Friday, May 28, 2010

Why do people write journals?
1. People write journals because they want to remember their lives. We are all living in a fast paced society with many events occurring in just a single day, be it significant ones or minor ones. Writing a journal pens down our daily lives, the things that we've learned, the people we met and have made an impact on our lives.

2. Writing journal expresses and records our thoughts and feelings. Personally, I find that I think more and am more reflective since I've started writing journal. Each day I'll pen down the most significant moment that I have and / or the lesson that I've learned in the day. Not just to increase the value of my journal, but hopefully, these stories will be shared with my children and grandchildren in the future(:

3. Have fun and be creative! It's your own journal! We can choose to be as creative as we want. For eg, writing in different colour pens (i used to have lots of them back in secondary school); printing out photos to capture the memorable moments; have a title page for each day! Additional advantage is that we can slowly build our right brain muscles ;)

4. learn from our own experiences! As one of the famous sayings from my beloved friend's blog, 'Life is a journey, I'm the traveller'. We should treasure the journey and as we travel, there are bound to be things that we've done excellently and things that we did which had upset someone that we love. Gaining life experiences is indeed valuable.

Let's all take some time to write! (: