Friday, January 23, 2009

It's nearing the end of a week. Came back from dinner with (@_@) at bedok. Ever since that time jamie tried the drunken chicken rice i've always wanted to try it out. It was nice just that the portion of chicken i had was quite little compared to (@_@)'s. haha. Nice catching up with (@_@) and i even told her that i really like times when i can meet her a few times in a month because last year, we could only meet like once in every 3-4 months. It's always because she's quite free and has time for me too =]

Walked around bedok interchange and bought a new pencil case, it has been ages since i bought a pencil case =] a pretty white one! Oh yea! we bump into the ice-cream uncle who used to sell ice-cream opposite SAC when we were in upper sec. Those were the days when we purchased ice-cream from him at $1 and had to finish it before entering the school (the distance from the ice-cream uncle and school gate is less than 200 metres). And i was just telling (@_@) about the ice-cream uncle and we bump into him. Stood a few feet away from him for about 15 minutes before we approach him to buy our ice-cream because of the never ending flow of customers compared to the other ice-cream uncle just a few metres away. hahaha =] He still remembered that we were from SAC and he was shocked that we've graduated for 4 years already. He still look the same though =]

A nice chit-chat with dn ended the day well and he drove me home =] i love to be driven around. haha=]

enjoying school even though i have a deadline to meet next week. With the wonderful friends that God has blessed me with, i'm thankful =] Furthermore, my animal family has extended: from the six (including myself, cow,panda,pig,lion,kangaroo and penguin), now i have in psb: cowcow, sea lion, koala, chimpanzee, hyena, gold fish, giraffe, rabbit, hamster and cat. And each of us have our traits that it will be really hilarious if we would create a comic strip out of each conversation that we have. good memory huh? =]

anyway, i've managed to find out more about that thing after this afternoon's meeting. Well, i'm still considering, so God, lead me through the path that You wants me to go. "i know for sure, all of my ways are held in Your hand, crafted into Your perfect plan".

cheers =]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last week had a powerful weekend. During cg last week, the one that that really strike me was to get back to having a hunger for God. Having a hunger means starving, the feeling of wanting food when you're hunger; similar to the feeling of wanting to spend time with God with the hunger for Him.

What pst tan shared also is in line with the vision for our zone -- prayer. We need God and God needs us. God needs our fellowship with Him =]

at the crossroad

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I was actually overwhelmed by this semester, thanks dn for hearing me out=]

School has been alright so far after one week. It was really great meeting up with friends to catchup even if it's just over lunch.

I met (@_@) for dinner on the 9th, just a day before her birthday. The initial plan that i had was just to meet her for dinner to celebrate her birthday in advance but it ended up as a surprise for her, im really glad that she enjoyed herself as much as we did =] Met linette to shop for (@_@) present and it really cracked our brains as to what to buy for (@_@), finally we've decided on charles and keith sandals.=]

here's (@_@) with light makeup *whistles, finally a PROPER pose without using her hand to cover her face.Had dinner at miss clarity cafe, ordered cheese fries, mushroom pizza and soft shell crab linguine. Of course, not forgetting my favourite warm bread and butter pudding =] Walked around with her and finally settled down at national library. Some thing interesting happened. hahaha. Cam-whore with (@_@) while waiting for the time to draw nearer to 12.
When the clock strikes 12, i said to (@_@) " let me tell you a secret.... you're going to cross the road". Crossing the road of course, is what we were about to do, so she LOL-ed. After which, i said, happy birthday! =] Brought her on an adventure and had to blindfold her before letting her see the surprise because she was not cooperating with me. haha =] It was fun meeting up with the rest too =]
we love you =]
it was great meeting up with the rest as well =]

we were talking at esplanade until 1 plus and didi drove me home because i have school on saturday. Despite the LOUD disco-like music played in the car, both linette and i were sleepy.

Here's a random pic of cowcow standing on ONE of her 'hind legs'. I can tell you that she burst out laughing when i laughed at her and scolded me 'eediot'. haha =]
Saturday service was beyond great, with a handsome preacher and a style of preaching that i really like. He's really a powerful preacher. I must admit that i was really sleepy at the start of the preaching but at the point when he said that 'you will not be judged according to what you did but according to what we were called to be', i woke up with a startle. Zoe said that he was really talking about me.

Appreciation dinner at my place after service, ordered pizza and sat around the coffee table at the living room to view the video that our dear yong quan spent nights doing it. Some parts of the video were really hilarious. haha. After which, was a speech by our dearest cgl--Zoe, presentation of awards and writing on the love card made by Zoe.

Here's all of us holding our love card =]
lucky terence! haha =] and yes, great minds think alike!
I really feel that the true DNA lies in the word relationship. Just like how we have said that yes, though we may be in different cellgroups in the future, if we really mean something to one another, the friendship will still continue to grow. Of course the bad DNA too=/ opps.

"WO BU YAO~" part with my dearest e348, some of them i've been with ever since i came to church, especially zoe, that i know i will definitely part with her =( I'm really glad to know her more especially in the past two years, the chats and also the KTV sessions...

time to head back to the books. bye =]

Thursday, January 08, 2009

look at the guinea pig on adam sandler's head, thanks to cowcow. hahaha. i burst out laughing before lecture, luckily it's before lecture. haha =]

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I was just reading my bestie's blog about sacrifices and making choices in life. There was this thing that really bugged me for a while.. yes i know i used to take fellowship lightly, as in whether or not im there doesn't matter at all. But you know what, as time goes by, i fellowship with the lovely people more and more often and right now, i can never get sick of it. And thanks wendy and terence for emphasising the importance of fellowship to me. =]

17th jan 2009, a date when a choice is made and i've already made mine. Both groups of people i love but i can only get to choose one because i can't be at the same place at the same time. Moreover that's an important date to remember because change will take place and i want to be prepared for the change. Well, sacrifices do need to be made. what more can i say, i'm not being pressurised though maybe a little, thanks for your understanding on this situation, YES YOU. i'm sure you know that i'm talking about you here. Thanks for understanding my priorities, loves =]

and to my bestie: though sometimes you drive me up the walls, i still love you at the end of the day. let's hang out more often this year, i love you bestie =]

Monday, January 05, 2009

this kate spade bag is totally gorgeous...
click to see in detail.