Sunday, May 28, 2006

i just went to wingyi's blog. the content almost brought me to tears that explains why i'm a bit emo now. i miss the whole gang so much. i really really really want to meet up with you all in the june hols because i know if we dont, we dont have time to meet up once the term starts again. the times of joy and laughter, the times of tears and sadness. we joke together. we eat together. we go out together. we go high together.though i still see didi n nette nette in school, we seldom bump into each other. every time i see didi along the corridor or at the stairs, i will give her a hug. i wonder how char's doing at tp. the people that i miss the most, as in really really the most, is my darling panda and wei. my darling abc! we went through so much together. i really miss you guys. *big hugs to gf, panda, wei, nette nette, didi, char. i love you guys.

the six with char missing. together with beybey n hengheng on grad night(:

me n gf @ ikea!

i miss you wiggy.

10th feb. that night when adlin flew to aus.

one of the rare photos of the six outside 4/8(:i miss you guys.

my darling abc on new year's eve.

lastly, i just want to take this time to thank God for turning the whole situation around and make it fine.
Lord, thank You for being here for me, for turning the whole situation around for me. To heal the pain that i went through. whenever i seek You, all the pain, all the troubles seem to be gone, my heart feels so much lighter after lifting everything up to You. You are my God, You are my Saviour. You are my King. You are my best friend(: Thank You Lord for your wonderful blessings. i pray in Jesus' name. amen(:
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you , happy birthday to HAZEL, happy birthday to you!(:

I met them at paya lebar to go to ms loh's wedding!(: it was fun. Lunch at parkway with duc, phyllis, farihin, jin yew, weijie-tan, weijie-wong, shu ning, simin @ yoshinoya! yummy lunch. hah. we wanted to play pool but in the end everyone went their separate ways. I took 31 with simin and weijie-wong, and i took a nap in the bus. Met zhiyi and jil at interchange. we took prints. bought sandals.(: ATE ICE CREAM!

this is especially for YOU.keep out or YOU will be in danger. i mean it okay.

Friday, May 26, 2006

HELLO!(: woah. i haven't been blogging for such a long long time. all thanks too common tests this week. i've been studying at jil's place for the past few days with zhiyi, hazel and terry.there was one day that justin came and then another day that prem came.yup!(:

hmm.choir concert is coming up!!so work hard ya?(:i shall post 2 photos the next time i blog. right now i got to change and meet s12 ppl at tm! so take care!(:

parn-da: I MISS YOU!!(:
adlin: *loveS(:

photos of terry and justin. hah.

justin's way of eating tibits!(:

physics was..umm.. terrible.i didn't meet the s12 people for movie, but i went for bs with adeline! aww. i miss her so so much. i finally get to have bs with her.(: i really miss having bs with her. i finally get to use the computer today!haha. met ning, weijie-tan, jin yew n qinglin when i reached tamp. went for choir after that. choir was fine. after choir went for choir dinner with them. hah. in the end about 6-7 guys and jil, zhiyi n i ate together then home(: i enjoyed myself.
there's choir later! and ms loh's wedding(: i still duno what to wear!!! oh well. take care all.*loves

Monday, May 22, 2006

i miss this place a lot.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

chem bond one is down! left with chem bond two and chem spa to study for tonight. hah. clocking study hours.
anyway sat 12.30pm at petir. but i'll be late due to piano lesson, i've already notify ade. so yar. how to go to sky's house?! hah(:
i had my first taste of spa today. haha. STRESSED AH!! the examiner stood next to my set up and slowly scrutinize. I guess overall was okay(: going back to sac, even though is just the outside, makes me miss it so much. i saw so many people! (: cindy, germaine tan, aida, azzahra,pauline, MRS HENG!!! mrs stevens.(: ahhh. i literally ran to mrs heng. miss her so so much. i had prata and drank coffee ice-blended(: i miss mrs heng so much!! i hope she'll be better soon.(: talked to huiling and talked about a lot of stuff. hah. oh well. i think the school is..........hah. i shan't say.

AHHH. double nightmare in a night when i just went to bed for 30 minutes! it's so irritating. =| i was exhausted after doing gpp for close to 3 hours. Today when ms loh checked my group's gpp, realised that we didn't include the current benefits and possible future benefits!! and sorry guys, i took a 5 minutes nap during pw discussion in class just now. really really sorry.=|

anyway. she said hi to me.

my love(: <3

s12: all the best for spa and chem test tmr!(:
the six: i miss you guys loads. *hugs

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

mood: happy(:

from the start of the concert until before encore 2, i had a strong feeling that they will sing pamugun and they did!(: so many people went for concert last night. and i was wan lin again!! So we continued with our conversation where we left off last thursday after the sajc vs tpjc soccer match. i met jil, justin, jeremy, hanrui n eugene for dinner at yoshi. saw lisa.the concert was just WOAH. throughout the whole concert vann was saying "marcus!marcus!" lol. it was literally jaw-dropping. -counts 14 days to Plaisir de Chanson. tp choir can do it too!! jiayou everyone(: i didn't have change of $30 for kenny, so i guess friday. jil and i bought karen a flower. and jil,sorry that i wasn't able to go back up again.=/ i saw karen near the stage door at B1 and saw nic there. hah.(: thanks for the big head eeyore<3


i think i'll really become a panda very very soon=|

parn-da: -runs over and gives parn-da a big hug. i miss you so much!! i haven't seen you for SO SO long. hmmm. so you coming for concert ma? most prob i can go for your concert but need to find khaki. heh.take care okay. and all the best for your spa.*loves

s12: study hard for spa alrights(: all the best!

i got to do gpp now. see ya!(:


Sunday, May 14, 2006

my pretty guitar.(:

i love You. i need You. thank You for always being here for me, even though i may not have spent enough time with You. You never fail to take away my pain and hurt, and replace it with Your love for me. i just love to fellowship with You, to have Your presence in my room. the gentle touch of You can heal any hurt that i'm feeling. You are not just merely my Saviour, You are my God. my King. You are just so great. Lord, i cast all my anxiety into Your loving hands, because i know i'm a child of God and i know You love me, You care for me. I love You just the same. Even if everybody turns their back to me,i know, i truly know that i can always turn to You. You are always here with both ears and eyes to listen to whatever i want to say. Being able to be in Your House and feel Your presence is great. i love You. You are my best friend, You will always be, nothing will ever change that.
adlin called! =) she sounded like some receptionist when she called. lol. anyway(: chatted for 1 hour 55 minutes plus and got to go. i miss her so much.
take care kae darling. come back soon arh!(: i love you.

oh. service on friday night was awesome!(: we sat at alpha floor area. though there weren't many people we went,it was still worth going. pst phil was great! the ccc team worship. wow(:

hmmm. alrights. got to sleep alr. studying tomorrow.take care ya(:

Friday, May 12, 2006

gpp!gpp! haha. (: we're almost done with it. i miss singing wak wak gung. and the female chorus is like cannot make it, but we are still going to do it yar!(:yesterday had gp essay assessment in the audi, it was freezing. luckily i had something warm for me to wear. After that went to the stadium to watch the last soccer match of the season. cuz it was a home ground match, so sajc ppl came over and i saw angelyn! i saw cheryl! i saw wan lin!=D i miss them so much.

i just love spending time with the choir people(: had a small bonding session when prac ended. i was feeling bored, so i sat in the open cupboard. and kenny attempted to push me to see how heavy i am, so i was sliding across the floor. lol. and yar!! i got my skittles from justin. yay.(:skittles from justin. hah. so pretty right?(: ohoh. and niao, thanks for your skittles too(:
jil and i did a stupid thing. haha. dont ask what we did. lol.(:


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i shall start off by sharing with you this verse.
Look carefully then how you walk! Live purposefully and worthily and accurately, not as the unwise and witless, but as wise [sensible, intelligent people]. —Ephesians 5:15
yups. it talks about our emotions. don't let it control your life!(: i guess this is really applicable to everyone hence im sharing this with you all.

today was quite alright(: i dozed off during physics tutorial!! as in literally fell asleep. the worst thing is that the HOD was there to observe the class.After mr kuah explained the part on elastic and inelastic collision, i have a better understand now, so i'm going to do my tutorial later!(:

ahhh. i will miss the final match of the season! tpjc vs sajc tomorrow at 4.45pm, because i'll be in the freezing auditorium cracking my brain on my essay. niao jiayou!(: oh. i got back my gp essay(: i was quite surprised with the marks because it was quite unexpected. oh well.

choir was alright.(: my voice kept cracking at THAT note for nigra. bwarh.=| anyway just got a few things to say to some people.
simin: heys. im really really sorry. i should have checked before attaching all the papers together.=/ sorry.
jillian: *loves(:
joanne: smile ya? drink more water!!(:
niao: sleep earlier lar. hah. another panda. tskk.
justin: get well soon okay? and dont forget my skittles arh(:
my pw group: thx for tolerating my laziness on monday.(:

take care all(: *loves
i realised that i miss sac so much(: i went back to collect the cert with linette on monday and we managed to find beybey! i miss beybey!! after that went to buy my favourite coffee ice-blended(: i haven't seen hengheng for a long time alr. and speaking of 4/8, i miss you guys!! -hugs to 4/8. oh!! i got a B for physics test. it was quite unexpected, considering i did quite badly for the last question.

hmmm. i guess i should go and sleep already! take care all(:
wed: sectionals @ 2.30pm
thur: essay assessment @ 4.30pm
fri: choir 9am-5pm in cr.

and yups. just want to thank you guys. you know who you are(:

Friday, May 05, 2006

im really happy today(: i finally got the chance to worship today(: wheewit. we are the history makers!

i left sports day halfway together with hazel, luke and kee siang. then we joined the rest of the guys and slacked in the choir room(: hmmm. gonna meet up with my v1 n v2 to study in the morning tomorrow(: ohoh. choir @ siglap today. there's this part in usuli that jil and i always will sing wrongly and we never failed to do so again for practice just now. hah. and for the kok kok part for sin ten, i embarrassed myself! haha. cuz the kok kok went super fast and i didn't have anymore breath so i took a deep one in and yar. moreover, joanne happened to notice that and let a small giggle out, so i burst out giggling softly and continued singing. all thanks to the curry chicken. so jil!! never to eat curry chicken before choir again!(:

whee. im really looking forward for tomorrow!(:
take care all.
"Cast all your anxiety upon Him, for He cares for you"(:

Thursday, May 04, 2006

-waves. i know i haven't been updating for quite some time now. sorry to all those readers for always clicking on 'blog' and it's still the same entry.oh adlin, if you're reading this, i've found a late-night chat friend!(: but i still miss talking to you on the line and dont forget to call me this weekend okay. i love you darling(:

we did the choreo for sinten yesterday. it was alright i guess. on tuesday we sang in quartet, and i'm next to guan cheng and kee siang. i couldn't hear myself singing. hah. anyway, choir 2pm @ siglap tomorrow. Luckily there isn't any lesson. there are so many activities that are coming up. sea sports carnival, common test, choir concert. persevere!

lastly, i would like to congratulate my friends for making into the council!esp to simin(: *hugs.

to you: i know this period of time will be really tough for you, but please dont give up. i have faith that you can do it. so the bolded words below are meant especially for you, i really hope to see you picking yourself up again and continue striving. all the best okay? i'm only a call or sms away(:all the best for SAT on sat.
Life can be unfair at times
When you must maintain faith

And never let go.

It is especially during the difficult times

That you must live your life

To its fullest potential.

Those are the times to triumph

Over circumstances

With hope and courage.

Life isn’t always easy,

But if you keep going and persevere

To the very best of your ability,

You will gain strength to manage

The new challenges ahead.

Each goal that you reach

Is another important step forward.

Believe that there are

Bright and wonderful days

Ahead for you and you will find them.

words from kenny's blog