Friday, October 30, 2009

Off to taiwan later!(:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

lots of outdated photos, so be prepared for a image heavy post ahead! 2 weeks ago on a fine Sunday afternoon, we, as a family of E441 headed to Marina Barrage for a time of 'fly away with me'. What a breezy day for kite-flying! it was my first time flying a kite and i must say, ding neng is a pro!!!! look at the batman! hahaa!bestie and me <3 :D
As the sun began to set, i tried to take a few shot, so here's one of them.
with pretty jamie!(:
and... with pretty zoe!! we took 3 shots because the fx just seems to appear at the back of the first two shots that we took :X
the 'award' ceremony(: I must say Anxian is one of the most creative birthday card artist around!! He was presenting a birthday 'card' to Benny (:
An outing is never complete without a group photo! Credits to Kenneth (:
This was taken on a Saturday after service, we had the fish soup at Bugis! (:
E441! Where love is all around(: credits to kenneth (:
Last Saturday was DT zone's Touch of Heaven! bestie and i had the chance to sing to a larger crowd (as compared to the crowd size when i played viva la vida with ding neng). In the beginning was i was a little nervous but as i started singing my heart out, i actually enjoyed myself very very much! we decided to dress in the same colour code(:
Us singing (:
There were also other spectacular performances by various ones. How can we forget Wendy rocking the stage during GAGA show down? :D
Here's Sean and Jag's performance
And yes, "Kiss Goodbye" sang by Andrew with the musicians in the background! they were great(:
mr handsome :p credits to kenneth! :D
what are u trying to do? hahaha
oh yes, i will never forget the lovelies. Initially i only invited Jael and she asked Joycey along to surprise me! I was totally caught unaware!! Thanks for coming down to support, it really matters a lot to me(: <3
a group photo!(:
E441's gorgeous babes! (:
Yesterday after meeting, Haely Sam and I headed down to Ion to meet the rest to celebrate Desiree's birthday! Thanks to Vera's camera's beauty mode, this photo is really really pretty!:D ( of course with pretty girls in it)
I made something for my sister(not biological), I'm glad she likes it! :D
I also went for my 2nd AWD 1 class yesterday, need to use more of my brain now. I miss going for Jasmine's class! I had make-up class with Theophilus and am so so happy to see Eileen again!! We spent a great deal of time catching up and talking about stuff. I asked her about missions and all, about her job etc. (: We also had a mini sharing in class about what's our calling, i shared a really brief one on mine (: Last week got to hear Jasmine's testimony of how her life was being preserved and how that motivated her to have a great purpose in life. This week got to hear Theophilus' calling, whether he should put aside his studies and pursue music. It's great to hang out with like-minded people! (:

today is 27th October, marks the end of all assignments + due dates in the hectic month of October! I must list it out... so here goes...
02/10/09: initial brief due
03/10/09: marketing research task 2
05/10/09: econs assignment 1
07/10/09: initial brief presentation
12/10/09: econs quiz 3
15/10/09: marketing research mid-terms
19/10/09: econs mid-terms
23/10/09: marketing research task 3
25/10/09: business strategy essay
27/10/09: business strategy case study presentation


Last but not least..... happy birthday to Wendy, Francis and my dearest sister! (:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It is so easy to blog with the widget! (:

Just came back from my first lesson of AWD 1 was G-R-E-A-T! :D I really enjoyed myself. we had a mini sharing session of introducing ourselves and what we are good at. Of course i said my name and then i said i'm good at music, then Jasmine asked me is it a gift from God? i say yes. and she went on and told me to make full use of the giftings that God has given me (:

AWD1 is about the life of Moses, so I'm going to start reading Exodus(:

anyway, bestie coming over my house to help me pick out what to wear, gonna cook for her. hahaha XD

P.S. gonna try out the Volkswagen golf tomorrow!! (finally)
cellgroup was different from the norm (there was no sermon)! we really took time to worship our God.

Zoe got us to prophesy over our own lives, it was really powerful and then after we speak into our own lives, she ministered to us.

here's what i prophesied...
i see my talent blooming
i see myself as a keyboardist
i see myself writing more songs
i see myself relying more on God
i see myself gaining wisdom from the Lord
i see myself excelling in school, getting those distinctions
i see relationships being restored
i see a happy marriage in the future
i see a happy family
i see success
i see myself facing challenges with a smile
i see myself having the joy of the Lord with me...

it was really powerful because moments before i started speaking, i felt this urge from within me, the familiar 'knock' from within that i know that it's God. i took a deep breath and started speaking, the presence of God was so strong that i was actually shaking. Zoe ministered to me for me to receive the power of God coming into my life, for me to use my giftings.. what Zoe said at the end was true, that when we begin to speak and claim the blessings from God, the holy spirit will 'ride' on the words that we speak, anointing it and directing our lives to THAT direction in which we have spoken. I'm excited to see many of our lives change!

Janet said 'byebye keyboardist! (: ' when i said bye to everyone, she made my day (:

First lesson of AWD1 later in the morning! i REALLY can't wait to see what's in stored for me! It's touch of heaven in the evening too! Bestie vann and I will be having our debut performance (an original composition), there will be many other wonderful performances too! So come and support us! And yes, thanks Jael for agreeing to come n support us for the event(:

and... thanks dear for lending me Guerrilla Marketing! :D

Friday, October 23, 2009

there's so many things i wanna blog about!! AHHH ESSAY!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

stay tune for more! (:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

to you...
Looking at the photos that I have of you in my drawer makes me miss you so so much.. you always came to visit us during the October period, you came over every two years. Last year I was looking forward for your arrival during the same October period but it never happened. Trips to the old Clarke Quay (it has changed so much in the last ten years), day trip to Sentosa (don't think the dragon attraction is there anymore). i miss your cooking. it feels just like yesterday...

to another you...
at a ripe old age, you are more energetic than those who are your age or perhaps even those who are 10 years younger than you. How we spent every chinese new year at your place. at a ripe old age of 80 u came over to visit us to ensure we have settled down, you came twice even. I gave up my room to you so that you could have a proper bed to sleep on though the guest room is on the 3rd room, i slept in it instead not wanting you to climb all the way up to the 3rd floor. you'll always give me $$ to buy the things that i want each time i see you even though i kept saying no need $$. i love eating dimsum together with you. how during the last few years we will go visit you and you talk the loudest in the home even at 90+ of age, how we will wheel you just to eat dimsum. you love us visiting you because you are so sick of the home.. how the last 1 year plus u spent at a separate home and we have to feed you because u no longer could do just pains so us. i will NEVER forget this: u used all your strength just to call out my name...

apologies for being emo

Monday, October 12, 2009

we played 'complete' by parachute band for our last lesson of keyboard worship dynamics 2. Jasmine (coach) said never mind about over shooting the time because it was already 4.15pm but she wanted us to complete the course by playing the song 'complete' once through. She's such a dedicated coach, hopefully I'll still be in her class. Next week will be starting advance worship dynamics 1, I'm really excited and looking forward to learn more things to 'colour' the song that I play!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

bestie was very inspired by Janice and Sonia, Korean twins from Sydney, hence we decided to record our own songs. Thanks for all the wonderful comments at facebook :D Do look forward for more songs coming your way!

we actually recorded half a song of 'Still' which i think will turn out very nice if it was fully recorded but due to unforeseen circumstances, something cropped up and so we decided to record it again so here you go!

The next song is 'At the beginning', precious memories for the both of us that's why we picked this song, it's a minus one track by the way. (:

We will attempt to do something new the next time round! stay tune!(:

you get excited when you do something that you are passionate about (:

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A&P Presentation is over! :D it was our first time presenting without referring to the cards, definitely a good practice for our business strategy presentation at the end of the month (: Thanks my lovely girls (Joyce and Jingyi) for the great effort put in. I really love working with you girls, just look at the synergy! :D It was actually quite an experience because something unexpected happened last friday and we didn't have our doubts clarified, but nonetheless, we went on with our presentation with the assurance from Patrick that 'sometimes being ready is not the best, you may even deliver your presentation when you don't feel ready'. Glad that he liked our presentation even though he had to sit through 7 today with ours being the last (: he said that it was the clearest presentation that he has seen so far!

*I felt so happy when joyce threw away our cards after our presentation :p

thanks jael for calling down the girls to come down to support our presentation because her group members didn't turn up for lecture and thanks cowcow for coming down just to support us! :D Also, thanks han yang for chipping in and being so tactful about helping us (: thanks for all the support!

Next two weeks will be crazy! Econs quiz, marketing research test, marketing research task, econs test, biz strategy essay and biz strategy presentation and...... ONE WEEK BREAK!!!!! :D


oh yes.. how can i forget about haely! i told him that we are having our presentation and he went over to 7-11 to buy yakult-s for the 3 of us! thanks! :D

Monday, October 05, 2009

Be prepared for a LONG entry! So many things i wanna blog about!

:D After Adlin's back for two weeks we finally got to meet up! But it's only ONCE and you're gone again. Till we see each other again next year, take care! (:As usual, we have our dinner + supper at Simpang, thanks to Adlin, she 'upgrade' all our drinks to grande and look at the size of the cups!! We only managed to finished half of that...
thanks didi for over after our endless persuasion, we really love to have you around! Even though you were so tired from your attachment earlier, you still came out. awwww <3
kangaroo and (@_@) :D future nurse and future material engineer!
nette nette and charmane! :D Charmane is no longer MIA! YAY!(:

what's an outing without a group picture! :D
I wonder when will be the next time i see you girls, i really enjoyed myself each time we meet up! KTV next! :D If only I had went back to SAC with some of you earlier.. Looking at the photos you girls took makes me miss SAC! let's see when will be the next time we're going back! (:

Next up was ding neng's concert! NTU String Orchestra! Thanks you friends for going down to support him and making him feel loved!

the orchestra (:
There were 6 different pieces composed by 6 outstanding composers, some of which I've heard before so i didn't find it boring at all. Moreover, i get to look at him play the violin! :p

During break time, he came down from the stage to look for us! This is one of the photos that we've taken, one of my favouirte!
with jamie and vann (:
Do they look alike? haha
with Jon Goh! Thanks for leading the way to your school! (:

We bought him a cheery sunflower and a message lolly (cookie) from famous amos! I felt weird holding the sunflower as I was wearing yellow. hahaha.. And NAFA's toilet doors are in yellow too so when I went to the ladies' during the break, I sort of 'blended' together with the doors. HAHA

the six of us(: (Jon, BY, DN, me, vann, jme)
cheery sunflower :D Hope it's growing well in the hall!
5th October 2009 marks the end of all 'suffering'! I decided to learn manual even though very few girls does that and ever since started learning driving on 18th May this year, I can say that I have endured the most gruesome scoldings I've ever had in my life so far. There were times when I wanted to give up because I couldn't take it anymore, with vulgarities being shouted at me plus the loudness of the voice. argh! It was really difficult especially I have to juggle with school work and keyboard lessons on top of this. I really don't look forward to my driving lessons most of the time. There were so many times that I cried after the lesson because I felt so lousy and I hate to be shouted at. Nonetheless, I thank God for hearing my cries and He was the one who saw the tears that I've shed, thank You for the extreme peace that I felt during my test (once i got into the car) and for Your guidance. Thank You for loving me (: I'm thankful to have Yukai taking the test with me, it was quite a coincidence as I knew he was talking his test today but wasn't sure what time, so I was quite shocked when I saw him! hahaha. Thanks for the company! (:

Just wanna say a big thank you to my parents and ding neng for the endless support that they've given me and of course, all of you who made a difference in my learning experience =]

and......Here's the end result! :D
"that's all!" :p

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Last Sunday went over to Sentosa with E441 to celebrate Victor's birthday and surprise celebration for Zoe, with surprise guest: Sofyan!(: it was really fun <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

the brothers
hot babes! :p

silhouette shots!

haha. model style
spread the love yo!(: