Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i'm inspired to do an end-year post after reading jme's, cia's and ade's. haha.

I started year 2008 as a fresh a-level graduate, being a 19.5 year old, searching for a job just like any other people who had graduated from their various jc-s. One day i happened to bump into shu ning and coincidentally, one of her colleagues were leaving, so i tried out the interview and got the job. It was my first working experience ever, i must say it was really a pleasure working there. Learning everything at ultra speed and getting to know the people there, the long lunch breaks that we took, birthday celebrations at R&R, farewell lunches and even zapple/milo breaks at the 4th floor pantry! Not forgetting the best place to sh*t. haha and yes, my dearest MVPS =] How our lunch group people come and go, even to the extent of standing just outside office to decide on a place to eat because we simply have too many people. haha. Of course, work is better with great superiors around to guide me and being patient with me =] superiors like mama, linda, angie, leona, winnie =] other people like kelvin, niki, belle, auntie ong, alice, faridah, meiling, jerrick, willis, kevin, shi jie, ting ting, cai ling, kelvin tan, amanda, puay san and many more who made a difference for my 6.5 months in scb. A person who i will not forget is shu ning, if not for her i would not have gotten the job and through sitting opposite her at work for 6 months, we got closer to each other through our quarrels, i'm glad that we can talk to each other openly even if it means to say something bad about each other. =] Most importantly, thank God for placing such wonderful people in my life =]

there came a time when A level results were released and my school didn't do well. When i received my result, i was really confused not knowing where to go from there. However, i'm thankful for the friends that were right beside me, supporting me all along. thanks dingneng for being right there for me, thanks mummy daddy for the advises and thanks God for people like them =] I'm really happy at the place i'm studying currently, with great companies (you know who you are =] )

i've also moved into my new home this year. Even though it is not as convenient as the previous place, i still like it a lot because it's nearer to tampines, there's a swimming pool plus gym room =] and i still have my own toilet in the room =D hahaha.

Soon enough, came July. I feel that it was the most happening (good and bad) month for the entire year. Despite the celebration of 3 big days, there was the loss of 2 family members. It was really tough and it felt like the whole world just collapsed on me over night. The strength to stand up again was not easy to find and remember the happy memories in my heart as it would lighten my burden and to make me really cherish my loved ones when they are still alive. thank you friends for being there for me. Most importantly, thank you God for giving me the peace and love, to even lighten my burden with just one touch.

I was given a chance to play in the music team for youthem as a keyboardist. It was really exciting to meet new people and come together to jam. thanks ryan, lionel, royston, john and bro qi zhi for all the help =]

Came september, i was quite busy towards the end of the month which made me to remember a person whom i can't really communicate directly with because i do not know how to speak that dialect. A loving grandma to her grandchildren, the nice food that she cooks and her warm disposition is. thank you for the memory =]

There was E348 too. It was really great having them around, people like zoe, jamie, cia, huiyun, adelin, terence, yongquan, wendy and the rest. Their never ending love and encouragement for me was really something that i treasure. What's more is that friendships that were built and those that were renewed. I really love them lots. =]

There are also other wonderful people in my life, like the six, adlin..
and yes, ding neng =] yea, dont think i want to elaborate much here. haha.

Last but not least, God for speaking to me meaningful things and inculcating the right values in my life. Thank you for being with me all the time when i do not know how to make decisions, when i am lost you found me, when i'm weak you strengthened me. For the love and peace that you have given me, i thank you.

Alright, i'm done =] have a wonderful 2009 everybody! =]

Monday, December 29, 2008

Just some pics from my hk trip. i really enjoyed myself this time round though i got sick and am still sick, i'm sure i will get well soon! thank you all for your concern, it really did matter. Did many things in hk this time round, like tasting the best tau hui that melts in your mouth; and exploring an island on our own.What's more is that on boxing day had dinner with my aunt, grandma and aunt's friends, both of us were really inspired and decided to learn something that i myself would never thought of learning. It's actually something that i've not learned before and by watching people doing it i feel really happy. Plus point is i will get a toned body or at least i hope so.

Really looking forward to my brother's wedding in march and that's the next time that i'll be going back to hong kong for the weekend. Went to the doctor today and had a slight fever, i pray that God will do his miracles-- my healer.

進退兩難-- left or right

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brrr~ These two days quite cold, early morning and night time around 12 degrees and am even falling sick =/ sore throat; flu =/ This year's hong kong trip i've bought quite a number of new items! two of which are boots and sunglasses =] Some things in hong kong are cheaper than singapore but you must know where to shop in order to get the effect of retail therapy.

Going hong kong each year means meeting up with loved ones, eating my favourite food, shopping at my favourite places and even to visit The Vine if it's the weekend. This year, i'm spending christmas in hong kong. Ever wondered why christmas is the most widely celebrated season? Why buying gifts to our loved ones to show our love for them? Jesus was born on christmas day, the Saviour of the world was born. Everybody does celebrate Christmas, be it holding parties, hanging out with friends or just to have dinner with loved ones. What about Jesus? How about thanking God for sending His Son and even to die for us on the cross? what's your real meaning of christmas? =]

I came across this watsons water bottle with a man in his 70s (maybe even 80s), running standard chartered marathon. There's a caption saying 'i run, because i want to challenge every chapter of my life'. The old man looked so satisfied raising his arm and participating. This is putting uncertainty in life, one of the six emotional needs that we need to fulfill in order to lead a happy life=]

Thanks dn for taking care of me when im sick =]
and merry christmas everyone =]

Monday, December 22, 2008


Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas party was great =] even though some things were quite last minute, like wearing the red sexy heels to shop at ntuc. haahaa XD Met cia at aljunied before heading down to joseph's.
we were in opposite colours. loL
Prepared the jellies and also got the song ready even though it was so last minute, it was a great performance. well done kc, benny and diana! =]

nian sharing her life story, it was really dramatic but she has came out of it so strongly! =] you go girl!
3rd prize for the lucky dip goes to bay!
i must say that all the 3 of them have really good voice! nelson's alumni. haha.
pretty ladies!
hahaha. this is the fake eyelash of mine. it's red! =]
n this is cia's eye=] pretty in green shimmers
with christmas tree!

e348 and friends taken at the balcony =]

5 power ladies! =]
5+3! (:
and thanks jon for helping us take this photo, he was using his foot to keep the door open and was stretchIng hImself to capture this full length shot =] haha. the beautiful contrast.
and yes, thanks jamie dear =] *launch into the deep*
on a lighter note, i can't wait to record perfect love =]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On Monday celebrated Crystal's and Florence's birthday and also gt to meet up with joycelyn after that girl has been away for a week in hong kong. this is my favourite game =]
people who went, minus joycelyn because she left early.
Monday night had a heart to heart talk and even walked from tampines central back to alma mater--tpjc via the bus 29 route. It was a long walk but a good one=] Tuesday morning received a call at 8.15am, i was quite surprised because the flight was so early. haha. but yea, i'll be flying on sunday! =] KTV with jamie and cia-ee=] 11-6pm inside the room. haha. it was great fun plus great company!

jamie got to leave early to celebrate her dad's birthday. Ended up cia and i lie on the sofa and sing. haha.
shopped a while and even tried on dresses but didn't buy any dress. I bought something that i'm attempting to put on for tomorrow. hahaha. and cia-eeee.. spent a LONG time at sasa, look at her hand. hahaha. Better get a decisive husband next time hahaha. =]
Had a great lunch with bestie today and after which, we went to play time crisis 4 plus the step step game! hahaha. We laughed so much when playing the step step game. Today sort of completed what i wanted to complete =]

As we'll be reshuffling, what is one thing that i can really take away from is relationships, be it new relationships built or renewed relationships. Friendships, the people that i can really share about anything and have heart to heart talks.I really thank God for them =] one thing i need to eliminate is indecisiveness. =]
congrats bestie for getting the job =]

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's the holiday period and the time when i get to see cowcow so much less that i actually miss her so much., so i decided to go for their ktv session even though i don't know anyone of them besides cowcow and alex. Met many new people at the ktv. the best thing was that i can get to see allison=] do enjoy ur camp dear =]thursday night out with the girls =] we had yummy sushi at ichiban boshi, took photos with the christmas lightings and chill at starbucks with HOT CHOCOLATE! =]

Friday night was standard chartered's annual dinner and dance. This year's theme is cabaret.bumped into ms kam at the mrt station after bumping into her on thursday at century square. haha. What's more is that i also bumped into dn ! =]the first thing he said was mei nu! haha. Anyway, thanks niki's daddy for the lift to suntec=]

ning and i with angie, mildred and xiu wen.
ning and i with mama and my grand daughter =]
the girls!!!! where is muffin. haha =( that's puay, ning, me, cailing, amelene and tingting (in front) =]
and how can i forget linda!(: there was once i told her my first impression of her. haha. she was my immediate person to report to.
here's thomas, with ning and me =]
cg at jo's house and we took the time to share our three greatest victories in the year 2008 and it really takes to be branded as "a man or a woman after God's own heart" by God Himself. Took the bus to jo's house with Zoe and talked about a few things and i'm thankful that i actually talk more to her this year that i've had talk for the past few years. haha. i guess that's a good thing =]

i'll be flying off next sunday, just in time to go for the candle light service=] can light candle with cia! hahaha =]Next week schedule quite packed.. i hope i can squeeze out some time to do some stuff =] party on thursday night! =]

joycelyn is back!!!!! =D