Thursday, March 30, 2006

(= i went for maths make-up lecture with qinglin, duc, weijie, gatekeeper and shu ning. luckily i went, now i finally understand the composite function part!(= school was alright today. the phy lab was ultra HOT!!! it's like we're perspiring while doing the experiment. we had spe, we did relay. girls 12x400m came in 2nd!(= guys 12x400m came in 3rd!(= girls 4x100m came in 4th but well done still(: and guys 4x100 came in 3rd(: well done people. and thanks for cheering as well!!(: I was super nervous for 4x100m, 1st runner=/ got to do the starting position and it's difficult to accelerate to my full speed.but nonetheless, we did our best(:

break with the usual bunch of people at the round table. far,ning, weijie,qinglin, duc and me. then we went for maths tutorial and those ppl dont have chinese have another break!!

oh!!adeline came to tpjc today!!(= awww. i miss her so much. haha. so i went to look for her at the stadium and chat for a while. tpjc soccer vs hwa chong soccer today!

ning: thx for that unexpected letter!(: *hugs.

qt last night, not exactly last night, but around 1.15am. it was like the most powerful qt that i had for the past many weeks. presence of God was there, it was so strong. perhaps i haven't been doing my qt daily, it's like my heart was injected with warmth many many times and the warmth grew throughout my body. it's just so so wonderful, to be in the presence of God and to be able to dwell in it. thank you God for letting your presence touched me. i love You(=

Monday, March 27, 2006

i failed to post my entry yesterday all thanks to blogger. hah.x|
school: many were late due to the jam in the morning. chem lect in the audi, it was freezing. so cold. we kinda form a clique. anyway GP with mam. haha. it was the first lesson and she told us not to call her teacher but to call her mam. it sounds quite weird. hah.XD maths lect in lt4 and followed by break. EAT! oh. during maths lect, the lecturer asked if we can get the equation, and this guy from behind went "yeah baby!" and everyone in the lt burst out laughing. and the lecturer went "what did you say?" lol. hah. those hcl people had a 3-period break. after break was chinese in the audi. followed by pe. i think i need to start training. haha. my stamina is really bad.x|

athens zeta people are going to sentosa this saturday, i'm sorry that i can't join you guys. camp from fri to sun.And that means i'll miss out cgm and svc this week. This week is a healing service and i actually had someone in mind to bring. i really hope her knee will be fine soon. or perhaps, i can ask adeline to preach the sermon to me. haha. if i'm not wrong, she offered to do so!(: adeline i love you!=)

ever since i started tithing, every week i have quite a lot of cash left!! i only gave 10% of what i have each month for tithing and i still have surplus! Johovah Jireh!(: amen!

alrighty. s12 people, remember to print out econs ws 3 from ms loh's web yea? take care!(:

i really wish i can be there but i can't, im sorry.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Today pastor talked about line crossing. and i want to be a line crosser in serving God, to serve Him wholeheartedly and with a heart that is so pure. with the love for God that is so pure. i'm falling more and more in love with You each day.

I feel so so happy each time we start praising God. Previously i didn't feel that happy, but ever since last week, the sense of joy just flood through me when we start praising God. I even told vann that i feel so happy. (: God is a God of joy. amen!

there's school tomorrow so i aim to sleep before 12am tonight!!

Oh. next week is the healing service!! But i'm gonna miss it i think. I actually have someone in mind to bring to. i really want her knee to be healed.

hmm. alrights. i think go first yea? take care(:
the six: i miss you guys.*big hugs to the 5 of you*

Saturday, March 25, 2006

hmmm. i'm glad that i've called sis jl just now. she talked to me all the 'da dao li' but it made a lot of sense. temptations. i dont want to walk that path, i want to walk in the light. the devil is definitely doing his work in me but i got to stand strong, i got to have the strength to fight the devil and to glorify God. thanks sis jl for encouraging me just now(: i still want to be a warrior for God and i will always be one! stand in the frontline and kick the devil and shoot it! i know i can do it for i can do anything through Christ who strengthens me.amen! thanks sis jl for encouraging me just now(:

today is a relatively short day in school.GP. phy lect. chem prac. break. chinese. i'm getting closer with my class and i'm happy for that.(: oh. thanks weijie for helping me to get the chem notes. haha. funny things happened in the library. LOL.

lunch at parkway's yoshi.i saw eunice choy. tp choir's s1 eunice. lol. anyway(= prac was alright. where is dixon when i want to see his smile!! haha. sop 1s went out and i could barely reach that high b flat. and jil!!! take care of your voice okay. dont strain it(:

i don't want to give excuses Lord.If there's once, there'll always be the second, the third time and so on.I want to be in Your presence. Lord I pray, that i will continue to grow stronger. Lord i ask You to give me the strength so that i can stand strong and be armoured, that i will still be one of those remaining on the battlefield at the end of the battle, that i will be able to glorify You my God. In Jesus' name i pray. amen!(:

Thursday, March 23, 2006

wheewhoo!(: all the girls were late for maths tutorial today. haha. because we bum into mr kuah along the corridor, so yar. get me? thing i dont get is why ms yeo kept calling my name=/ we went for a mini class outing today. lunch at mac!(: with 7 other people. they are ahmad, farhan, moose,weijie, qinglin, simin and rongzhi. and me. hah. yups!(: we had lunch, then sat there to talk until about 5.30 and simin left with moose. we went to the fitness corner near the bus stop opp sch to play. haha. it's fun!!(: so yups. took bus with qinglin and weijie and was just talking to qinglin all the way. hah. he's quite nice to talk to(: took bus 10 home from interchange.

and on my way back i saw adora on the bus! hah(: whee.

i saw lijing and denise(4/6) on the bus yesterday.

anyway. choir tmr!(= 4pm at cc. im nt meeting the sops at the porch, going there straight. heh. so yups. take care all!(:

to jil:-smiles!(: you are one of them(:

crediamo. dunamis

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

hello!(: hmmm. how's everybody doing? 06s12! hah. the first day the guys and the girls were separated but it's a little better now. and i like my physics tutor!!(: he's so funny. today when he was going through the tutorial questions, i didn't understand how he got the fractional change so i asked him. and he was teaching me halfway he got lost and he said "eh. hah. wrong alr. sorry." lol. he's mr kuah. hmm. nice people in 06s12! (:

during gp today, each one of us is suppose to come up with a 2 minute speech.and my topic was "cats and not dogs are man's best friends". I managed to come up with some rubbish. haha. it went quite alright. OH!! a girl transferred to our class today!(:

lunch with far, duc and james. then off to sectionals! i got to really work hard for choir, okay, not only choir but studies as well. yups. dixon smiled at me once again. lol. getting a smile from someone is a blessing(: i made some good friends in choir, like ummm. joanne, juliana, dixon, henry, eunice, cheryl, chee kian, duc, see kiat(not sure if that's how you spell it), kee siang, olivia, celine,hazel and others as well. (:

thurs tmr. and i'll be wearing my new uniform!!(: whee.

alrights, take care all.
when you smile, you are actually blessing the person that you are smiling at(:

Sunday, March 19, 2006

playlist: credo
playcount: 66
hello! i'm alright! thanks to all of you, you know who you are(:

Choir on friday and it was great. I learnt 3 new songs. efficiency. hah. CREDO! I'm totally mad about that song.

athens zeta bbq on friday night at william's place. i miss all of you so much. those who went: nurul,qi hui, emmeline, eddy, william, samuel, cedric, hou ren, grayson, yvonne, shinee, ashiq, charles! (= the bbq was fun. before the sun setted, i was with yvonne, qi hui, shinee and emmeline, we were washing our feet in the pool. we just sat there and talk. (: and yups, thanks girls!(=

bbq started. thanks to eddy, grayson and hou ren and a few others who bbq-ed the food for us!!(: yummy satays, chicken wings and sausages! and i didn't know who started the dunking people into the pool thing. eddy the geisha was ultra cute because he thinks that everybody is going against him, so as william and a few others went to chase eddy, eddy ran one round and said " okay okay!! I jump myself", and so he ran towards the pool and jumped in. haha. it was so cartoon. i wanted to learn the college dance and william offered to teach me, so he asked me to stand up but i didn't. haha. I could forsee that he'll dunk me into the pool. yvonne almost got dunk into the pool so in the end, yvonne and i jumped in together. haha. i learnt the college dance, cedric offered to teach me. hah. and i was william's partner. so didn't get the chance to dance with yvonne! aiya. wasted. and talking about william. he purposely tuck in his shirt and pulled his berms so high and looked at me with this retarded look. the photo also!! haha. how he posed by the pool side. i wonder what made him did that. lol.

I left with nurul,ashiq and charles. cabbed home. yups!(:i really enjoyed myself that night, thanks guys(:

bwarh. i can't seem to post the photos. so click here for the photos!

Yesterday's cellgroup we sang the song take me deeper. even though i don't know the song, but it had touched me deeply. the message was about faith! "faith is always greater than any mountain we are facing", this had encouraged me. (: and i was affirmed. heh. (: hmmm. special thanks to those out there, you know who you are (: we played blow wind blow before the session started. haha. royston kanna so many many times. and xinyi's vocal is just woah. her unreleased single. nice(:

service today!! I woke up with a slight heavy heart and the moment we started singing the first praise song, the feeling of happiness just flushed my heart and i jumped and sang like i never sang before in my life. (: lunched at t2's mac with elicia, vann, damian, adeline, desmond, jamie, weijie, debbie and debbie's friend, victor, liu jing, yuling, zixiang, junchen. i dunno if i got missed out anyone.heh. i had to leave early because i needed to rush off to parkway for lesson. so yar. my apologies to panda and fish and others at popeye, sorry that i didn't pop by.

hmmm, alrights!! take care all yar? and study hard! (:


Thursday, March 16, 2006

umm. to you: take care okay? till then.

love, me.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

(: I think im turning to be a nerd! hah. but is okay. i don't mind, moreover i need to fulfill my study hours! discipline. discipline.
tpjc choir!(= whee. i just love those high notes. i love the sop 1s! whoopeedo. thanks everybody in s1 who gave me the support. people like hazel,jillian,joanne. yups. we're learning all the competition pieces now and i needa catch up!! ohoh. yesterday before prac ended, they sang credo to the additional new J1s. the song is just beautiful. How the 4 parts blend with each other. aww.
oh! on a lighter note, no lectures tomorrow!! =D this means that i can catch up on my sleep. However there is bs at 11am, so i still got to wake up. friday physics lecture from 7.40am to 9am, linette and i are going to stock up food for lecture. That's the problem of feeling sleepy during lectures.
During chemistry lecture just now, the lecturer caught a girl taking photo. Upon questioning her, he found out that she was actually taking a photo of the slide! lol. He rushed through the whole part on redox titration, so i think i need to do my own reading tonight!!
I'm supposed to go sentosa with the girls on fri!! But there's lecture and prac.=/ And on sat, i'm supposed to go fellowship with my cg, it's sports games i think, but i can't! bwarh. nvm, there'll still be cgm in the afternoon. And vocal consort at night! so yups!(: OHOH!and athens zeta bbq on fri night at william's place i think. yups!

I ask You Lord to give me strength and perseverance to walk through this path. I know that this path will test my faith, and will also test me physically and emotionally, so Lord, I want to stay strong. Hold my hand and walk with me O Lord. I lift this prayer in Your name, amen.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

hello! happy birthday to shan jing and triana!(: Lectures this week and i managed to study 4 hours yesterday. (: there's prac at cc afterwards, think i will be meeting jil and then pick duc and friend up. yupyup.
sorry for the short entry!

persevere and don't give up. stand strong!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

(: God is great amen! I'm so happy to see so many people received Christ today, God touched their hearts and many people gave their hearts to Christ today! And the sermon was so powerful that God spoke to me specifically about a certain issue which i prefer not to state it here. Yesterday's cg that nothing is impossible for God and whatever God says,it will be done. This gave me encouragement and i became more determined that i will be able to succeed in the above issue which God spoke to me. Courage to share! This is very important to me(: The opportunity was given to me and my hand just shot up automatically because I wanted to share so badly. And I did!(: The combine message of yesterday's cg and today's sermon made me more determined and to persevere on.don't give up and don't lose heart!(: then let me tell you, dont ever lose heart! persevere and you will see harvest one day!

and special thanks to victor who gave me a morning call this morning!(:

Friday, March 10, 2006

hello! First day at tpjc and it's like half my class is there!And i miss them a lot!(: Talking about missing people, i miss my athens zeta. OH! And athens won! yay. congrats(: today is quite slack, i had chem and maths lectures in the morning. oh and i saw something very sick today. haha. oh well.

first choir prac today!(= and i think it went great. i made 2 new friends! and lalala, back to my lovely high notes! yay(=

i think i log off first alrights? im sleepy! (= take care.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

i spent four days in sr before being transferred to tpjc through choir. in these four days, our og bonded. Even though i'm very happy that i got into tpjc but i dont want to leave athens zeta! heh. it's like a mixed feeling. but picture speaks a thousand words. so yupsthe five girls whom i've grown quite close to these four days and made my days at sr more fun. left to right: emmeline, yvonne, nurul, me,qihui and shinee.
the two guys behind: charles n william.
and one of our dear ogl in front: samuel.

and yar, thanks for the cheer guys! i'm really really touched(= i miss you all. take care kae?(: contact me for og outing okay?(: i love you guys!(:

this is to kelvin: hey! going to ns today right? all the best and continue to be that light and shine for God wherever you go!(= you'll definitely be missed by your dearest E348!(=

Friday, March 03, 2006

playlist: the fourth avenue cafe by L'Arc~en~Ciel
hello everyone! I finished studying ionisation energy!(: And i really want to thank God for giving me a chance this saturday! We are going to tremble hell together! Amen!(: I need to prepare myself. so yups. and there isn't any bs this week. hah. next week then got bs. cg bball on saturday. yay. i get the chance to fellowship with them.(= shall bring camera yeah?haha(=

alrights. take care everybody(:
photos for today!(: ->click

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I closed my eyes and i can see this image while listening to the fourth avenue cafe.
this couple used to be very happy together.
they spent every possible moment together.
but the girl dumped the guy.
the guy is living his life in misery ever since he had fallen out of love.
he tried to get her back but she just didn't want to go back to him again.
she brought him joy into his life and gave him light.
now, he's back to his old ways.

don't ask me why i can see this image when im listening to this song, because i don't know why. heh.

Matt. 11:30 -> For My yoke is easy, My burden is light.