CD

three down!4 more till term breaks!(: the essay test was quite alright to my surprise, i felt as though there was so much time for me to complete my essay. half way through the test, my stomach started to growl, so was quite loud.XD haha. i didn't have any sweets with me, so i filled my stomach with water. furthermore, the LT was freezing cold, but luckily i had a sweater with me to keep me warm(:

friday is the release of A level results! and there's choir too(: i cant wait.hah.anyway, got quite a lot of things need to discuss with my beloved iron woman about the 2nd intake auditions. yups. perhaps i shall study some econs tonight(:

chem test is until amino acids and proteins. oh man><
hey girl, i'm sorry for this morning. it was crowded and the situation was messy. really sorry girl. i will call you when i reach tomorrow morning okay?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

oh ya, happy birthday CASSANDRA!!(:
woohoo! 2 tests down
1. maths test
2. phy faculty test

3. gp essay test
4. gp compre test
5. econs faculty test
6. chem supplementary test
7. spa trial skill CD
5 more to go!
anyway, A level results coming out this friday, all the best to those who are receiving it! i'll be receiving my chinese result though.
and ya, one more thing, i want to start working on the song soon!hah(:

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vita de la mia vita

Life of my life,
you are to me like a pallid olive or a fading rose;
nor are you deprived of beauty,
but in every way you please me,
whether you flatter or shun;
and whether you follow me or flee softly you consume and melt me.

beautiful lyrics(:

Thursday, February 22, 2007

ahhh. this is crazy!
1. 4 tests next week. mon- maths. tue-phy fac test. thur-gp fac test. sat- econs fac test.
2. econs essay and DR by monday
3. econs test on inflation tmr
4. 2 300-words commentary tmr

good bye to tonight and this weekend.
Lord Lord, give me strength to endure what i have to go through. take away my physical tiredness Lord.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

i went shopping today!:D yippee.but my legs and toes are aching now.walked bugis junction & vivo city.i got my bag,a zara top and my first pair of going-out heels!:D YAY. i love it. it's from charles and keith. we went into shoe shops like pretty fit, u.r.s., charles & keith, americaya and many others that i've forgotten the name of the shop. you see, i'm very choosy when comes to buying things, that's why. after a long search, i found my pretty heels(:here's a photo of it.hah.had reunion dinner at home, it was a yummy one prepared by mum(: oh yar! i got a winnie-the-pooh puzzle ball too! it's super cute(:
i need to wash dishes.hah.take care all
happy chinese new year!(:

Thursday, February 15, 2007

whee(: happy happy girl(: i went for the many make up lessons today, well not exactly that many, but 2.5 extra periods after the time table and an supplementary lecture. i went for service today, it was really great(: the 4 negative attitudes that will destroy relationship
1. selfishness vs selflessness
2. pride vs humility
3.insecurity vs love
4. resentment vs forgiveness

it's really applicable and so real.i guess, many times i do have these attitudes, so is time to change for the better!:D After which, celebrated chee kian and zhinian's birthday(: i took a photo of chee kian eating the cake, so unglam!!hah.i shall post it here instead of can actually see the cake on his, i forgot to rotate it , but im sure you guys can see it yourself.hah.
after the celebration, chatted with janet,yuling and liu jing for some time because all of us were waiting for jamie who has zhinian's present.hah. and i was counting the number of tests that i will have before the end of this term, that totaled up to be hard girl!i can survive it.(:
06s12:hey guys, let's work hard tog(:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day to all(:
thanks for the presents.(:
and not forgetting, it's the first time in my life to receive sunflowers!(:thanks girls(:

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Find the way
the winds are blowing gently
as i walk through the valley
and i hear the sound of laughter we always had
though we may be going different pathways
but i know our friendship will be there

that's the way i find you
that's the way i see
and that's the place where
there is so much joy and tears
and i'll see you through
to the place where there is for you for you

find the way
where there is visions n dreams
to the place of destiny for you
look afar, and see horizon far beyond you
take the step and walk to where you'll go
and i know you'll always be in my heart
you'll find the way

Kotae o dasu koto kitto subate ja nai
but i, know you will find
find you way
i am sure

i think we put up a great performance!even though liu jing apologised for screwing up 'my love for You', i think they did great=D thanks liu jing and vann for singing that written song. and charles for playing those chords. for the 2nd perf, thanks daryl for playing on the electric and roy for playing the guit and coming up with the words. i really enjoyed performing with you guys.

today is the day of splitting up, and we knew which cg we're going first i wasn't affected that much, but on the way to expo w jamie, ade n cia, i guess that's where i really feel it.after the service, i went to hug the girls. like janet, liu jing, vann, yuling, debbie. no doubt that it's going to be different without having them around in the same cg, but i guess this change maybe for the better? perhaps is where i will fulfill my purpose.

anyway, just want to say to you guys, E348: thanks for being part of my life all these while, going through the good times and the bad doubt that i will miss you guys, i guess we can still meet up ya? just want to say, you all have impacted me in one way or another. thanks so much and i love you guys(:

Sunday, February 04, 2007

that's my fav. turtle and chocolate. (:i haven't blog for quite some time, i've been busy with a lot of stuff. school work, choir. no doubt that choir is increasingly stressful, topping it up with the pressure from those above. well, i guess it's just a few more months to go!

on thursday i had a chat with vann, and i really enjoyed it. she's one of my closest friends whom share the same taste in many areas!hah=) im really glad to know her. such a great girl(:we talked about so many many things, makes me want to hold on to this friendship even longer.

pst. ulf came to preach today, the message was on the holy spirit. like how we need to understand the holy move into the spirit and not just to wait upon it. i really learnt a lot(: moreover, we got to sing praise and worship in chinese(: hah. next sat's cg at riverwalk, special item coming your way guys.hah.and service shifted to sat with the effect from next week, and this means that i dont have to wake up early on sunday!lol(: it's really sad to leave the E348 where so many wonderful memories hold, but i guess this change will bring me to my purpose and to be where i want to me.(:

i guess i won't be blogging much unless i have something that i want to talk about. take care all, esp you.

happy birthday to