Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nightmare is over :D
Time to sign up for tutorial! it was such a MAD rush!! hope i get the class that i want =]
arghhh.. i can't wait for this to be over.

Friday, July 24, 2009

there are two dates that i will definitely remember... it has been a year and i still miss both of you..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

thanks for celebrating my birthday even though it's advance! cheers to 5 years of friendship and counting! <3

Monday, July 20, 2009

:D a surprise delivery from the wonderful uni friends!! thank you so much--> Joycelyn, Jael, Crystal, Allison, Shereen, Boss, William, Elycia, Sam, Ryan, Samiko, Haely, Vera, Sharon, Desiree, Charmaine, Jingyi, Lingshan! <3

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My party was a blast! (: even though organising a party could be a hassle and also entertaining the guests could be a little challenging, i did enjoy myself especially to hear 40 voices singing the happy birthday song to me, the feeling was just indescribable. I've decided on Rive Gauche's Guanaja! Rive Gauche was recommended by jamie! (: heehee. Many great feedbacks about the cake and the food--Manna Pot!

Family of E441 (: What's my saturday without you guys. I'm thankful for this family!
And yes, my uni friends! I'm so touched that many of them avail themselves to come to my party even though it's in the far east!
thanks to a high majority of the guests who came in black and white!
a few words of thanks in relation to the party..
Zoe: thanks for rushing down from your tuition at the FAR west, and your encouraging words <3
: thanks for the 7 years of friendship, for bringing me to know God, and of course for the name of the party !<3
Victor: Thanks for coming over with your cool scooter and yes, i know you wana eat something =p thanks for helping out at the party!
Cia: creative helper! thanks for coming early to help out with the decorations and for your bubbly-ness that i totally love. love cam-whoring with you
Adeline: Thanks for coming over even though you got to fly the next day!! <3
Jamie: creative director! thanks for coming early to help out too! and the personalise card <3
Yong Chuen: thanks for coming over and the cute drawing in the card!
Anxian: thanks for the creatively made card!
Jon Goh: thanks for coming over!
Debbie: thanks for helping the cg to buy the gift! will definitely miss you when u're gone.. <3 Janet: creative helper! thanks for coming early to help out with the deco too! you look gorgeous in the black dress and MAKE UP!<3
Kelvin: thanks for helping out too!
Yong Quan: thanks for coming over even though you had to go off so soon, really appreciate it =]
Benedict: i'm honoured to be the first girl that you buy birthday present to. haha. thanks for coming over !

Jael: thanks for helping me out so much at the party! looking forward to the date tml! <3 Joycelyn: thanks so much my personal manicurist! thanks for bluffing me. hahaha<3
Ryan: Thanks SO SO much for bluffing me HYENA hahahaha
Samiko: Thanks for coming chimpanzee!
Shereen: KOALA! <3
Charmaine: GOLDFISH! <3
Jing Yi: thanks for coming over <3
Desiree: sister! thanks for coming even though you got to be at woodlands at 8pm<3
Sam: *makes v-sign. hahha <3
Kelvin: LAO BAN! table-tennis court joke! hahaha. thanks for coming!
Vera: enjoy your trip! thanks for coming even though you got to fly the next day! <3
Sharon: thanks for coming over! such a sweet girl <3
Crystal: CRYSTAL! heeeheee (: thanks for coming and staying late even though you live at CCK! <3
Elycia: *kiss

Ding Geng & Su An: Thanks for coming and the BEAUTIFUL gift from crabtree and evelyn (:
keesiang, andrew, chin soon: thanks for coming over and for the book that i requested for!
shu ning: thanks for coming over even though you had another party to go to. <3
michelle loo: qin ai de! hahaha. thanks for coming over on friday even though u too, had another party to attend too. <3
michelle tham: though i miss your presence but thanks for contributing to the gift! <3 ning+loo+tham: thanks for the personalised hmmm.. 'CARD'! I really love it <3

daddy + mummy: thanks for helping out at the party. Daddy for taking photographs and capturing my special moments<3
ding neng: thanks dear for helping me carry the 3.3kg, bulky cake, for running around and for being here <3

Thursday, July 16, 2009

it's tml!(:

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

successful bread pudding! (:

The day was well spent, went shopping at bugis and found out that my entire project group was at bugis as well but i didn't get to bump into them. haha. And yes, credits to this very special person for helping me out for the dinner, it wouldn't have happened if not for you! (: Table 99 and a customised menu (: Our table was slightly away from the rest so we can have our private time. ONLY our table has the white dining table cloth (: these petals set up was specially arranged as well (:

Wondering why it's pitch black at the background? the background is the forest! haha. Had a mosquito bite but that's alright, it was well spent. Not too pricey and fantastic ambience(: Will definitely go back there again some time. I'm so happy that you enjoyed your 21st and thanks for sending me back by that specific time (: <3

Sunday, July 05, 2009

first comes the breaking...