Monday, February 25, 2008

it has been a week since i last updated. dont really feel like updating nowadays. so let the photos speak!

sunday: visiting.

Fri night:
monday just before the advertisement.

sunday at east coast(:

will upload more photos on my date on Saturday with vann (:

Talking about fears, there are many what-ifs. what if i don't do well. what if i cant excel. what if others don't like me. The list goes on. Each time i anticipate what pst ulf will preach and each message is so profound that we need time to digest it and not just let it be a message that goes into the dustbin. we shall live by not allowing fear to rule our lives, if not we will be ruin. fear stops us from taking risks and hence expensive opportunities may be taken away just like this. Of course we cannot and will not escape fear, those many what-ifs, but with Jesus on our side, we can conquer our fears and not allow them to kill us! Moreover, we are more than conquerors amen?(:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

it has been quite some time since i've last blogged, to be exact, it has been a week. Monday..after work went to send luyi and willis off together with the rest, made a new friend too(: taking photo in the bus on the way to airport.farewell!
the ladies(:
dinner at t3's foodcourt.
the guys. they purposely dont want to look at the camera except for mr q, who looked at the camera.
" Hi Puay Puay (: " LOL!
Had BS with jamie at bugis on tuesday((: the environment was quite good, not much of distractions over there. And you talk very fast but is ok, i still can catch what you are saying. haha(: looking forward to learn more new things from you(:

Thurs had teppanyaki lunch. Received giant strawberry biscuit sticks from penny and a teddy bear handphone chain from winnie. love from friends and lunch from ning (: dinner at tampopo was great as well (:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINNIE (: thanks for helping me along the way!
winnie and emily.
winnie and me.
winnie and the cake. the cake is really yummy!!
ning n me (:
shu jie, PUAY PUAY, ning and me.
At company's event on friday night. the SCB branch at battery road is so big!!Went there for food. lol.
After the event 5 of us WALKED to clarke quay, beautiful scenery along boat quay and the singapore river. Went to central cuz ning wanted to buy something for her sister and went into the shop called girls' talk. the shop is really very nice, i bought a pair of purple smiley face ear studs. they are cute (:

I led games with liu jing for the first time during cellgroup, played sherades, i admit that it was quite dead but the people who were playing excite themselves. haha. thanks diana for the encouragement(:

cell group's msg was on family. Is our physical family (at home) is just a hotel and a bank or is it much more than that? Family is a place of commitment, a shelter for storms where it is a place of protection for us. It is also a place to play. i guess i used to be one of those typical teenagers who thought that parents are boring, they dont understand how we teenagers feel. But as i move on in my life, out of my teenage period, i realised family is a place where we care for one another, hear each other out, a place to love and be loved. Just on friday, i was very stressed at work in the morning because everything just doesn't seems to turn out right, bought back lunch to office to eat and after lunch, mum called to describe the white cardigan to me and i decided to meet her at cs since i still have time. She bought me a skirt and white cardigan. I felt so loved. sms-ed her to thank her and told her that i was feeling quite stressed but thanks for the gifts, i felt loved and cared for.For a while i thought she wasn't going to reply me but her reply really touched me deeply. she was the one who made my day (:

"Built to last", title of Pst Tan's msg. What are the values that we need to have to last? It's not exactly a very religious message but it's a word in season, practical to everyone of us even for unbelievers. loyalty, commitment, respect, accountability, family, love, faithfulness, diligence, integrity and generosity. at first it didn't wowed me but when pst linked all these to the ten commandments it was so solid!
V.A.L.U.E.S. also stands for

I brought my camera out but forgot to bring the memory card!! Dinner at t3's wang's local cafe. The food is quite cheap for a place like airport but the choices were quite limited. On the way to airport in joseph's car, i was telling everyone about popeye's yummy fries. Wanted to eat popeye but it was super crowded and as usual, joseph did not listen to my direction. haha. A great time of fellowship(: Bump into John, bro qi zhi, victoria... John lye. the talented musician that i knew since sec 2 thro terri, vann, jing xian.

An exciting week i had. Monday will be off to be in an advertisement! will tell you guys more about it next week (: