Monday, September 21, 2009

my first time singing a minus 1 track in front of a crowd! :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alright! it's time to update! I've decided not to talk about my holiday though I really enjoyed myself(: Last weekend was Anthony Robbins' 'Unleash the Power Within' Seminar! Indeed it was a life-transforming 4 days that has set the momentum for my life. I've learned more about myself, like the things that I want to do, how is my health like, what are my limiting beliefs etc. It is so powerful that I will recommend all my friends to go if they ever have the chance to do so (: A seminar that will revolutionise you mentally, psychologically, emotionally, all aspects of life.

Day 1 was two girls and two guys (: bestie vann, ding neng and bing yang.
So sad that vann couldn't stay for the firewalk because it was the highlight of the evening! Initially I was holding back, be it my actions or the loudness of my voice. In the end i let it all go, if not i will not benefit and learn all the things in the seminar! The picture below was both of us with ding neng's firewalking partner! It was after our firewalk! Look how high we all were! haha :D
the 3 firewalkers! HIP HIP HURRAY! :D Even though I suffered some burns on my feet, it's totally worth it to do something that I've not done before! Another thing that we learn is how to change the state that we are feeling just by changing 3 things-physiology, focus, language/words. For example, when we are feeling tired, instead of focusing on wanting to nap, change your focus to something else! Instead of slouching your shower, jump a bit and be awake! All this happen just within a HEARTBEAT! YES! just within a matter of seconds!
Day 2!Early in the morning at 8.30am (not exactly VERY early). haha. A day of discovery of oneself. We started the day with Simon says, and I was one of the last 30 people still in the game after about 10 rounds of Simon says. It was a privilege to stand on the stage in front of 5000 people! :D I also received a revelation when Joseph McClendon III, one of the most fit man I've ever seen live, said that if we do not own any business, our LIFE is THE business! Initially I was telling dn that I don't know what to write for 'what business do i own, how i want to improve my business', and the moment he said that I was in awe. We talked about the seasons of our life (spring, summer, autumn, winter), and which season are we in? Spring (0-21 yrs), summer (22-40 yrs), autumn (41-61 yrs), winter (62-83 yrs). I made new discoveries about myself as well! :D

Day 3! THE day of transformation, it was one of the most powerful days out of the four days. We went through this process whereby we wrote down our three limiting beliefs of ourselves and Tony Robbins took us through this process whereby we imagine how our lives will be like 5,10,20 years down the road if we held on to those beliefs, what are the consequences as a result of doing so, who have we disappointed, who has already left us because we held on to those beliefs. Imagine the people i went with are in our 20s and we could felt how painful it was, what about those we are in their 40s and above? Of course after the whole process, we replace our limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs and anchoring the new beliefs in our soul! It was also the night of partying! We danced on our chairs and 'sprinkle' water at other people! hahaha. The photos were all taken after dancing! :D

On day 3 we learnt about how to build rapport with others too! There was this activity whereby person A (do an action and freeze), person B (imitate person A), person C (adjust person B to be like person A), and so, I glanced to the other side and saw this scene! bing yang and ding neng look like mannequins! HAHA!

Day 4 was learning about our health- the most basic of all and it's important! hahaha. I discovered so many things about the poisons to our body and even the simplest thing as why do we need to keep ourselves hydrated. On the last day there was also a magical moment, so magical that it felt surreal. I will never forget that magical moment :D
The freaking rock people! Let's live a life that's outstanding!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

today marks the end of my holiday and the start of year 3. Time really passes by very quickly, it has been a year since I'm enrolled into PSB. I want to blog about my holiday! I'll do that soon =] heehee. Some moments caused my heart to almost jumped out, some moments were joy. One of the best holidays ever! =]