Thursday, April 30, 2009

The long awaited one week holiday has finally arrived (though half of it has past now), definitely a time to rest and relax after chionging for one semester. a time of fun and also meeting up with friends to enjoy this break.

On monday, i met with some of my UON friends for dim sum buffet and also for a KTV session. It'll be great if more people could make it though, nonetheless, it was of great fun as we ordered 53 different dim sum, 3 rounds in total, $17.30 each , quite worth it! Moreover, afternoon KTV is $10 nett with no GST which is beyond great! And yes, when two or more girls get together in the toilet with a camera, you know what happens next...UON people who were at the dim sum buffet! Quite sad that cowcow didn't join us for KTV but it's alright :] we can always plan another one.
And here's the KTV people. There was a particular period of time i was holding my own concert because i was singing non-stop for around six to seven songs! quite tiring but fun! i love to sing. haha. Christopher joined us for the very first time and he blew us away with his rapping and dancing! great!(: and yup, it was monday, i spilt honey water. HAHA. i tend to spill thIngs on alternate days.
Ever since i had the chat with my friend about convenience friendship, i've wanted to blog about it but it was during my exam period so i waited until now. What exactly is convenience friendship or rather friends only for the mere reason of convenience? Is it so that they can gain some things from you? like working in a project or need to join forces in order to get something done. Well, i guess at some point of our lives we will come across people like that, perhaps during our school lives or for the guys, in NS...

Got the following analogy from another friend...convenience friendship is like instant minute you cut it open, the next minute you pour out the contents and the next moment you dispose it. what's more is that friendship takes years to build, it can't be an instant. What does friendship mean to you?

I guess at some point of time we tend to ***** about people or listen to people ***** about others. i must admit i've been there at some point of my life especially during my jc days, well come to think of it, it was rather stupid. What do people gain from *****ing about others? Juicier stuff about a particular other person? Or perhaps it was due to jealousy, that the other party has somethings that we don't have?

food for thought huh? let's be a better friend today! :]

Monday, April 27, 2009

playing violin before dinner. =]guess where we took this? haha.
here are the pictures. suddenly don't feel like blogging..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

law is DONE! YES! finally (: the paper was good, with almost half of the mcq questions that i've done before either in tutorial or in the 2 sample papers. And also thanks to my law tutor, who gave us model answer template to answer some of the problem questions (: and thanks to everyone for your encouragement (: it's all in the mind, a mind game indeed.

It feels like i'm locked in this whole world of books to study, or rather notes. haha. but nonetheless, i'm glad that law is over(: i studied outside everyday and my results show, it's because i really studied outside and not play, i'm glad that i gained the trust from dad and mum on this issue. Another good point of studying outside with friends (of course you MUST choose carefully) is that you can discuss questions. This is so especially for a subject like law. Throughout the course of 2 days, my friends and i managed to go through 13 problem questions (something like essay questions) for our law paper. I feel that for myself to be able to give my opinions on a certain law issue, i would need to know my stuff well enough in order to think critically, analyse the questions and debate about it. at first i do feel weird being the only girl but i would say that the guys treat me well as friends. prim and proper guys, not weird ones of course, who are serious about their studies, so that's a common goal. when 3 different people come together, we have 3 brains, that's an advantage :]

yesterday i've calculated the marks i've accumulated to far for this semester, i must say it's better than last sem so all the more i would want to score better. i've learnt not to study for the sake of studying but to study for the knowledge :] that's something my dad always tell me.

1 battle done, 3 more battles! go!go! PENGUINranger!(:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the beginning: i don't feel like going for cellgroup
Reason: need to study
Final decision: i'm going
Reason: I know when i give my time to God, He will multiply back for me, He will not shortchange me.
2nd reason: it's at my house.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Saturday, April 11, 2009

six more days to the start of exam.

17th: law
20th: marketing
22nd: accounting
24th: e-business

Friday, April 10, 2009

After their honeymoon, they decided to visit Singapore(: Here's the dinner prepared by our dearest mummy and a family photo! sis-in-law and me (:
This week was my last week in school and that means exams are drawing nearer each day! LEGL;MKTG;ACFI;EBUS -> the 4 modules i'm taking. Exams starting next friday and yes, it'll be over very soon and i can't wait for my one week break! time for all those long awaited outings!(: eg. shopping, ktv, cycling etc etc

Like what joycey said, our tutors for this sem are really good as compared to last sem's. That's why i decided to take photos with my tutors (except for EBUS and LEGL) because i forgot to bring my camera. My favourite tutors for this sem would definitely be the comical roger and grandfatherly hoo joo sang (:

this is phonsak and me, we have one thing in common. both of us are not from Singapore.
here's the sisters and the grandfatherly hoo joo sang. He asked us twice on the day whether or not we are sisters. lol. i will definitely remember the times he explained accounting concepts to us and how he really goes all out to help us. And yes, his handphone ringtone! HAHA. Also all the necess-salary and how he stomps his right foot. LOL. (:
yeayeayea, all the accounting majors except me. i'm not sure if joy's an accounting major..
thanks darling for accompanying me to study! heehee <3 Met up with cindy (finally) on wed, i hvn't seen her for YEARS! she's still the same cute lil girl that i remember. hahaha. had a great time with her and of course, ichiban boshi(:


You are 20!!(: It was a surprise for her because i told her she'll only be meeting me. haha. I'm suppose to bring her to burlington square but i myself didn't know how to even walk to sim lim square. haha =X opps. So after squeezing through bugis street and pass fu lu shou complex and OG (which she thought was in chinatown), we've arrived at burlington square! A surprise party for her planned by her dear cg members and us(:
As we all were chit chatting, (@_@) and i realised that there are 3 people in healthcare sector. hahaha. well, definitely a fun time chilling and laughing, an allocated time slot for me to destress after studying with hyena and giraffe at the super chio macs. haha.
(@_@) (:

happy birthday to the birthday girl (: L-R: lion, pig, penguin, panda, kangaroo (:

time to hit the LOR notes!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the wonderful class of A4(: and yes, the comedian-like tutor. one of my fav so far (: and plus, the sisters thingy started from this guy. lol. thanks for all the life lessons (:

Monday, April 06, 2009

to have the spirit of excellence
a special post to bestie! (:the words on her blog 'bestie val, you have been awesome. past 7 yrs since we knew each other. there is not a day where we have nothing to talk to each other abt. your words, gestures & love brought me to whr i am today. i believe this year, greater things are gonna take place. bigger & better! looking forward to running the race w u :) '

i'm really touch by how honest we are with each other. through the storms we emerged stronger together. and yes, really glad that we are in the same family once again just like how we were back then. one greater thing i can think of is ............. hahaha :) thanks for your encouragement and how u did not give up on me 7 yrs ago :)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

One of the things that i like about waking up early to go for morning prayer meeting even though i am not a morning person is .... the sun rise. I know it's not that obvious in the picture here but sun rise symbolises the start of a brand new day. How wonderful it is to live in the east. after prayer meeting breakfast with bestie =] so happy that i can have breakfast with you and yes, we are going to spend even more time together this year since we are now in the same cg =] reminds you of last time doesn't it? haha

goldfish (plated with gold) and cowcow =] i decided not to post the photo of charmaine staring at the dvd shelf.
bestie's birthday celebration @ pasta de waraku =]

The restaurant presented her with doctor set that is meant for children aged 6 and below. LOL
gorgeous babe on the left (:
cia-ee & val-ee!
mr chan, miss eng and miss chan
HAHA. muscular samuel and acting cooltrying-to-catch-some-sleep victor
ok. baboon's butt face is appearing with the two pretty ladies (:
the ladies that night, minus pei en who left earlier and wendy who didn't join us.
hmmm. after about 4 months, some changes finally.though i'll miss the e348, like jamie and cia-ee, i was paying my tithe using the axs and saw e441 instead of e348 too. but yea, a bright future ahead with a partially new family, cheers E441(:

Thursday, April 02, 2009

a change

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

the word C