Tuesday, May 29, 2007

one more day to the annual Plasir de Chanson. it will mark the end of my career. i really wanted to go Pattaya with you guys but i can't. my throat hurts a little from singing every single day of the past few weeks.

this morning i reached siglap 5 minutes before 9am so i stoned a little and took photos of the CC.you see, i was bored.hah.
anyway, last week went parkway with a 7 other people, this includes the pretty girsl in the photos below(:Lunched at gelare just now. yummy waffle!(: you know what's the plus point? is that today is tuesday! waffles going at half price(: after choir, after settling all the tickets, went over to eat yong tau fu again. i say again because yesterday went there for lunch with a whole group of people, it's to sorta celebrate mr low's b'day. it was fun. surround sound and singing happy birthday out of tune to him. lol.

yawns. i shall take a short rest now. special thanks to the the 4 Js who are coming down to support me tmr night(:

Sunday, May 27, 2007

i haven't blogged for ages. i dont know what happened to the previous post's photos. this week had gp paper. it wasn't that good but nonetheless this won't stop me from working hard for my other papers. yes, it was a set back but i got to pick myself together. thanks for all those who had encouraging in one way or another(:

i shall wish jeannette, kai ying, weijie-wong, adlin, daphne happy 18th birthday!(: all of their birthdays fall on this week (21st may to 25th may, one birthday per day). haha. yups(:fi and jil(:eunice n me(:
and last but not least, i took this intentionally when 6-7 of us were playing lame games on wed afternoon(: happy belated b'day wong(:

Plaisir de Chanson in 3 days!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

picture speaks a thousand words(:
i think the next time i will update is end of next week.
tue-phy lect test
wed-college day rehearsal
thur- maths fac test
fri- chem fac test, chem spa
sat- college day
take care all(:

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

hello. it has been a while since i've last blogged.
syf is over now, i guess everyone has different reaction to the outcome. i feel that the experience of the entire thing was better than the outcome. the months of preparations, the long and draggy practices that we were complaining about.
anyway, some photos to show you guys(:

i love you tpjchoir(:

Sunday, May 06, 2007

new phone(: 6288.
it's really pretty.

syf is in 2 days!! i just want to say thanks to all those who have been there supporting the choir all the time(: and thanks for those who care for me, i really feel loved by you guys. you know who you are(: