Friday, October 31, 2008

Joycelyn // says: (PM 05:55)
ohhh haha
Joycelyn // says: (PM 05:55)
so clever!
Joycelyn // says: (PM 05:55)
慧儿: penguin ranger says: (PM 05:56)
慧儿: penguin ranger says: (PM 05:56)
thank you
Joycelyn // says: (PM 05:56)
Joycelyn // says: (PM 05:56)
not shy la u !
Joycelyn // says: (PM 05:56)
慧儿: penguin ranger says: (PM 05:56)
oK lar
慧儿: penguin ranger says: (PM 05:56)
when u first know me i quite shY
慧儿: penguin ranger says: (PM 05:56)
after that nt shY
Joycelyn // says: (PM 05:56)
Joycelyn // says: (PM 05:56)
kena cheated
慧儿: penguin ranger says: (PM 05:57)
慧儿: penguin ranger says: (PM 06:01)
what cheated
Joycelyn // says: (PM 06:02)
kena cheated
慧儿: penguin ranger says: (PM 06:02)
Joycelyn // says: (PM 06:02)
tot you shy girl
Joycelyn // says: (PM 06:02)
end up not shy one
Joycelyn // says: (PM 06:02)
慧儿: penguin ranger says: (PM 06:02)
shall post thIs part of our conver on my blog!
慧儿: penguin ranger says: (PM 06:02)
Joycelyn // says: (PM 06:03)
Joycelyn // says: (PM 06:03)
now im shy xD

anyway, happy birthday to royston!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Love Wendy Love was an event filled with people dressed in pink and black or either of the colours. It was coupled with love, appreciation and more love from friends and family, a great celebration indeed.=]

Met up with jamie to do the card and yes, a lot of thought was put into it, so hope you like the card we gave you =]

with jamie love =]
with the pretty zoe =]
with victor, who was in a pink shirt! =]
with bestie! =]
the BFFs=]
cia, ade and jme
birthday girl and me!=]
gift from us =]
jme, me, hx and zoe =]
where are the rest of the guys =/
group photo =]
*strike a pose!
cia-ee and val-ee
debbie, janet, me =]
zoe singing!!! =] with victor in the background.
on the way home =]
Having attended the second 21st birthday, the first one was 2 years ago, i feel quite inspired to throw my own 21st party next year!! haha XD

Anyway, sunday's crab feast was great! i think dn had a great meal too. After that drank a bit of pure whiskey and the next day, my throat was super dry. I think it was the alcohol that caused the dehydration. Nonetheless, just as my voice became husky, the lovely friends saved the day =] Joycelyn turned up with honey lemon water and ryan with luo han guo, coupled with some love from the bunch, plus care and concern from loved ones, my throat is ok now =] if only the ulcers can go away too. haha.

stats test tomorrow, i know i will do well =] tmr will be an interesting day. hahaha XD

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We treated ourselves to delicious cum luxurious dining at the japanese restaurant at wheelock place on wednesday! A treat for completing our presentation successfully=] the company was great too.My favourite of the day was the tofu cheese cake! YUMMY =]


chocholate mousse cake =]

yea. look at my hot pink nails. XD I was in the midst of competiting with jael a competition called 'don't be the one who take the last piece of the cake'. haha. it was really hilarious.

After a wonderful feast, headed down to parkway to get my contacts done. being a first time contacts wearer, i did something very stupid. hahaha XD i feel really blessed that i can have a free trial for a month and even a new pair cuz of something i did.really really thanks =]

Friday hang out with 3 guys at marina square, there were supposed to be girls too but it was so last minute then my 'girl army' (that's what haely calls it) couldn't make it. played pool, singles; doubles. haha. We ended up at TCC. haha. i wonder if everytime with ryan around we'll end up at tcc? but yea, i do love tcc, especially their MARBLE CHEESE CAKE =]
this's sam and me. a time of 自拍 again. haha.
sam at the pool table.
ryan at the pool table (without shoes)
haely at the pool table.
the photo of yours truly at the pool table not very nice, haha, so i've decided not to post it up. left up 7 plus and headed to clarke quay to meet ding neng and head down to riverwalk for the last session of wheel of life. Introduced him to a few of my friends, like wendy, terence, pei en, joseph...

It was a round up of what we've been taught so far. Bro D once again showed us how our body, spirit and soul are interrelated. Body is our 5 senses and soul is how we feel, these make up the 10% of our potential that we tap into. However, the spirit is the rest of the 90% of potential untapped, it's a major influence in our life.

*Work-> spirit: calling; gifts and talents
soul: purpose; fulfillment.

*finances-> spirit: power to get wealth, prosperity
soul: emotional posture towards money

*creativity-> spirit: power to be creative
soul:mindset towards own creativity

*leadership & relationship -> spirit: trust
soul: connecting with others; understanding and caring

*physical and mental health-> spirit: health; healing
soul: mental and emotional health
body: physical exercise and diet.

Daniel had an uncommon wisdom..this wisdom is not perceivable from outside in,it actually comes from inside out. What is the key to unlocking this wisdom? it is to have the mind of Christ, to think like Jesus. It is about crossing to the limitless potential. In the story the storm, the disciples reacted panicky but what about Jesus? He was so calm. That's the difference between spirit-inspired and body-induced response. Does our respond correspond with what is happening on the outside? Or is it from our spirit that faith arise?

We also touched on inspiration. inspiration (90%)-> spirit, motivation -> soul, perspiration-> body. If we can up our level of inspiration, imagine what we can achieve? Inspiration means breathed upon. God's plan for us to to walk by faith and not by sight. To learn to be totally dependent on God in our daily situations.

We also did a 'my living by inspiration plan' . We listed out
  1. What it feels like to feel inspired?
  2. What makes us feel inspired?
  3. What are our uninspired reactions?
  4. How do we find our inspiration after being uninspired?
Being aware of what inspires us is very important because it will propel us to greater heights. I was called to share with everyone on point number 1. haha. yea.. That's the main gist of the last part of WOL =]

I was reading adam khoo's book on "master your mind design your destiny", on the power of beliefs.Having a strong belief in achieving something, that will propel us to set expectations for ourselves and take the require action/ effort in order to maximise our potential so we will see the result that WE want to see. i feel that that is what spoke to me the most.. =]

cheers =]

Friday, October 24, 2008

Let me blog about just now! After class went NLB with Joycelyn for IRHR research and bump into Cherie, Chiu Mei and Sherona. So 5 of us sat together at the table. It was an intensive time of research... met wendy after that and headed down to heeren! The last time that i went to heeren was this year april. haha.

Had a great time of fellowship with the girl, blessed her with a dinner at pasta de waraku (her choice), haha. Overall, the food wasn't bad, i will go back there in the future=]
haha. i think i look angelic here. XD
wendy look so cute! =]
pasta de waraku, HUGE menu

bang bang! yeaa, exchanged belongings. haha
victor decided to meet us after a while and he brought along his umbrella=]
thanks victor for exchanging belongings with me. =]
with wendy's cap and victor's backpack!

had a great time with the two of them today =] wheel of life tomorrow! =]
will blog about the lunch at wheelock place when i update the photos =] nites!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SATURDAY SERVICE!=] Zoe surprised us with a homemade -with-love brownies, it's superbly decorated =] four of us (hong xiu, bay-ee, cia-ee, me) had the privilege to eat the brownies first , look at our happy faces!=]

Yesterday was ACFI test, 60 mcq in 1.5 hours. some questions were quite tricky due to the way they were phrased so need to read a few times before i get what the question is required from me. After ACFI test, lunch and tutorial, we waited for those who had classes until 4pm at BK, i had my honey ice blended as well=] We had dessert and allison laughed until she cried. hahaha. XD cow cow =]

Dinner was at the road side, we girls ordered kuay teow.
desiree and allison
haely and ryan
clive and sam

*haely looks farneyy. haha
in the family KTV. their room quite cosy, i like =]
girl powert!(:
Desiree, Allison, me
kelvin-> boss.
ahhh. i <3 this cow cow =]
sam and kelvin's duet=]

this is what happens when FIVE guys sing 笨小孩. look at their facial expression. hahaha
ryan's solo
i saw him 自拍, so i've decided to 自拍 together with sam. haha.

and yess, yours truly enjoyed the KTV session very much =]
Back to reality =]