Sunday, May 25, 2008

It has been a happening week!((: celebrating puay's birthday, going out with friends and just dwelling in God's presence.

puay puay and me wearing the same shirt (: Alex gave ning and i this panda bread from breadtalk.
puay puay's birthday celebration (:

MVPS (: <3
our first present for her (:our unglam faces. haha. puay puay burst out laughing when she saw the photos. haha
The birthday cake from swensen!(: dry ice effect again. However, this time round, both the Kelvins injured themselves...
puay puay's making a wish!
yan qing and puay puay(:
puay puay with her present(:
ting ting and me (:
This is our last shot before yan qing went to meet her friends while we headed down to glass house(:
ning's recommendation-sharkie freeze! yummy((:
my platter for two with ning(:
time to celebrate!(: there were a lot of other people's birthday as well, there was the live band and daniel dedicated a song just for puay puay(:
the people who went to celebrate(:
puay puay and emily(:
we surprised her at Istana Park!(:
Looking happy(:

woohoo!! piggy back!(:

Headed for mango ice after the celebration (:

Saturday went to work in the morning then cg at gabriel's house. His house is really HUGE! The floor area is o.O BIG. haha. bro darren came((: took bro darren's car and he said that im super quiet. haha. It's because i was feeling hungry. haha. Pre-service prayer meeting followed by service and fellowship!(:The porridge at Maxwell was i think one of the best porridge i've eaten(: It's very affordable and filling and delicious!(: After that we headed to Indochine to chill out and to play 'polar bear'-the game that i'm addicted to currently. haha. While walking there, saw this taxi floating on Singapore River. haha. It's due to the Arts festival performances that the taxi is on the water.
Some pics before cg started(: v1, v2 and v3!(:
bestie and me(:

The drink that Alice and I ordered. haha. Mine doesn't really taste that nice though.
Had a LONG rest that night. hahaha.

The girls asked me out on Sunday so there I was. (:
bestie and me at zara(:

4 of us (:

The pair of slippers is really comfortable but looks very aunty. haha.
bestie and me(:
Got to make 3 new friends too. It's majority choir people outing with the exception of Victor and me who are not from choir. haha. Anyway, they went for movie at Bugis and I headed home(:

It was a hectic day at work today. I can say it's like almost didn't breathe at all every since i step into office but yet, it's a fulfilling day(: BS will jamie tmr(: my back is aching so gd night.

Friday, May 16, 2008

WOOHOO!! (: out with bestie last night was beyond great! I gave her a super belated present which has been lying in my room for a month and she loves it. haha. it's nothing much but a card of our pictures (or rather a board) and a message. I even brought her eyebrow trimming at sasa! And it's just such an coincidence that Julia is still working and she could attend to us(: The waiting time was used to go toilet (the hotel's toilet!!) and of course, cam-whoring. hahaha. What do i have my camera in my bag for? Actually there is an unglam pic but i think it's better not to post it up here. haha. the full length mirror!
eee. i dont like to stand on this side. haha.
vann with the board(:
and the message!(:
I got bored of the usual shots and decided to take some spastic ones.

i look like i have a hand growing out from my shoulder. hahaha. she wanted to like bend someways. haha. i don't quite understand. LOL
spastic face again. lol

acting emo.
one is acting CUTE! haha. while the other...acting emo.
whee((: pretty bestie(:

okay. look at the eyebrows before....a few more pics will have the after-eyebrow-trimming-effect!

this is the after! not much difference on my cuz i merely asked to pluck out some stray hairs that has grown out but look at vann!! pretty =D
All in all, i had a great day out with her(: She was so patient waiting for me to eat. haha. SOUP SPOON!! haha. yes, soup spoon again even though i've been there on tues with jamie. you see, i can't eat properly, so i requested for soup spoon and thanks for agreeing to it (:

Back at work on a TGIF day, it's Jerlyn's last day. A pretty petite girl (: Even though she works from 10-2pm, she has been with the company for a very long time! We got her a bouquet of bears and a card(: She brought us some jelly and got us coasters! I took the one with a penguin on it((: haha.
my first pic with her. (:
of course, a group photo is a must (:
It's almost 11pm! Penguin needs to go to the reservoir soon (: