Monday, July 31, 2006

HELLO!! just want to say thanks to everyone(:
the pastamania surprise!
ding neng, jillian, kee siang, andrew, henry, chin soon, seng keat, joanne, zhiyi, juliana, hong kuang, prem
and not forgetting my WONDERFUL 06s12!!(:
farihin, shu ning, simin, duc, weijie-s ,jin yew, qing lin, jian kai, wilson, phyllis, jiayi, yuping, kai ying, rachel, farhan...
last but not least..
guohui,luke, germaine tan, sher, debbie, zhi wei, adeline, serent, denise, chee kian, damian, hui jun, ADLIN, huiling, felicia, siewcheng, jason, kaiyun, sharon, diyanah, joanna, jialin,hazel, wingyi, janey, shiyun, shu yun, chelsea, terry, aiping, linette.

18th birthday wouldn't be so memorable if not for you guys.*loveS

Sunday, July 23, 2006


tpjc choristers!(:

aiping and me(:

WOOHOO!haha. it's self-shot. we had fun jumping and going crazy under the bridge. lol(:

pretty us(:

jo and jil.



luan,jo,jil,me!(: *loveS


more photos on-> click

Saturday, July 22, 2006

hello! choral fest 06 is over.*hugs to many(:
i'll upload the photos soon yar?take care everyone(:
right now there are many things that i need to take care of, mainly is studies and choir.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

ccab's toilet(: the sops!it just seems like 2 years ago when i was there.but this time is with different people(: *loveS
it's mid-July and there is about 3 more months to promos. i'm determined.(:

today's speaker was rev. dr. che ahn. God's power moved so strongly that i started tearing unknowingly.There were many many testimonies too! Praise God(:
Choral fest is the coming thursday, jiayou everyone!(: But this means that i will have to miss about 4 days of lessons. rawr ): and this special message goes out to debbie: yo debbie. get well soon okay(: i miss not seeing you today! *loveS(:
taka taka taka taka(:
i will stay here and praise You forever(:

Sunday, July 09, 2006

hmm. i've got nothing much to say now so i guess i'll just post the lyrics of this song.

My Healer
Love stronger than the fears before me
Hung on the cross and set me free
Mercy endures through all my fraility
Blood that was shed for me to live

Rain down Your power
Saviour I need You near

My Jesus, I call Your name
You're broken for all my pain
My healer, You've touched my world
By Your stripes, I'm whole again
And I place all my trust in You
And I place all my hope in You

River of Life that runs in heaven
Flow from Your thron into this place
Healing will flow through all the nations
And all will know Your saving grace

Lord, let Your anointing come and heal me. I place all my hurts and pains into Your hands oh God. In Jesus' name i pray. amen

Friday, July 07, 2006

hello! i didn't manage to update the past few days. farewell to the year 2s, choir will be different without you guys but do remember to come back and visit us soon!(: All the best.

Here are some of the panorama photos!(:
small pupils and me(:the one who came up with the zing-ah-zing-ah-zoo game. haha.(:
louis, me, jil(:
me and max.and before i forget, upon MAX's request, i will post this following photo too(:
me, guan cheng, max, jil(:
sop1s! (:
zhiyi and me.(:
me and amie.(:
aiping and me!(:haha. sc and asc.
george and me.

whopeedoo! finally sat down and had a chat with sheryl and yixuan during break today.And with pearlyn, ping, peijin before our oral yesterday.4/8 i miss you. (:

*HEARTS to everyone.

and lastly, happy birthday to hui jun and ding neng!(:

Sunday, July 02, 2006

reflection: me and wei. chairs:cheng and didi. *loveS
venus: whitesands
purpose: catching up
people: 5/6 of the six(:
next: 150706 @ ps

my smile is back!(:

Take all of me
You call us to follow
And we place all we have into Your hands
Your all that we desire

You show us Your kingdom
Built into our hearts forevermore
Jesus our lives belong to You

Take all of me
I give You my all for all of You
Move in Your power
Open the heavens Lord today
Take all of me
Make us Your light for all to see
Change this world we live in
Let Your harvest in
Let Your harvest in

Take all of me for all of You
All consuming fire
Take all of me for all of You
Your my heart's desire

never have i felt so much joy for the past weeks. never have been so looking forward for service. never have been happier to step into the House of God to praise and worship Him(: And to sing this song once again, to exchange my all for all of Him.thank You for taking away my emotional burden, the one which has caused me to become bitter. the one which i have to hide and put it away. thank You for taking it away, so that i can praise and worship You with all my heart and soul once again. i love You my Lord, You are all that i need(:

Saturday, July 01, 2006

i like this photo(: (jo,jil,me,henry)

I rise with You in the wake of the morning
I walk with You in the cool of the night
And every single day
I'm devoted to Your ways
Only Yours
Only Yours

And I surrender all to You
And I surrender all to You

When I'm weak You are strong
You're my feet when I can't move on
You're the light in the dark
You're the whisper inside my heart

I'm all for You
I'm all for You

Lord my Lord, i know You are here with me, i konw You are always here. i may be too weak to even walk on my own now. i really am depending on You each day for at times like this, You will carry me. This is when i will only see a set of footprints in the sand. Lord i surrender everything to You. i am lifting everything up to You for i no longer know how to carry on.i know You have a greater purpose for me in my life to achieve and Lord, You have given me great potential. Lord, i know i have neglected You but i really want to go back to Your side. You are my first love and Your love is the greatest among all the others. Lord, i really really want to go back to how i have loved You with a pure heart, and with all my heart.Thank You for all Your blessings. i lift this pray to You in Jesus' name. Amen.