Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"life is a journey,not a destination"

"journey" is time spent travelling from one place to another,usually over a long distance. life for most of us is definitely a LONG journey,most of us will have 70years plus of travelling,some longer,some shorter. let's look at destination, it is a place where someone or something is going to.in this case in referring to someone,like you and me.

Life begins at the point of conception where we exist only as cells in our mothers' womb. for myself, this is the 21st year of my life,looking back at where I've come to,i've grown much.of course,there's lots more to learn because I'm still young.

life is a journey,long and winding but whether you want it to be narrow or broad is your choice.uphill and downhill symbolise the ups and downs of our journey. of course who doesn't like to be at the top of the world?however many a times it's not always the case.Ever experienced a rollercoaster ride that's going down at fast speed?sometimes that's how I feel when things are not going the way I want them to be.Hitting rock bottom but having to stand up again like a giant,with bruises and cuts all over,and just keep on walking. that's right,keep on walking.

people come and go in our journey called life.But who are the ones that we allow to stay?who are the ones who will add value to the time that you've invest in building the relationship?you decide.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Report + presentation done! (: Synergy of a great team! joycelyn, jingyi, sam and me (: I feel a sense of accomplishment after we've filed our report and put the report cover sheet. feel very shiok!haha.Even though we didn't follow our timeline, i just want to thank God for giving us the wisdom to come up with ideas, how our presentation is different from others.
yours truly presenting =]
After our presentation, we had a talk with vivian to find out how we did and all. By looking at sam's and joyce's expression, i'm sure you know how we did! (:
a group shot to conclude our project! One more project to go! YAY! :D

Personaly, I've always like what pst tan talks about each time he stands on stage to talk. Even though it may be a heavy message, there is a lot to be learned and applied in it. Life changing message i would say.

What pst tan talked about today, about the new way of living. In our lives, we all have this altar where we place our sacrifices in order to get protection, acceptance, good fortune etc etc.. For example, not wanting to get out of an abusive relationship because your partner is very rich (sacrificing your body). Another illustration : burying yourself in work because you want to earn more (sacrificing your time). And in this old way of living, no matter how much sacrifices we place at our individual 'altars', it's NEVER enough. We will end up putting even more sacrifices on this altar and not getting what we want. Because we don't have control over the unpredictable things in our lives, the old way of living is sacrificing ourselves to please God but God is the one who will provide a sacrifice for us, to enter into a new way of living.

We enter this new way of living by faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. In this new way of living, which is always called the church/ the heavenly places. A place where it's above the world and we can have an elevated view of our lives/problems. This is the part that hits me most. Many a time we feel that we have such a BIG problem in our life but when we see our problems with an elevated view, our problems seem much less insignificant. Moreover, in this new way of living, we are of one body and we can get help from others as well. So, it's not just solving problems all by ourselves but to strengthen each other as we helped one another.

Just want to add one more part about talent that came to my mind. As long as we are willing to try, even though we may have failed again and again, we will succeed in the end. What i really like is that we don't have to be the best in order to try something that we have never tried before. For example, you don't have to be the best guitarist to play in the worship team for zone meetings. I'm not saying that skils doesn't matter, what i'm saying is that there is this opportunity for others to try. The true meaning of new people doing new things, is that even though they may not be the best, they are given opportunities to unleash their gifts and talents.

Our life journey is the continual discovery, continual development and continual use of our talents for the maximum benefit of others.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ever heard of the story of a giant and a caterpillar?
Characteristics of a giant: able to walk, tall and strong. Even though with numerous falls, the giant is still able to stand up again and continue walking, 'immune' to scoldings, criticisms, and keep on walking.

Characteristics of a caterpillar: always crawling. Not able to walk like a giant. when people 'step' on the caterpillar, it dies.

Just a simple illustration. haha.

A giant or a caterpillar? you choose (:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

hahaha. do take your time to look at these two videos to compare! (: LOL.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i'm SO excited!
1. can't wait to feed my soul next week
2. 3 weeks down the road is THE worship week!! :D

Sunday, June 21, 2009

this was taken when i was bv-ing on the platform, thanks kenneth for the abstract shot(: I learn quite a lot of photography skills from you and it's really great to get to know you better. on thursday when i was just enjoying taking shots of the models i was asked to go for practice, right there and then, i wanted to say no, i want to take photos! but i took a deep breath and said ok! sacrifice sacrifice. hahaha. but yea, it was worth it (:

Putting the songs on repeat mode for the past week, taking time to serve despite of.....

i really like what pst tan preached today about God having His own timetable and He will not fit into my timetable just because i have a need that needs to be met urgently. There is a time whereby we need to wait upon Him, this reminds me of the first Christian book that i read titled 'Now What'. This book talks about waiting upon God, resting in the Lord, committing our ways to Him and trust Him especially in those times when these are the hardest things to do.

Visions and dreams do not come to past immediately because God wants to develop our character first because we must come to a point whereby our character can sustain what He wants to bless us with. Like the vision of becoming a musician, so what if God has reviewed it?It is for an appointed time in the future. There is a time of wait, a time of grooming and this is the time whereby we develop our character and as we persevere throughout the months/years of wait, character develops.

are we willing to wait upon God and trust Him?

happy birthday HAIRY HAELY!! =X

Saturday, June 20, 2009

can't wait for july to come (: thank God for this wonderful relationship <3
above is jingyi sam and me. great presentation i must say, we did well(: heehee! great job! let's continue to work hard for our report and presentation next week! (: thank God for the wisdom and unity that we are able to do well for our presentation.
just want to take this time to mention these two special ladies in my life. i believe that there is a power when we begin to hear from God and speak His words into our lives. the power of unity, the power of breakthrough and helping each other to fulfill our destiny. thank God for these two wonderful ladies.

Friday, June 19, 2009

a defining day plus shopping until 11.20pm! hahaha =X
Initially i wanted to just attend the evening session but due to some reasons i attended the entire session. thanks cia for speaking those words in my life (:


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

even though this video is 9 minutes long but do take your time to watch this (:
time to avail myself to serve despite of...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New name: macbook pro
can't wait to lay my hands on this wonderful piece of technology.
battery life: 7 hours
totally cool (:

Monday, June 08, 2009

what a day..

Saturday, June 06, 2009

those were the days....

6-year old composer! wow(: the song is nice, listen to it!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Title: Running a marathon
Be it a real marathon like sundown or standard chartered marathon,life is just like a marathon and so is our walk with God.
we need to..
1. stay in shape
to prepare for the marathon we need to have a healthy diet,perhaps also to exercise and train our stamina in order to run, having enough sleep is also just as important.similarly, in our walk God we also need to stay in shape,by prayer,by reading the bible,so that through doing so, we will gain the strength and capacity for the race

2. obey the rules
in a marathon,there are certain rules that we need to follow,for example the time to report for your race, putting the time strip at your shoelace etc. in our walk with God, at certain points of our lives, God calls us to go and fulfill our destiny, so what are the rules? we need to have the willingness in our hearts so that we can be God's vessles. let's be faithful and have the willingness because many are called but few are chosen and fewer remain faithful.

3. run light
when you see marathon runners,what do they usually have with them when they run? some will not carry anything,some have towels with them,some with mp3s,some with water bottles and I saw a few people carrying their bags with them!what I mean by bags are not those water bags or weight bags that some guys carry to train for strength and stamina, is those bulky bags that can actually be deposited at the bags counters. seriously I wonder how they run. In our lives,each of us has a different past, we have different baggages of life, but how do we continue walking when we are carrying baggages of our past failures that weigh us down? that's when we surrender ourselves to God totally,including our emotional baggages like disappointments,anger,
failures,unforgiveness..we surrender our burdens to God for His yoke is light.when we can run light,we can run long and far.

4. persevere
be it the kids challenge, 10km,21km,42km or even 84km. No matter how long the distance is, in order to complete your run you need determination and perseverance.along the way there are bound to be obstacles.just like walking the journey with God, along the way there are bound to be temptations, trials and tribulations,pressures from different aspects of our lives but it's very important that we remain faithful and continue the walk,placing trust in God that He has already plan for us the route, and we will emerge victorious. and no matter how stretched you feel,you know that God is preparing you for more to come and is enlarging your capacity,so hang in there for greater things have yet to come.

I guess it applies very much to my life as well (: this took my travelling time to type(: LOL.

Monday, June 01, 2009

So many things happened last week!!
- dinner with roger-1 project done with the wonderful team (:
watch bestie eat LJS
BV-ed for a zone event :D

SUNDOWN with ade and dn (:

a new week ahead...
I'm stressed.. but You said to cast all my care upon you, for you cares for me