Tuesday, September 30, 2008

we are very cool..
..they want to be like us.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

thank God for wonderful friends(:
for friends who reminded me of God's promises to me.
God is still God in every season of my life, though at times i don't feel like singing, i don't feel like praying but yes, He is still God. I will still pray, i will still sing, i will still praise His name. Because, His name reigns above all my circumstances.
i thank God that i can depend on Him.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

glad that the suffering is gone.
she will be remembered.

it's a busy period but do take care<3

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hope never fails

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lord You are my guide
I rely on You
I put my hope in things not seen
Your promises all true

Lord, im standing firm on your promises, im placing all my trust in You

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Friday, September 12, 2008

A day with ning is great(: This time i'm writing my management essay and she's studying
psychology. hahaha. Anyway, new addition of songs from ning's laptop. Coffee bean and tea leaves' hot chocolate is nice but too milky for my liking. haha.

Some of the songs are quite old school, like 'If you're not the one' by Daniel Bedingfield. haha(: Anyway, i have a new nickname by my dearest Jael. -_- ||| HAHA. and my golden hand shake. XD

Jamming on tuesday with the worship team of Youthem! (: the next Youthem is on next Sunday, i wonder what God will do (: alrighty! back to my essay now

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I really thank God and thank Zoe for the cg msg on Saturday, it's so powerful!

On Tues while I was on the way home in the bus (1hr 10 min journey), I received a revelation!(: Initially I wanted to take a nap on the bus but i was just so excited that i couldn't nap until the bus reached tampines.

God revealed to me that He loves us, be it those who have a genuine relationship with Him, those who have been away from Him and even those who have not known Him. Many times we hear the elders saying that it's a blessing to have children. Of course, children add to our quality of lives but at the same time, it's one of the most difficult task to bring up a child. Just as how our earthly parents would love us, our Father in Heaven love us not just the same but even more, with His perfect love that never fails.

Grieve will come if unfortunately, a child passed away. In both natural and spiritual realm, parents will grieve for the lost, but in the natural, parents will take time to accept the fact and of course the child will be remembered. Similarly, in the spiritual context, our Father not only will grieve and remember His lost child, He will even send His other children to 'look' for the child that He had so dearly held on to, that is now lost. Just like the prodigal son in the bible, the father waited day and night for his son to come home despite his son being rebellious, because the father hung onto the hope, his son eventually came back home and he even prepared a feast just to celebrate the home-coming of his precious son. What more our Heavenly Father? (:

Recently I've been exercising in hope of losing weight and be have a toned body, it's also training for marathon(: Just want to thank Alan for giving me some pointers in training for my 10km and giving me the website so i can map where i want to run (:

I rushed through my lunch because i only had 20 minutes after the discussion of project was done. The sweet friends that I have waited for my arrival and waited for me to finish eating before everyone head back to school for tutorial(: thanks a lot friends!(:

Oh yea, thanks Jael for sending me songs and lending me that CD!(:

i'm complete in you(:

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's so late now..so don't mind the lack of words. haha.

Uncle's treat to ding tai fung

taken with allison(:
saturday bus ride to joseph's house, janet and jamie(:

ICE-CREAM MOONCAKE (on the newspaper)

pitstop cafe with uni friends

group photo L-R: Allison, Cherylynn, Sam, Me, Kelvin, Ryan

my favourite cheesecake!

all in all, i really enjoyed myself with the wonderful friends(:

Sunday, September 07, 2008

How to own my future? I think it is one of the messages that i will not forget. Life is full of battles and everything we do is a battle we fight. We need to own our future by setting up a plan immediately. If we don't plan by ourselves, others will plan for us but think again, who's future we want to own?? it's OURS, so all the more we have to take charge of our future.

Procrastination is a big word. What if it's big? We all need to conquer that word before it eats up our lives. We need to plan for our future so that our future will belong to us. However, we are only humans and we do have our past stories, be it happy ones or sad ones. Letting go of the past will help us in possessing our future too because many a times, when we did not bury our past and want to do something new, we may hold onto our defeated thoughts that had gained entry into our lives in the past. What for hold on to our past perpetually, learn to let go. It's a gantry for many good things in the future.

To stay in the word, I think that's the part that hit me the most. As we move on in life and become busy with our own personal stuff, we get distracted and what if God decides to show up on the day that we do not pray, on the day that we do not read the bible? What regret will we bring along with us? What if God reveals to us about our future? How important will that be...

Stepping out in faith. Faith is an action in itself! It does not necessary be a religious action but for example, we exercise faith even when we take the lift. How do we know if the lift will not breakdown while we are in it? That's faith being exercised. Thanks ade for this illustration (: In the bible it says that "Be strong and of good courage...", it's mentioned more than once, this really shows that in our lives there will be many things that come to discourage us but will we be the last one standing? It all depends on us. We must have the courage to go on despite all circumstances.

Many times the things that we want to achieve is just one step away but of course, sometimes we give up even before reaching that last step. We got to change the way we think, right thinking will bring right living(:

Personally, I think I've really changed this weekend by the two messages especially cellgroup's. It's like a life lesson being learnt. it's like a power-packed weekend for me.

I went for my run just now after having Carl's Junior (is my first time) last night. Luckily I shared it with Hong Xiu, if not that's so many calories that I have to burn off!! hahaha XD I have yet to upload the photos, so i'm sorry to disappoint jamie and janet especially. heh. And yes, i will be early next week!

Dinner time!(:

Saturday, September 06, 2008

i dreamt that i was running a marathon. haha

this is SUPER NICE!!!! thanks joycelyn for informing me and even volunteering to help me buy! ahhh. ohmygosh!! SO NICE!! :D
they have it in mickey form, minnie, stitch, pooh etc.
thanks for tolerating with my nonsense(:

Thursday, September 04, 2008

to those who may wonder why the sudden feeling of wanting to go to newcastle for a holiday, i guess the 3 pictures above had told at least 3000 words.

2nd week of school had past and time passes so quickly in school! Firstly i have a 4-day week and also my tutorials are always one hour after morning lecture, so i don't have to wait for like 2-3 hours for my tutorials to start. Good thing is i can go home early but bad thing is i have an hour for lunch! i want a longer time. haha. Oh well, an hour seems fine especially if lunch is from 11-12pm, the foodcourt is practically empty.

and i love allison! she's so sweet(: took a photo with her today and i'll post it once i've uploaded it. she was reading on one of July's 'The Daily Bread', the topic was on 'Love, INC.' which means Love, in the name of Christ. She said 'i'm learning to love you.haha'. I'm called MAD rather than val because i'm always laughing but i said it's because im joyful and i bring joy, that's why i'm always laughing or rather, most of the time ;) i wrote her a note and said that since you have read on love, you should learn to love me. To my surprise, after the lecture and after i've taken a photo with her, she said i love you! awww.. so sweet right! (: All the best for your piano exam on monday!(:

OH YA! Talking about monday, I've booked the pitstop cafe so 8 of us will have a great evening there(: there'll be cherylynn, allison, sam, ling shan, ryan, kelvin, grace and me. Quite sad that crystal can't join us but we'll have another weekend outing just for crystal! (: don't worry too much about me playing, i have my limit(:

alrighty! i think jamie's blog's songs are great!(: heehee.
heading to the times bookstore fair at expo later(:

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

i want to go to newcastle for a holiday!!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Overdue pictures!(: hahaha. It was just before the newcomers' dinner, we had katong laksa! Newcomers' dinner was at Roland Restaurant. The food was quite good i must say(:
jamie and huiyun(:

hui yun and me(: the one who faithfully attended CIC class with me for 4 weeks every wed(:
haha. jamie's favourite dish of the night, i think 3 of us sort of finished the whole bowl. XD
kbox with my fellow hk friend+girlfriend(:
on my birthday, we made our very own miadidas shoes, it's personalised sports shoes to encourage us to exercise regularly. Furthermore, we had a 30% discount because we signed up for the standard chartered marathon(:
SOT graduation day! Hong Xiu looks especially lady like! that's her contact picture if she calls me(:
star of the evening!(: congrats on your graduation(: I'm really proud to have you as our connect grp coordinator, continue to grow from glory to glory!(:
wendy and her korkor, william.
all of us(:
next was the celebration of cia's birthday(: she looks overjoyed!
hahaha. you get what i mean by overjoyed(:
on the train to city hall, we were discussing who to represent e348 to go for the look-a-like competition on the BIG day. do they look alike?in addition, that's a different side of hui yun. (:

HAHAHA! our classic pose that won us the 2nd prize for the look-a-like competition. the prize is $30 capitaland voucher, we decided to share it with the whole cellgroup(: cheerios to my twin!

24th aug, stephen's and cedric's birthday at pitstop cafe!i think pitstop is much more worth than settlers, it's cheaper plus the food is really delicious. plus point for their service too!
concentrating on janga, it was the tallest blockes that i've played. haha.
shi jie's turn
the two brothers!
happy birthday stephen(:
what's a birthday party without taking a group photo?
i can foresee myself going to pitstop with my uni friends one of these days, in fact, both sam and i are already excited about it! especially sam. hahaha. i'll be the one organising it, we plan to ask them tomorrow!
DONUT!!!!mummy bought my donut from donut factory! whee(: strawberry white chocolate!
More recent photos! Remember i talked about jamming? i was on the train with vann and pei en(: jamming is REALLY REALLY F-U-N!i think in the coming days there will be more jamming sessions(:
photos from yesterday!i met bestie at tanah merah and took 2 to clarke quay.it was an hour journey, that explains the pictures. hahaha. we took a lot but not all of them turned out to be nice. these photos are from my iphone because i didn't bring my camera yesterday despite charging the battery over night =(

BIG day was a success!(: kudos to the organising team(: oh ya, thanks for the prayers too, that i was able to play with the intention of sustaining the atmosphere. No doubt it was stressful, but really, God do answer our prayers(:

today's the start of the 2nd week of school, which means the start of tutorial as well. I think because i'm in tutorial group a1, most of my tutors are actually my lecturers. Tutorial is where individual questions can be raised, attended to and answered. I'm glad i raised an issue today because i can understand better.

I'm glad that Crystal asked me that question to clear things up, i hope you understand(: and i know things will be better as days go by(: i had a wonderful lunch with my friends at BK!(: I'm looking forward to funnier, more de-stressing lunch with you all!(:

to close off...just want to say...
i got to choose my destiny with the right choices that i make!