Tuesday, June 27, 2006

*ouch. my left third toe still hurts!! =/
there is choir later! That is one thing that i look forward to each week even though it may be tiring. But look at the people in it.it's like one big family. jil's blog made me miss choir even more!yar. i know i've been spending more time with the choir people than with my class..but it doesn't make me love you all any less.really.

i just want to say, thanks everyone for being there for me.
vann for calling me to talk to me even when im so busy to call you. i really how we used to talk.
victor for calling me to ask how i am.thanks bro.and thanks for calling me just now. all the best for ct.
siewcheng for being there even though we seldom meet up anymore, i miss you lots lots.
and the list goes on....

common tests are over! what to do now? i think i will just have to wait for papers to come back and do something about it. i dont like it when people push me up to the walls where i have nowhere to turn. it is not like i didn't try at all, i did put in the effort. or perhaps i didn't put in enough effort then. i dont feel discouraged.i feel dissatisfied. "don't be discourage when you fail to do something. but have this mindset that you have learn that this way can't be done". thanks baokun for emphasising it(:

i feel as though im in this pit-hole. it's like i'm falling deeper and deeper as each day passes by. it's so dark in there, i want to get out. i want to get out. everything just seems to be falling. i long to be in Your sanctuary. i long to be under Your wings my Lord.

Monday, June 19, 2006

HELLO!(: i dont think i'll be going much into the details of the trip but i'll upload the photos!(:
3 GOLDS!(:
LOVES(: tpjc choir.
jil and me(:
what 3 sac girls can do when they come together. hah.(:me, sher,jil
male chorus(:
zhiyi, me, jil, mr low(:
me,guan cheng,max, jil.
chris, me, jil.

I really am very proud of tpjc choir.we did well this time round, all the hard work and effort paid off. more importantly, it's a testimony to God(: WHEEWIT.
thanks zoe for the confectionary from sydney(:

service on Fathers' Day was awesome!(: when i reached home at night i managed to give the card to my dad and hugged him. I feel so happy to have an earthly father. but more importantly, i have a Heavenly Father too!(: -big smiles.

everything is alright now.(:

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

EMERGE 2006!it was really moving.The presence of God was so strong that it brought tears in my eyes.This song, sanctuary.
when my world was in darkness
spoke Your Word
light turn into day
Your beauty filled this place

when my world stood in silence
You filled my heart
songs that never end
forever i will praise

to think that the universe
cannot withold Your glory
You choose to live in me
i'm so amazed

and i, worship You Lord
my life in You restored
here is my heart
make it Your sanctuary
for nobody else
but Jesus only You

You are faithful and true
glorious Lord
all my life
it is You i adore
You've touched my soul
completed my world i surrender to You

time now is 3.30pm. im taking cab now to fetch niao then go to airport, meet jil n ks to study.thankies daddy and mummy for going to airport to send me off and to bring along my luggage as well.(: thankies.

tpjc choir! i believe that we can do it!thanks for all the support and i will be back on the 13th. take care!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

jil n me(:
jil n me again(:
vann n me at emerge 06(:

3rd june06. officially 4 more days till olomouc. press on tpjchoir!(:
female chorus had voice training with mr low this morning. perhaps i didn't sleep well the night before, i was yawning away. heh. the usual 3 of us headed to sing post to study. today was not very productive i must say. jil n i napped. hah.
zhiyi n jil.
the photo above was taken after jil's 1 hour plus nap at macs. hah.
after studying, we went to THAT fashion and shopped! i tried on this formal top, it's SO pretty. Sad to say i am broke, so didn't manage to get it.

tomorrow will be a long day! emerge session 5 and finale tomorrow! God will move!(:
OH YAR! that day, i embarrassed myself in the conference room!!it was SO embarrassing!! so i shan't elaborate on it. hah.
And so it goes brought me to tears that day.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

hello(: concert is over! the next thing is the competition.thanks guys for coming to the concert and support the choir. not forgetting those who didn't come but wished me good luck.(:
female chorus->heys girls. really really thanks for supporting me. without your support, i could have just break down and freeze on stage. but thanks girls. *loves.
the sops were so sweet!they gave me a sops group hug because i screwed up the piano accompaniment part, but they didn't mind it, they said it was very good and then a sops group hug. tears were in my eyes. thankies sops.(: after the concert, juls,jil,daryl,ks, niao and i went for supper at lau pa sat. we saw so many choir people there. and i managed to see chiu ying and doreen(: thanks chris's mum for sending me home, if not i'll be stuck at lau pa sat with no transport.
*loves.(: jil, juls,jo,me.
me n jil(:
juls at lau pa sat
PRETTY ROSES!(: and eeyore(:

today is sort of like the only break day.because the next few days i'll be having practice until the day that we fly off.hmmm. rest your voice,drink more water ya?(: i got to go off now. take care everyone.(: