Thursday, August 24, 2006

HELLO!haha. i haven't update for more than a week. im finally through my gp presentation. -shrugs. promos coming!! what about integration. what about PHYSICS?!? and that horrible lecture test. organic chem?!? maths test that's coming. econs ESSAY and CASE STUDY?!? ahhh. time management girl. time management. for the past 3 nights, not including last night, i slept on an average of 5 hours a night due to PROJECTS! i was so tired that i dozed off in front of the computer while thinking what to type for my report.

i've just read panda's blog. i miss you all so much. and there's lesson on teachers' day celebration. i even wanted to go back sac with them. nvm..i'll think of a way(: on sunday i called weiqin and we just talk n talk n talk. hah. and where's char?!? haven't seen her for months. and wingyi!! my darling girlfriend. *hearts to everyone.

This year is coming to an end. was is fruitful? what did i gain from it?

dinner time. take care all.
all the best to those taking prelims ya?(:

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i was almost late for school!! luckily the auntie at the gate opened for me to enter and i ran up the slope. when i've reached the top of the steps the councillor said makdap. phew. i made it. was a long day, but thursday will be even a longer one. There's compre test from 4.30pm to 6pm, and after which, the girls will need to run 2.4. all the s12 girls except jiayi. boo. i shan't elaborate on the reason in case he stumble upon my blog. hah. XD

Oishii for first break and weijie carried all our bags. lol. of course we claim our bags in the end(:

let me emphasis this: i dont like the HUGE standing fans in lt 1. rawr.
But luckily, when we went there for gp lecture in the afternoon, the aircon was working. we-ning, min, far, duc and i sat at the top of the mountain and i found this on far's table! haha. spongebob! hmmm. where's jehanne?hah(: she adores spongebob.

chem spa trial was alright.(: chem spa is next tuesday! one test down and *counts six more coming. ( maths lecture test, compre test, econs assessment, phy lect test, chem spa, maths test) and GP presentation is next week on tuesday as well. and yar!! it refuses to ignite when i used the tea light wax, so i had to use the bunsen burner instead. chao da nut. lol.

arrived home quite early and mum went " eh? how come today so early?" lol(: it's a good sign. i even stepped out of my comfort zone and RAN. hah.umm. more like an evening jog that's about 2km.i looked this flush after running. hah. it was good exercise.

Alrights. time for introduction of written report!(:

Sunday, August 13, 2006

a black ferrari!i caught it when i was walking home from the bus stop.pretty car(:

this morning's make up cell was great(:we talked about the love of God.and today's sermon is about the role of a man in marriage.i suddenly miss everybody when i went to church this morning cuz i didn't see them the whole of last week!! oh yar. i told ade and vicks about what i had last night that made me feel so joyful, so full of the love of God.((: ade asked when am i going to move on in this area?hah. oh!oh! THANK YOU VICTOR!! and thanks for the postcard bro.(:

my first love,
forever You will be
my first breath,
You're the life in me
my first joy,
the world can never take from me
my covenant with You,

the song is called first, i can only remember the chorus for now, it's a beautiful song.(:
i will continue with those six lines soon when i get inspiration. i can clearly remembered what happened.
-reading zoe's blog.
-tears came.
-off monitor and spoke to God
-a song of love just came and flow through me.
-the feeling of joy and love.
WOAH. Never have i experienced something like that before!!

4 tests coming up. chem spa trial,maths lecture test,compre,econs assessment.(tue, wed, thur, sat)
rely on God's strength!(:
this song just came..

Jesus, i call upon Your name
everytime you never failed to guide me.
and when i fall,
You are always here,
i can count on You
You're always with me.

one verse. ask me to sing for you if you want(: zoe's blog actually brought me to tears and as i started speaking tongues, i could just feel that a song is flowing through me and hence this verse.(:

Saturday, August 12, 2006

ahhh.mummy woke me up at 6.30am for school but i told her that i've set my alarm clock at 6.45am, so that gave me another 15minutes!(: school was so deserted when i reached. i was earlier than mr kuah. hah. thanks mr kuah for being so understanding, and note this:
i've completed measurements for phy tys for my remedial!!
it was supposed to be done about 2 weeks ago.whopeedoo!(:moreover, i've got my maths tutorial done!((: then studied a bit of physics. that is enough to take me 5 hours my afternoon.this morning waited for ning to reach school, luckily had jin yew's company. lol. ah wong was dozing off, he didn't sleep last night, that's why.-shakes head. anyway..lessons ended at 11.30am after farhan's and moose's SIEAS presentation with daniel mia-ing. Chicken rice-d then slack for a while and studied until 7.15pm. homed at 10pm. oh yar! took photo with ning in the toilet! haha
taken after ms loh went through both BE insights. And the BE insights practice 2, i got the economics concept CORRECT!! hah. and that's on EXTERNALITY!YAY(: hah. and yup. the toilet pics. hah.
the toilet girls(:
the toilet girls again!hah(:
aww. those kids. their innocence never fail to put a smile on my face. even though they were screaming and shouting in the room, playing musical chair,but i did not feel a tinge of irritation. i even waited to ask the buddy host to give me the slice of ICE-CREAM cake!haha. kids(: so cute!!(:

listening to dixon dj-ing. hah. i just dedicated a song to my dearest tpjc choir(: and so did henry and hazel! hah.(: hazel stopped idolising!haha.(:

OH YAR!!. at 9.45pm just now i received an unexpected message from ADLIN!!
awww. ADLIN!! im really really looking forward for you to come back in december. miss you many many.and thanks for everything too girl. and when you come back, we have to go out okay?!(: i miss pinching your fats. hah.XD*loveS

foyer.445.mama shop.201.445.
12th august.happy birthday to my cousin joey!(: musical panorama was alright(: and jil!! i had fun walking around with you before the concert. thanks for the company. =D one test down! 4 coming in the next week. spa trial, maths test, compre, econs assessment. rawr. it's madness. Anyway i saw hong sheng during intermission just now and just waved. oh wells. -shrugs. and yar.. thanks girls for ps-ing me today.=/ but never mind, i had weijie-tan and jin yew. hah.(:

promos coming. jiayou!(:
ahh.phy remedial and econs tomorrow! and i have yet to do my physics tys=/
mp[n(com)]. vch. raffles. tanah merah

Thursday, August 10, 2006

PHOTOS!!look at the candle-lit pizza! we had it in B206. ((: it was on my birthday. thanks guys(:
a few of us on 8th august.
ning and i. i was trying to take the 4 guys-tan and wong weijie, duc and jin yew. but failed.heh.
the girls after the singing session in the hall(: and if i'm not wrong, that's farhan at the back?!hah.
many many tests coming!! i think im picking up my momentum already.i managed to study physics on work energy power and did covered the solution to the examples to do. all this done in 2.25 hours. hmmmm. the j2s are having their prelims soon..all the best ya?(:

201.physics. maths. sundae

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

i will upload the celebration photos soon!(: today studied six hours.macs was so quiet, moreover we were not the only ones studying there. There was even a moment that i feel as though i was in the library! haha. it was that quiet. many tests coming!!
110806: chemical energetics 1 and 2 test
150806: chemistry spa trial skills c and d
160806: maths lecture test on trigonometry (which we have not even learnt)
170806: compre test (after school)
190806: econs assessment (BE insights and essay)
220806: chemistry spa skills c and d. phy lecture test (dynamics, work energy and power, motion in a circle and gravitational force)
250806: maths test on induction and sequences and series @ 3.30pm <- note the time!!we end school at 12.10pm.

promos coming! on a lighter note, concert this friday!(: off to the toilet!haha.

hearts to all(:

Monday, August 07, 2006

hello! woah. today was such a long day, lessons from 7.40am all the way to 5.30pm. with 2 breaks at 9.40 to 10.10 and 12.50 to 1.30pm. i had my napfa too. hah. i dont really care about napfa, that's why. (: OH! i'm going to show you guys some photos, im crossing my fingers that weijie wont come n see it. hah XD
weijie just pointing to space. hah.
attempting to click his hair-take 1
attempting to click his hair-take 2.
haha. it was taken during chem tutorial which was after pe.

anyway, thanks andrew for the present(: and yups!
interchange, cheesecake, bubbletea, bus

Sunday, August 06, 2006

WINGYI!! on friday i was caught by her at 201. LOL.i miss her so much. missed talking to her in cantonese where everyone else around us don't understand, especially back in 4/8. haha.missed singing twins songs with you. missed holding your hand and walk.((: WIGGY!!(: *hugs(: im glad that you are feeling better now. and YOU ARE SO PRETTY LAR. (: boyfriend misses you(:

napfa tomorrow!! 07 aug.
hello! let me show you the state of one of the keyboards in J202.
just look at that. -shakes head.
okays! off to econs now!(:


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the pastamania surprise!(:
trying the top that is given by my dearest E348(:
card, pumps, belt and foreverfriends from jillian, kee siang, henry, amie, zhi yi, olivia kam, juliana and joanne!(:

Just some photos from monday(:
and yups.. thanks for treating me tb+ mpncnonm (: LOL *loveS
5hours today!(:clocking in more!