Tuesday, October 30, 2007

happy birthday korkor(:

Monday, October 29, 2007

the only time you bow your head is when you pray.
an expensive quote from someone who has instilled courage, confidence, perseverance, determination in me over these past few months. thank you(:

once, someone told me that she's learning to grow into a woman of inner strength and that's the welcome note in my phone!

It is better, i'm growing stronger but i'm still learning(:

to all those taking A-levels: All the best for the As(:
Just want to say thanks for all the support that I've received from my loved ones(:

Saturday, October 27, 2007

the 2 chapters that i totally dislike- electromagnetism and electromagnetic induction. i've finally finished them!! it took me 5 hours. >.< dinner at my fav. jap restaurant later(:
i've decided to remove the previous post due to some personal reason.
today is the 27th october! I just want to wish wendy HAPPY BIRTHDAY((: thanks for being such a wonderful sister(: love you lots. * note that the words are in pink(:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

this was the part that brought me to tears, to hear my favourite teacher singing his heart out to all of us. heart melting moment.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Seriously, I can't believe what a teacher said to me today. I don't think that is the right way to teach.i'm not going to disclose the teacher's identity but if you want to know anything just come and ask me. We were quite pissed off with the teacher actually. We must well not walk to the teacher in the first place.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

to you: take care girl. it may seem tough right now but we will be able to see the end of the tunnel soon, one step at a time. we are with you and so is God. many loves(:

Monday, October 15, 2007

hello! i don't have the photos yet, so will post them up soon. I just want to blog about my last day of school. 2 years passed by so quickly, I'm definitely gonna miss going to school in uniform, not having to think of what to wear every morning. I'll miss my class 06S12 though many things happened and for many times I've wished for a more bonded class, a class with a united class spirit but well, things didn't turn out the way that i always want, but still, i'll miss my class. I'll miss going for choir pracs and complaining about the long hours of prac, how tired we are. i miss xuhao.hahaha.Though this year didn't start off that well but it ended with a bang. I'm glad to say that friendships were made from the start but due to certain things, they were kinda broken but everything is alright now, friendships are even stronger now(: Of course, mr wong sang us a song and told us how his little baby girl is doing, not forgetting the highlight of the day- farewell assembly. MR KUAH!!His voice is just mesmerizing, i can tear just listening him sing cuz my heart just melt upon hearing his voice, his singing is just awesome.okok, dont get the wrong idea, i'm not in love with him.haha. many girls, even guys were mesmerized by mr kuah. i'm happy to have a physics tutor who can sing((: after farewell assembly, our whole class met ms loh and she said her farewell speech which left many in tears, plus lovely gifts from her. she's so sweet. i'm glad there are many memories made in tpjc these 2 short yet wonderful years. tpjc, my choice(: photos up soon yar.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

oh God oh God, protect her please. I'm really afraid that once she go in she...
i still remember when i was young she'll give me money to buy toys, give us fruits, eat dim sum every weekend together.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

(: took quite a no. of photos in the past 1-2 weeks. this is the 4 handphone pouch of ning, tham, loo and me(: finally 4 of us have some thing in common.and remember i was telling you all about what the jap store auntie did? this is what she treated me to!(: i paid the usual price for a rice bowl but look at the fish, it's not the ordinary kind that she serves during break time!! and free soup from her too(:
after wishing happy birthday to weilin, we were quite bored so took a photo.
2 mondays ago, in the audi toilet. now the audi is super hot.=(

jilly's birthday card(:
a sign of motivation for us.
it says "The yellow beetle kitchen."
evidence of jaywalking. jaywalking kills, don't do it again(:
we rushed to 201 macs to have our breakfast JUST in time(:

dinner last night with mummy at cafe cartel!(:

last wed stayed in school to study with ning and by the time we left it was 7.45pm.
we saw this cat.
and photo time!(:i think it's pretty romantic.hahaha.
this is one of my fav. photos(:

exams are drawing nearer and nearer each day but nonetheless i know i have the support of people out there(:

Hillsong-Here in my life
I have never walked on water
Felt the waves beneath my feet
But at Your word Lord
I receive Your faith
To walk on oceans deep

And I remember
How You found me
In that very same place
All my failings
Surely would have drowned me
But You made a way

You are my freedom
Jesus You're the reason
I'm kneeling again at Your throne
Where would I be
Without You here in my life
Here in my life

You have said that all the heavens
Sing for joy at one who finds
The way to freedom
Truth of Jesus
Bought from death into His life

And I remember
How You saw me
Through the eyes of Your grace
And though the cost was
Your beloved for me
Still You made a way

You are my freedom
Jesus You're the reason

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I shall blog since i have a little time before hitting the shower. Today was a long and tiring day with numerous breaks in between because we skipped spe, I didn't even want to wake up this morning plus i forgot to set my alarm, thankfully mum woke up in time and woke me up in time (: thanks mummy. studied at the lib w loo and jk, kinda miss ning's presence today but luckily, this means that i won't have to hear that song over and over again like what i experienced yesterday. Never would i have imagine that i'll be happy in school once again ever since april but thank God for the joy and love that He has showered upon me(: i won't forget what the jap store auntie did to me yesterday, i felt so happy and blessed after eating the food!!((: the maths HOD shared with us this formula 2 mornings ago, success = determination + support + effort ( i hope i got the formula right. haha) Just now in the lib so scary, i think loo agrees too, i got some stares by somebody, the way he stared at me was like want to fight that kind of stare =X luckily he left after a short while. no worries, i'm still surviving and i know i will survive this tough fight that i'm putting up with.

Do not grow weary for those will reap if they do not lose heart(:
I'm always here for you, <3 penguin
blessings and more blessings(: i feel so blessed especially these few weeks(:
loves to many(:
Anyway, so many birthdays this week.
2nd oct-weilin
3rd oct-shu yun, max
4th oct- jillian

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I just wanna be thankful for so many blessings that came upon me today(: Not gonna blog about everything here so if you wanna know, come and ask me yourself(:
it is happy to be yourself.(: