Thursday, September 29, 2005

All are gone.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pictures tell a thousand words.In another month's time, we won't be singing the school song and will be called ex-sacians.courageously with heads held high..for virtue true nobility we strive..i spent 8 years of my life in sac and made many friends, though some i've lost contact with and even became hi-bye friends,they still made a difference in my life. Spending 11 years of my life singing in the choir, and the most challenging period was when i've taken on the role as th e president, those ups and downs, when i needed my friends most, they've been there for me..What i want to say is an endless list....

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tonight is the special night for all of us who are graduating. the ceremony went alright. And I took lots of photos with my friends too(:So i just thought of putting some photos here.(:
grad night was really an unforgettable moment for me.the above photo is THE SIX.(: The recess gang. plus the animals. left to right: lion,pig,cow,penguin,panda,kangaroo. I will keep the wonderful and unforgettable moments that we've spent in my heart. Those ups and downs. thanks for being there for me when i'm just not in the mood and trying to cheer me up.
i love you guys(:my dar.(: Who has been there for me all these while. Encouraging me, telling me not to give up. She's also my wonderful sister, who just sees so much in me. She's also the one who keep telling me to breakthrough and here i am. An almost one year old(: We are half of room, the other half is not present tonight. heh. but yarr. Room brings back really a lot a lot of memories, and she's the one whom i share my deep thoughts with, and never fails to lend me that listening ear. i love you dar(:Our form teachers.(:left is mrs lim aka beybey. right is mrs heng aka hengheng.
beybey's "good morning girls" in her that tone. and hengheng's "stand girls" in her that tone. I will not forget that.heh.Plus all those lessons.(: emaths and maths teachers. my form teachers(:3 years with hengheng and 2 years with beybey.ahhh.teachers.(: The wonderful people in my life.(:I will miss them.=/
And last but not least. my parents, for bringing me up and grooming me to become what i am today(: without both of you, i won't even be here. (:thank you.

Friday, September 23, 2005

We completed the movie today and watched Joy Luck Club. I think it's more interesting thatnMonalisa's smile.Geog we did correction for mapwork, but we didn't get back our paper though. but I think we didn't do well for geog because Ms Tan said that don't expect high marks. Bio girls had practical while the lit girls were wasting time watching Joy Luck Club.-.-. Ms A lim took over PC to teach us some technics for answering seq, i think it was quite good.(: I've always like her lessons.Emaths did correction for paper 2 qns 2, the qns on BREAD.beybey said that qns is not well done, and we'll be getting emaths paper 2 next week. hmmm. Chem had prac in the lab and got back our prelim prac. barhh..i almost failed while somebody scored 13!!and that is panda.-shakes head.anyway, umm..your stuff is with me. so yar.(:

.After school, linette went opposite school to have her eyebrows trimmed and hair trimmed, and we set off to tampines. Had lunch and then walked to cs. Oh!!Let me tell you all something. we saw chelsea doing PEDICURE in nails in vouge!!lol. She was so embarrassed cuz we were laughing and even with the cap, she got no where to hide her then saw cassan and ping shopping at lvl 2 as well. Walked over to tm. adlin bought cucumber for facial!!!for the FIRST i just had to make that bold.lalala.(:

is tomorrow!!!!((: Whee! I can't wait for it to start, and I can't wait for it to be over.haha. I know is kind of contradicting though.heh.I'm meeting fer to have our hair done, then fetch adlin from her condo then head off to SP!!lalala(:Remember to take photo with me okay??-smiles.

He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold. —Job 23:10

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

end of prelims!WOOHOO
hmm..I was feeling so sleepy while shading the ovals this morning. But prelims is over!!(: sc, wq and I went to catch a movie and played 3 games of bowling, and each of us won a game each.heh.I enjoyed myself today.heh.(: At the bowling alley, there's this guy who is playing at lane 3 who kept looking at us.-.-. He even CLAPPED when I had strike and spare
Anyway, lessons resume tomorrow and grad night rehearsal after that.
haha.i can't wait for grad night.Everyone gonna be dressed prettily.
the intensive revision is coming back!!SO yup.
number days to Os:forty-eight

One of them, when he saw that he was healed, returned, and with a loud voice glorified God. —Luke 17:15

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

heh.I just felt like putting that. so yar.(:
Let me say something. heh.panda is so SWEET!!heh.(: She msg me in the morning to wish me good touched. (:
Anyway, i can't wait for tomorrow!Whee.

Monday, September 19, 2005

lit and more lit!!AHHHH=(
=/Today is Sunday. Lit paper is only a day away!! think i will just end up writing rubbish and flunk the whole paper like how i did it in mid-year.But after tomorrow should be alright i guess. Just have to do a lot of MCQ, then end of prelims!!!
hmmm..i wonder if they all want to go anywhere on tuesday or not.. a draining period, but hang in there everyone, it's ending soon yar?(:

It started with window shopping but ended with me buying two things.
I enjoyed myself(:
the breakfast and all.
the shop hopping.(:
thankies kangaroo.

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life. —1 Timothy 6:12
The above involves hard work. Worshipping and praising. Praying. Where have it all gone to?When you do not drink water, you get dehydrated and everything internally shuts down and you will die. The same goes here. I need spiritual water. But I need to find it myself. I don't want to get dehydrated. I don't want to die. Where is that fire? That was burning so strong before? It seems to dim now. The weekends that I really looked forward to at church, just worshipping and praising God and lied about going to the movies. Making new friends, enjoying my members' company, how they celebrated my birthday this year. Those powerful messages. I miss those times.
I am not going to give it all up. It will cost too much. I will still hold dearly to it and try to revive it in whatever ways that I can. I've come a long way, having crossed that finishing line last year whereby another chapter of my life unfolds. It is another race and I want to be racing eternally, for God.