Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time check, 12.56am Sunday morning, it's tomorrow!

we sang 'above all else' for service and despite the financial crisis, the stress, despite my exam, despite how tired i'm, no matter how quiet it is, when we call upon the name of Jesus, He's there. His love is the greatest love i've ever had, it's the love that never fails and the love that is unending. It's not just a theory but yes, i did experience it before.

i thank you that i have Jesus to turn to in every situation i'm in, with the current situation of exam. When we are down, discouraged, depressed, anxious, worried (all the -ve feelings), go to church! The bubble of love and generosity, faith and the presence of God, take away all the anxiety, worries; put in courage and love in us so that we will be lifted. Experience again.

i pray that i will not forget the experiences i have with God because some things we just need to learn through experience.

time check, 1.05am.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

went over to sitex for a walk just now. it's SUPER crowded, we were practically squeezing our way through. haahaa. worse than orchard road. Despite all that, i bought a new cover for my iphone! =D it's GORGEOUS! haahaa. love it =]
and.. what's more is that....will be going to JJ's concert! YAY! =D
haahaa. i sound as if exam is over.. alright, till then =]
wisdom like Daniel

Thursday, November 27, 2008

i just realised that this is my 500th post! haahaa. wow.
just a short entry to say that...
i want to go for JJ's concert! AHHHH~
i can't wait for exams to be over.
i've been waking up early to go out to study, quite effective i think =]
back to imperfect comp.

Monday, November 24, 2008

PICTURES! had a great time with joycelyn at timbre(: great company =]and thanks for taking care of me. haahaa

hmm. have you wonder why she was SO happy?? haahaa

finale session of asia conference =]

pst kong and liu geng hong
JJ! =D

with jason and the iserve tee, yes i know u've worked hard. haahaa
changing the life of the person, and that person will change the place and transformation is brought forth.. wow..let the compassion and love of Christ increase in us as we meet the needs of others.

i wonder how's hong xiu now..
and cia-ee!!! happy that you found your answer(:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Last week had 2 portions of sakae buffet =/ haa..but it was wonderful meal, i guess i can treat it as a treat in preparation of exams?

tigger found his way to the paper bag. haahaa
jamie with tigger! and that was the night when my tigger got kidnapped. haa XD

fellowshipped at lai lai =]

met up with my darling panda on sunday, where she studied for her last paper and i studied irhr. it has been around 3 months since i last saw her and of course, it's always great to meet up with an old friend, what's more she one of my fellow animal friend =]

tigger! took this pic because qin lei said my laptop bag is the same colour coding as tigger, so.. haahaa, that explains why.and discovered something nice to eat opposite school, a plate of chicken noodles costs $2.50 but not very filling.
being the last week of trisem 1, on wed during econs lecture (because leo gave us a lot of breaks), cowcow and me did something crazy..
hooves vs flippers!we had a hard time trying to hold our laughter. thursday also marked the last day of school plus report due date, 1.5 months of chionging assignments and tests and reports are done with. i was really happy putting the entire report into the folder, that sense of achievement just by looking at the report and think back all the hard work put into it. that explains why i didn't blog much for the last week. Just a special thanks to my dearest girls who made it all possible, jael, joycelyn, jing yi and ling shan =] it was great working with you girls =]
wed was also a special day, haa. met mum at crystal jade for dinner too =]
dn and me
after hearing jamie's and zoe's recommendation of the newest starbucks coffee, i've decided to try it! and yes, it tasted funny but nice. haa =] *yummy. the best thing was i used my starbucks voucher =]
collected contacts today, and it's my 3rd time to parkway in 3 consecutive days. haahaa. thursday night had a great day with ding neng, ding geng and su an =] 4 of us are from 4 different batches from tpjc, dn and dg from haising, su an and me from sac. haahaa. how coincidental can it be?anyway, it was my first night at asia conference. wow, what can i say. haahaa. except for the fact that we didn't manage to get into the main hall, it was great =] food was delicious, great company and fun while queueing. i'm touched how God has used Sun to impact the lives of the children in China. dn was just sharing with me how people regret choosing the wrong course and even to the extent of cheating in exam because there isn't a point in studying. what about the kids in China? they are all very grateful because they have a place to study, they have a place to have an education. I believe that with the love they've received, they will do well =]

I went for the songwriting elective on thursday after school.At first i thought i was going to go alone but i bump into royston so went together with him. It was a great experience listening to pst jeff crabtree and chc's own kc gan! KC gan is quite a humorous guy, haahaa. and pst jeff is just wow, it's interesting the way he taught us =] i've started writing my next song,the lyrics only though. it talks about the perfect love of God, will post the lyrics soon =]

alright, i just had my first yawn. haahaa. time now is 2.28am. gd nite! =]