Monday, April 30, 2007

hello!(: no maths remedial today so i'm home early!i remembered saying that i'll post pictures about the ajc concert at esplanade on the 16th april. so here they are!(:

pretty aren't they(: syf rehearsal this thursday and then have to go back to school for gp test. initially, i was still thinking that i can go home after the rehearsal but no! gp test is at 4.30pm all the way to 6.30pm. ohoh!! i have to show you guys this photo...

lol. acting as mina-s model students.(:
choir tomorrow! count down: 8

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i'm sure there's a reason for it.

Monday, April 23, 2007

today is today. it 's over. but do what we have to do from tomorrow onwards and i mean it.

Lord i pray for wisdom
what we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows

Thursday, April 19, 2007

water night

Night with the eyes of a horse that trembles in the night,
night with eyes of water in the field asleep
is in your eyes, a horse that trembles,
is in your eyes of a secret water.

Eyes of shadow-water,
eyes of well-water,
eyes of dream-water.

Silence and solitude,
two little animals moon-led,
drink in your eyes,
drink in those waters.

If you open your eyes,
night opens, doors of musk,
the secret kingdom of the water opens
flowing from the center of night.

And if you close your eyes,
a river fills you from within,
flows forward, darkens you:
night brings its wetness to beaches in your soul.

it's really great to see people putting in effort(:
i still haven't pass my friend the easter present!haha oh no.
anyway, it's really great to have a B gang, and see everyone getting the same grade for that subject(:
i'll be uploading the photos that i took on monday night at esplanade by tonight ya?(:
time is 2.09pm. have to be back in school later.
alrights!(: cya

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

please. have some sense of urgency.
you can count how many days we've left with,
no point saying what we want to achieve if we choose to stay stagnant.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

this week was stressful, physically draining. but nonetheless, it's the weekend again(: i really look forward to weekends every week, cuz it's the time when i can get my beauty sleep. lol

i was quite surprised that ms loh gave me crunchie on tuesday! it's because it's the first time that she's awarding anybody in class for anything and that's not counting the mcdonald's treat after the road run. so i was really surprised. thanks(:

today is saturday! it's really a day that's packed. in the morning woke up at 7am to go for service learning. This year being one of the people in charge of the whole thing is no doubt not an easy task. proposals after proposals. planning. organizing. logistics. etc etc. the kids over there are really adorable, even though there were conflicts here and there among the kids, i hope the kids still did enjoyed themselves. Goodie bags for everybody at the end of the trail. We had extra time after the maths trail, so impromptu we started playing hangman. yea, hangman. lol. the kids are smart!((:i dont think i'll post the photos here today, perhaps another day(:

after service learning, went to eat with class and then headed to siglap for choir. both duc and i fell asleep on the bus, we were so tired! i was quite reluctant to get down from the bus actually, wanted to continue sleeping. In the end, we still got down at SPC that bus stop. walk to cc for choir. i was yawning the whole time, couldn't help it. opps. really very tired. prac ended and then i went home to change, had dinner and headed to indoor. to my dismay, first time got turn away. the feeling was really the end, boarded 608 to siglap then take bus home. i was quite amused by 608! haha. it's so old yet it's amusing.

i guess i got to continue my econs assignment. 3 econs assignment by monday.ah.
and it doesn't help when im coughing away, when the cool air from the atmosphere gets into my throat, my throat will get irritated and starts coughing. it's worse in the morning, my voice is practically playing hide and seek with me since tuesday. i deicded to buy de phlegm tomorrow.

B for pw(:
and adlin is coming back in JUNE=D

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

term 2 has started, now it's the 4th week. I can feel the stress, it's engulfing.sometimes i just want to give it all up but then again, where would my determination and perseverance be then? Of course i have not. be it studies or choir.

Competition is in less than a month and there are so many things to polish up. I really want to achieve that dream of mine, the dream of getting what i want. But i know i cant do it all by myself, we need the strength of everyone. Like today, i didn't want to go in the first place but i still went. No doubt that everyone is tired, i guess we dont have a choice or whatsoever. Let's run the race together and persevere ok?

-stretches. i'm tired. i have econs faculty test and physics spa trial tomorrow. this week is totally packed and i'm physically drained.really tired.
fall in love with song without words II !!!


Sunday, April 08, 2007

okay okay. i know i haven't been blogging.i decided to do it now.
this week was quite relax except for the process of studying econs test for saturday. all those confusing polices but i'm glad that she went through with everyone after the test, so i got a better understanding of it already.

thursday was songfest!(: went to support people of course, i think you all did great(:
i dont feel like blogging.
anyway, change is never the constant.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

before the day ends, i would just like to wish
my 2 pals happy birthday
ai ping

love you girls(: