Monday, January 29, 2007

hide-good bye
say good bye just good bye
to all your worries good bye
say good bye just good bye
without fear of change good bye
just walking aimlessly
goodbye to the treasures of exhausted days
going on,
the signposts the same as that first wind

if you can’t find a way the many winding road
shade ur eyes from the sky round n round
feeling scared about an unknown land
asking the tiny song

please songs tell me true no matter where I go
your melody will keep on playing
someday again, even when I get lost on my own
if I can hear it, I can walk on merrily

say good bye just good bye
without fear of getting’ hurt goodbye
let’s throw away all the feelings
that we can’t hold in our hands

please songs tell my true
no matter where I go
your melody will keep on playing
even if one day I lose my way
if I can sing, I will walk on with grace
(: last night went for musical journey by the vocal was pretty good!(: i enjoyed myself(: not forgetting i took photos too! that's zhiyi, shuyun and me(:that's vocal consort for the john rutter series. it's nice(:

anyway, i took the sentosa monorail for the first time on saturday! made new friends of course.hah.took it with wendy and we were just where we're studying now, what course is she taking etc. the exterior of the monorail looks like this:it's pretty right?hah(:anyway,i wrote that! those blue 'ink' that you see on the paper is actually from carbon paper.after the physics projectile motion experiment, both of us were kinda bored. that explains the randomness. chem test is tomorrow! i need to do tys. oh ya! i had a 45 min break playing mahjong online.let me show you my nice sequences(:that's all for now!chem tys is next.and song without words tomorrow.hopefully there's as the bridegroom to his chosen.
anyway, i heard that campus superstar's audition is coming up! any takers?(: definitely not me

Sunday, January 28, 2007

WHOPEEDOO!(: i haven't been blogging.hah.anyway, today went to sentosa tog w 3 other cellgrps. it was fun!hah. the games. raining bananas(:"my love for You" is completed! and i really hope have more songs coming(:last but not least, i miss my brother!(:
sis miss you(:see you soon

Monday, January 22, 2007

hellos. nowadays don't really feel like blogging.cuz got so many things to do. anyway, it's COMPLETE!
"my love for You"(:

Thursday, January 18, 2007

tuesday, school's underground pipe burst hence there isn't any water for both E and B blocks.rawr.hah.this is very inconvenient.this means that there isn't any tap in the toilets, and what more, you can imagine the state of the toilets.and the watercoolers too!hah.>.<

anyway. today is a happy day(: i met up with adlin!!((: i miss her so so much. she's so feminine and pretty now(:thanks for your lovely presents(: you made me cry.hah.a lunch date some time 2 weeks later okay(: the pretty girl and me(:

and we celebrated tan's birthday which falls on sunday.the people who went were, jiayi, yuping, phyllis, wong, jin yew, far, ning, duc, rachel and of course tan himself.they had their lunch at pizza hut while i had mine with adlin. the cake was a total surprise for him.hah. i guess he enjoyed himself though something cropped up at the end of it. but it's all settled(: here's a picture of happy tan(:i told the auntie at the cake shop that i want 1 big candle and 8 small candles.haha.18 birthday. that's why(: yupyup. i really hope everyone had fun(:

i got pissed off by this guy at the interchange. oh wells. doesn't matter. chem lecture was at 4.30pm until 5.15pm.we were let off early(: took a photo of heider and ahmad.hah.but dont think i want to post it here, haha. i might get they bullied jiayi.HAHA. super funny i tell you.

okay. studying with jil before sectionals and going out for dinner after that.hah.finally(:
is tmr(:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

HELLO!!(: this weekend's workload was really crazy.and i missed out the outing on saturday=( but i managed to complete 3 econs assignment and 1 chem assignment over the afternoon.

friday had the 2nd round audition for those who qualified for the first round.and something funny happened during audition, and both ap n i were there to witness it tog w nelson. n then after practice, nelson shared with the whole really glad to be involved in the audition together with the whole comm because this gave us an opportunity to work together once more.i feel that it's good to hear nelson's comments too.(:

delirious? came today!! it was really great! and of course, there's martin smith.hah.((: they're coming back for fop in august!!i really want to go fop this time round.and the word that pst shared was powerful we should engage society. the world view.

anyway, roy and i going to complete untitled soon. so yar. i cant wait to record it!(:

school tomorrow.chem make up tut, gp topical test make up.alrights. i going to slp now(: take care all
5 more days!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

hello.i know i haven't been updating.hah.
happy belated birthday to my dearest panda!
happy belated birthday to kingkong darryl.
and tomorrow, it's jiahui's birthday.happy birthday!

okay. that's the birthday im feeling a little bored these days since tuesday. but i guess i'll be okay(:this week is the official start of all lectures and tutorials.i should make an effort to do all the tutorials and perhaps read up on what the teachers r gonna teach before each lect & tut?oh well.that's definitely going to take some self-discipline.but i can do it!!yes yes i can.

first spe lesson spe class got mr samad.hah.we're gonna play hockey.but today started spe lesson with briefing and then supposedly a 2.4 km run. but then ran halfway it started to rain. so i only ran so not fit anymore.i feel so tired after just 2km.hah.

i guess like what a lot of people said, this year will pass very fast.before i know it, it'll be common test, prelims and A levels.hard work pays off.jiayou everybody.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

happy belated new year everybody(:im now a j2.ha.honestly speaking, i'm still not very used to being a j2. major exams this year!

yesterday i took my first topical test, it was maths.the paper was not that easy as many would have agreed too.i shall see what mistakes i make when the paper comes back to me probably in the coming week or next.there'll be phy n gp test make up next week due to the audition on wed and thur. tiring audition.haha. but i had fun working tog w jil.putting crosses or marks on the forms.(:

on the first day, that was wed. i was informed that ap and i need to teach the year1s shared dreams.instantly, we went WHAT? OMYGOSH.hah. but i think it went alright with the help from a few others(: and i get to hold audition using just one pitchpipe.hah.brand new experience. of course, not all people can hear notes that come out from a pitchpipe, so i have to pitch for them as well.i think i failed a lot of people on the first day even though jil said i was lenient.

dinner last night tog w the other 3!(: we ate SO much that we could hardly walk after that.but it was fun(: and perhaps, dinner w the other 3 more frequently?haha(:

brand new year, brand new experiences. tough year ahead but persevere to the end!(: