Friday, March 27, 2009

After having such a BUSY week of 2 assignments deadline and a challenging test, all the 9 deadlines are officially strike-off! (: YAY! I will relax a little this weekend and after that will start studying for exam (: I really can't wait for the KTV after exam! and yes, some exciting thing is going on in school

Here are the pics for the past weeks(: on an uneventful monday, a lady came to school with a pink & frilly umbrella! be happy that i didn't post this to facebook. haha (:She was so paiseh about having to hold a pink umbrella and decided to pass to me when she bump into me just outside the MALE & FEMALE toilet and claimed that the umbrella is mine. mummy's bear showcase (:

After coming back from hong kong and 4 days of school, some of my mum's lovely bears were on display in a glass panel together with few other bear artistes. What's more was that my mum was the teddy doctor mending stuffed toys, just like how a plastic surgeon would do for a person. I knew that mum wanted me to go down so i've already planned a day to go down to support her even before she asked me to do so. thanks dn for coming too (:

teddy doctor at work (:

max brenner @ esplanade

wooo (: i really would love to try their souffle the next time round !

hee. thanks for sending me home (:
beef noodles
i didn't post THAT photo jamie (:
pretty zoe and cia-ee (:
jamie dear(:
cia-ee n val-ee (:
On monday i was walking around tiong bahru plaza with sista, and we decided to buy the same shirt so we can wear it on marketing day (tuesday) and test what roger will say. lol. as expected, roger gave his comments.
debbie's 21st (welcome to the moulin rouge!)

hot and sexy debbie!(:

sweet (:

after-test-&-assignments-outing @ timbre (:

cow with HORNS. haha

the 2 lovelies (:

yes, i know my face was red, haha. cellgroup later at jamie's and i'll be bringing my guitar for nian (: hope she'll be able to get used to it within 30 minutes! jiayou girl(: and of course... the highlight of the night (:

watch your back

Monday, March 23, 2009

to have the spirit of excellence =]

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The long awaited post is here!(: It was sort of a weekend getaway from all the stress in school. It was really heartwarming to see one of the closest member of my family settle down...

the card that i made =]business class!(: totally a different experience
that's the paperweight cum salt and pepper containers.
arrival at hk! we chilled at mix for drinks and the free wifi available.

at night was the hair combing ceremony of my brother..
cousin and me
self-timed shot of everyone who was present at the hair combing ceremony
daddy n me =]
'the flower for the bridegroom's sister' =]
korkor and zyan-- his best man. noticed the cow that zyan was holding, at the horn of the cow is the ring =]
muacks =]

family photo =]
with grandparents
with dad n mum.
my aunt and me, i was telling her that i find myself looking a lot like her in some photos. and she said, of course, both are pretty ladies. haha =]
cousin(: reason for holding a puppet cow and monkey is that the cow has been with my brother since he was very young and so did the monkey, has been with theodora since she was very young =]

something unconventional=]

dn, me and my grandparents =]
tea ceremony!

hahaha. i look SUPER happy

<3=] style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 300px; height: 400px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5315325364618938754" border="0">
=] <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 400px; height: 291px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5315324219141268274" border="0">one of the powerpoint slides, haha. that's my brother and me when i was very young =] see the cow that he's holding? =]

after dinner we went back to my aunt's place and took photos =]
handsome =]

one of the hamsters =]
the next day, my cousin drove us to the airport, it was a 45 minutes drive. thanks =]i can't wait for my bro n sis-in-law to come by singapore in april!(: It's really a different feeling to see someone so close finding the true love and getting married. i'm really happy for the both of them and may God bless them =]

Anyway, on a slight note, access test s over! Right now, i'm left with 3 more deadlines ( all due next week ) =/ but yea, thank you all for keeping me in prayers and encouraging me =]

and yes, pastor is back this week!(: i wonder what he's gg to talk about later =]