Sunday, December 20, 2009

It has been merely two days after tri309's gruelling exam, especially with other local uni friends who are on holiday and I'm still studying for THE exam BUT.... I'M GLAD THAT IT'S ALL OVER! :D

Spent the Friday night and the entire Saturday with my favourite people :D I'm glad that I chose to travel 2 days later because I get to attend candlelight service, it's my favourite service of the year and I just cannot miss it! I still remember on Christmas day 2004, I went down the aisles with my bestie and there and then, in the 10,000 seater indoor stadium i gave my heart to Jesus. That is why Christmas has an added meaning to my life and so does candlelight service :D

Being worship week at BelieverMusic, each of us had to pick a song to play in class individually, I'm glad those times I played for cg was a preparation for me and I had not problem choosing the song that I want. I really got to thank God for showing the way to BelieverMusic that I'm able to equip the skills to be the keyboardist God wants me to be. Lots of improvement can still be done in terms of my playing but what's more is that my character must be able to sustain me.

Anyway, the next 10 days are gonna be exciting because......
1. I can see SARAH :D
2. I'll be visiting The Vine!
3. I'll be spending time with my family!
4. I'll be exploring those places that normally people won't go with DN :D

Stay tune for more updates! :D See u guys soon and have a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I actually went to watch Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video because of this lobster-claw 12-inchers that I saw in Cleo mag. hahaaha

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Already a winner in my heart, i supported her (morally) every single week ever since this season and she has made it into the finals! :DD

Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby Sarah and her great grandparents! :DBaby Sarah sleeping :D She's such a cutie baby :D
One more week!! YES!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tomorrow is the start of this tri's exam! Seriously I can't wait for the exams to be over because......

1. I want to see Sarah

haha. long story cut short, Hong Kong next week!! :D

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Baby Sarah day 2! :D I said a little prayer for her last night though i was really very tired. I can't wait to see what gifts and talents God has placed in this little girl :D I seriously can't wait to go back HK now. hahaha

Monday, December 07, 2009

Proud parents of Baby Sarah! (: Congrats to korkor and da sao :D Can't wait to see her in about 2 weeks' time! Meanwhile..... it's the exam period!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

a sweetie girl sent me this e-card!!! <3
What a great way to end the night with this and it marks the end of ALL assignments for this trimester! (:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ikea @ alexander road with the lovelies :D

we sincerely hope u like our gift for you! :D <3 you mean soooo much to the both of us :D
Ikea @ Tampines with 妹妹 and shi jie

I'm so happy to be bumming into this girl in the bus & train! :D <3
this shot was done with ning. hahaha. She wanted to take unglam shots of shi jie so that i can post them on fb.

your winnie-the-pooh polaroid! :D

happy 21st birthday gg! :D
we were caught by Robert (even though we did this during the break). we successfully did this on the 3rd attempt! :D and boy was it fun! :D
Privé: the secret place the gg brought us to! :D we totally love that place, it's so unlike the usually Singapore we would find.

yy looking cute again
gg teaching yy how to use a DSLR camera
gg bullying vv =(
vv got angry at gg..
n punched gg
vv ran away from gg n shared a cake with yy :D
hahaha. what a story i could think of :p

Anyway, here's the main part of this entry! On one fine day, 28th November 2009 (a day that i'll always remember), i got water baptised together with my water bap partner, Janet! :D It felt like my wedding day and i think Janet felt the same way too! Also, i was having lunch with mum, vann n cia, i felt as if vann n cia are my jie-meis. hahaha. Thanks mummy for driving around, sending my friends and picking them up! <3

thanks bestie for not giving up on me 5 years ago :D

i saw linette from afar! :D
"are u ready to step across the line of no return?" - DT
getting ready for water bap! :D

thanks for coming over to support Janet and I <3

"I live for you and not for me anymore" ~freedom
The entire water bap was a really memorable and very much an enjoyable one. I was really happy when my mum did not hesitate to come to support this significant moment of my life <3 During praise and worship, the presence of God was really strong, it just filled the entire 'room'! oh yea, thanks Victor for helping to take photos for us!

I enjoyed the service at expo too! We got to keep thinking, visualising, believing and speaking about our dreams! Dreams don't just happen overnight, we've got to put in hard work! success = talent + HARD WORK! I enjoyed the mini fellowship during dinner with 2 of my favourite people :D

All in all, it was well-spent :D

Last week of school starts tomorrow, with one more project to go (due coming thursday) and 4 exams to prepare for, i know i can overcome that! :D

Saturday, November 07, 2009

*sorry for the LONG delay!! :X

Hello! I'm back from my short Taiwan trip and I really enjoyed myself even though it's just a 5-day trip. Anyway, here are some of the pictures that I took (:

Here's what i saw at 10,000+ m above sea level, A MOON! I was sitting at the window seat and as I look out, I was awed by what I saw.Here's touching down at Taiwan Tao Yuan Airport, there's the sunset! It's really beautiful isn't it? Just look at the colour of the sky(:
On the first night, we went to 通化街 and 臨江街, we checked out my dad's favourite night market, we ate 小吃 all the way. Look at how my mum's happily eating the corn! The corn is really yummy!
There were so many 臭豆腐 stalls around, i have to admit that it's quite smelly but i TRIED to eat a little bit of it, taste just like tofu. hahaha. My parents ate 鴨血臭豆腐, i didn't wanna try... lol. Tried the bubble tea too (: yumyum:D
Here's a view of the night market! I know many people would wanna check out the famous ones like Xi Men Ding and Shilin, but i guess every night market is similar so doesn't really matter which one we went to.
Day 2! At 台北車站! We were gonna take the 高鐵 all the way (1.5 hours journey) to 嘉義 and headed to 阿里山.
in 高鐵
Upon arrival at 嘉義. My dad actually hired a driver to drive us up all the way to the mountain. I was feeling the motion sickness while going up the mountain because the mountain roads were steep n winding.
We stopped for lunch and tried their 便當, it's cheap and nice! Chicken drumstick, porkchop, bamboo shoot, 龍鬚菜 and something else which i don't know what is it.
The place where we had our lunch was decorated with clogs and there was even one that's THIS big! (refer to the pic below).
After lunch the driver drove us up to the mountain, checked in and we took a walk around the park! It's a lovely place, perfect weather! of course, that would mean lots of photo talking too :D

daddy was preparing to take a photo for mummy and me

a suspension bridge in the middle of a jungle!
look at the height of the trees
we managed to catch the sunset on our first night at alishan and....

the sun rise in the next morning!! :D

this is a must go place! you'll know why once u've seen the pictures =]

Apologies to all my faithful readers, i've neglected my blog for almost one month due to the busyness of assignments and tests in school.

On a side note, ding neng shared his FIRST offering message last friday and i was SOOO proud of him :DDDD Even though some times cg is at Jon's house but that's the time i get to serve, I'm really grateful to be given the opportunity to put what I've learnt into use and I wouldn't have done it without encouragement from the dearest ppl in the cg, my coach and of course God for giving me this talent.

Hope you've enjoy reading this post (: