Thursday, December 21, 2006

hello!i haven't blogged here for a week. haha. im still not back yet, but i really really want to go back soon. next fri will be helping my mum to play the piano accompaniment because her friend asked her to be a demo for her friend's vocal lecture.(:

lord i just want to thank you for this chance for me to shine for you. i thank you for creating this opportunity for me and i know that whatever you do, there will be a purpose for me. and i believe that i will be able to shine and to glorify you my lord(:

the piece is called Mignon's Song- Lied Der Mignon composed by Schubert. the lyrics go..
None but the heart forlorn
such sorrow knoweth,
knoweth the burden borne,
none other shareth.

Alone by anguish torn,
with hopes that wither,
i fear each day,
and fear each wind that bloweth.

Gone, he who held me dear,
Gonenone knows whither!

A burning pain has
worn my life and blighted
the spring in me,
the morn of youth benighted.

none but a heart forlorn
such sorrow knoweth,
knoweth the burden borne,
none other shareth.

beautiful lyrics(: talking about lyrics, i still have yet to finalised the lyrics with roy for untitled.oh man. hah>.< anyway, christmas is round the corner!(: shop for your presents! lol(:

Friday, December 15, 2006

hey guys(: last night i was really really tired due to the rehearsal and we ended up standing for a long time.everyone was tired i guess. we took lots of photos! with westlife poster, fei yu qing poster. LOL. i like the photo that i took w olivia, louis and zhiyi(: i'll post it here soon, most probably after i'm back. ning's off to bintan, i'm looking forward to see her EVEN TAN! lol. this holiday was packed with choir pracs. -shakes head.

tonight is thenight. all the best everyone. sadly, there'll be no transport back to school. hah.oh well.
lunch at 445 later!(: YUPPIES. alrights. i gtg now, need to continue packing my bag. i may blog when i'm over there, so stay tune!(:

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

yesterday finally got to go out, i'm not saying that i didn't go out but this holiday is really packed with lots of practices that i hardly got to watch a movie. and i did yesterday.the story line is quite nice, but the ending was not that good. anyway, had pasta mania and noodle omelette for lunch and dinner respectively.

oh ya, i went to see the doctor yesterday at east wood.i think this photo is quite nice(: but before i forget, before i got out of my house, i saw this BIG thing in the kitchen's sink..YUCKS!i wanted to wash my cup but when i saw it, i gasped and took a few steps back. hah. it's SO HUGE. my gosh>.<

monday went to school for sectionals and both of us went off to tamp and then tanjong pagar. it was topshop day! lol.that's me and jil at temasek tower, waiting for ks to knock off. lol. i had fun that night. the oyako don was yummy. but both of us took off all the skin of the chicken. it's quite gross.>.<

There's sco tonight, thursday and friday. and then after which, i'll be flying off to hong kong until the 30th. I won't be here for christmas=( and i won't be here on the 19th.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

oh my gosh! ADLIN IS BACK!!!:D
im back from malacca!(: we didn't sing that well though, but let's work hard together okay?(: tpjchoir can rise to the occasion! below are just some photos that i took.(:
the view from my apartment window. it's called water city resort. hah.

choir photo after the first night. can you spot mrs koh and mr tan?!(:

ding n ks in their apartment.i took it!(:

woohoo! a surprise gift from bowen after their performance on the 3rd night!(: i really didn't expect this, thanks! i think they are wonderful kids.(: at ma-kol-ta on thursday morning, i was with ks n ding, and we were walking around, looking for things to buy, and we saw 4 bowen ppl. this girl saw me, and she was whispering to 3 of her other friends "eh eh!!valerie valerie!" the thing is that her whisper was loud enough for me to hear. lol.(:

and finally, the last pic of today, is my wonderful partner, AI PING! i just want to say thanks for working together with me to make things possible(: and let's continue to cooperate with each other, and also to use the things that we've both learnt at the workshop to improve on the choir ya?!(: iron woman loves you(:

so yups! that's about it i guess. ai ping and i had talked to nelson on what to focus on in choir after he had heard us on wed night. so jiayou everyone!don't give up ya. by the way, the syf set piece is out! i think it'll be distributed to you guys soon.sco prac to night, 7-10pm at SCH, for sops, sectionals at 2.30pm to finish up with fei tian. see ya!(:

Sunday, December 03, 2006

alright guys, im off to malacca tmr until thursday. seeya!(:

Lord, i love You.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

now is 12am! happy birthday mummy((:
oh yar. i shall post a photo of my outing last friday night at bugis!(:whee. love them to bits(: we look so pretty in the photo. lalala(:

this is another one that i took(:look at the SUPER cute big-head daisy behind!!haha. and in the photo, are victor, charles, yuling and vann.

the past 2 days i went to bowen and was half an hour early for both days. haha.kelun was kinda surprised that i was so early. anyway, they improved quite a bit during yesterday's practice, compared to thursday's. and thanks kelun for sending me to tamp and back to sch!(: seriously, i was expecting myself to take bus but no, i got a lift!(: thx. this week, many many blessings came.Lord, i thank You(:

malacca trip in 2 gonna room with eunice and olivia. because my room mate, oh well, long story(:
yupyup. get well soon jilly, everybody misses you. especially your lovely sops!(: especially me.haha.kidding(: by the time we come back from malacca, you must we well okay(:lovelove(:

overnight not me (:

choir in the morning, 9.45am at cc. dont be late!(: cya.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

You are/ You are Lord

You are my light and salvation
Whom shall I fear
You are the strength of all my days
Whom shall i be afraid
The war may rise against me
Of this i will be sure

I will bless the Lord forever
I bless Your holy name
Yes I will bless the Lord forever
I bless Your holy name

Lord it is You I desire
Is You that I seek
To live with You in Your house forever
Beholding Your beauty
And in the time of trouble
Of this I will be sure

You ask me who do I
Say that You are and I
Say that You are the Christ
Son of the living God

i learnt this song on friday night, played it on saturday afternoon. now, it's my favourite song(:

Saturday, November 25, 2006

i haven't been updating for a few days.well, testimonies and more testimonies to share! i thank God for blessing my family(: and today my mum blessed me with the topshop silver top that i wanted and birkenstock!(: whee(:

cgm today was great too! it was the first time playing worship in cg, but i just felt that the flow was there and the anointing.even though there were quite a few times that i didn't know what to do, i guess it went on well!(:

my Lord, i thank You for Your wonderful blessings. God, i also wanna thank You for taking away my nervousness today, and replace it with the flow, the anointing. worship was really great! i cannot live one day without You my Lord, You are always with me wherever i go(: i love You and i praise You, in Jesus' name. amen

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

this is to ADELINE
whee!(: we had a banging last lesson today didn't we?(: hope you like the jacket and it can keep you warm right? can call me shy woman for all you want, i still love you all the same!(:all the best for your last paper tmr okay(: and get well soon.Our Lord God will be always with You(:

Sunday, November 19, 2006

now is the building fund period, i just want to say..
before i gave my pledge for this month, my mum has already been blessed financially through my giving. What she earned in the past 2 days, including today, is about 4 times already more than what i'm going to give!!(:
and i really really hope that that thing that someone told me on friday will be true and it will happen.
Lord, i thank You for Your faithfulness(:

okay! duck rice now!hah(:voice class tmr. last bs with ade on tues plus choir prac. comm mtg on thur plus go out, choir prac on fri, cgm and sco prac on sat. whoo.busy week. time to slot in time to do homework!(:

Thursday, November 16, 2006

physics workshop this morning. the first part of it was a little bit boring but the submarine part was quite interesting. and i gave my submarine away(: lunch with shu ning, zhi wei, luke, jin yew and weijie-tan at Tmart. we managed to find a 6-seater table in a short time. so shu ning, zhi wei and i went to the ban mian store to buy our food, while waiting for food, i went so weak. i felt as though i was going to faint anytime. the auntie at the store said i looked very pale. what i see was blurry images and white flashes, i didn't have strength to walk back to the table, so i had to hold ning's shoulder and walk. i tink i was only semi-conscious. it was a scary experience. but thanks for you guys. you know who you are(:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WHEE!(: i really enjoyed myself today at parkway and tamp mac with you girls today(: when i'm with you guys, i'm really myself and there's ALWAYS so much to talk about(:

diyanah.weiqin.siewcheng(: love you guys(:

Thursday, November 09, 2006

hmmm. before the day ends, i would like to wish yukai a very happy birthday.
not forgetting, the wonderful jiayi!!, whose birthday is on the 10th(:

WHOPEEDOO!!(: no more pw from 9th november at 3.30pm in E212(: YAY. the answer to the question that i was asked can sort of refer to the gpp. i hope can get at least a band 2? anyway, shopping with MUMMY tomorrow! YAY(: i finally can get to date her after such a long long time(:

haha. the BIG name tag that i have for pw.big and ugly ones. lol.even though i said that it's ugly, i'm still keeping it in memory of my op today(: here goes!LOL

alrights(: good night everyone(:
yummy yoshi and haggen-daz ice-cream(:

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i guess it's final now, perhaps this may work out altogether for what is best for you? but nonetheless, you will be missed by us. the many times that we joke about stuff, eat together, lectures n tutorials together. Though i know that i dont go out with you guys as often, i miss you. seriously i do. it took me a day to gather all my emotions to react with the news. perhaps, with this second chance, you will do much better? personally, i believe that you will strive for what you achieve my dear. so..go for it and dont let the mentality of not being able to do it diverts you to another path okay.all the best in everything that you do.
i love you my dear friend.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Lord my God, i place all my trust in Your hands, that the situation im in right now will be turned around by You O Lord. im sure You know what i'm going through right now because You are always with me wherever i go. my Daddy God, i love Jesus' name i pray. amen

Sunday, November 05, 2006

All to You
Now is the time
When heaven blends with eaerthly saints
The world resounds as angels sing
"Our God reigns:
I give my all to You
I give my all to You

From heavens throne
Your river flows to this land
And on this rock foundations lay
Here we stand
I give my all to You
I give my all to You

Pouring out this treasure You gave
In Your promises, our hearts turn brave
I will arise and lay down this sacrifice
As we're building Your house on Hihg

Your kingdom come
Your will be done
On earth as in heaven

Today is the day, when i finally understand the meaning of sowing with tears. it's the first time that i actually sowed with tears and having a heart that is so ready, so ready to give. Yuling was saying that there will be breakthroughs. and i agreed with her, breakthroughs queueing up. you know why? because our God is a God of more than enough, and He's waiting to bless us, so there will be many breakthroughs, that a queue is needed. lol. anyway we received the free dvd sampler of live praise and worship!!((: I'm talking about live praise and worship video-ed from church.

step into the precious realm and give(:
gonna be gonna be gonna be alright!(: i love You my Lord(:

Friday, November 03, 2006

i like this photo(:

Thursday, November 02, 2006

alrighty! today is zhiyi's birthday!((:
and happy birthday royston and terri too(:

i had op dry run this morning, improved by a little but needa be more expressive!!haha.cuz according to ms loh, i was a bit monotonus this time round. when my speech is finalised, i will attempt to type it out here(:tomorrow is chinese As!! i've finished studying the textbook, but i'll study it again tonight before i sleep. i aim to sleep at 11pm or earlier. Since holidays has started..let me list out my assignments.

due to the topical test next year, i gotta study organic chem, redox, thermo.
1. study organic chem
-intro, alkanes, alkenes, arenes, halogenoalkanes, hydroxy, carbonyl
2. study redox
3. study thermo chem
4. spa skill a
5. periodicity online module
-online lect and quiz
6. tutorial
-periodicity, carbonyl, carboxylic acid

this is my most lagging
1. keep in touch with physics
-online (ask tuition teacher if i need help)
2. revise and understand this year's syllabus

due to the topical test next year, so all differentiaion: differentiation and its techniques, application of differentiation, maclaurin's expansion. integration and its techniques.
1. maths hol assignment, common test papers of
2. study for topical test, chpt 8-11
3. integration (chpt 11) assignment
4. know chpt 12 (application of integration- area and volume(

A LOT!haha.
1. News reading (Nov 20-Dec 31)
-The Straits Times/ The Sunday Times and collect 6 articles per week
-4 articles for commentary per week. 1 article 300-400 words, 3 articles 200 words.
-vocab study of min. 5 words for all 6 articles
2. GP online conference
-to sign up and write one page commentary on participation in the conference
3. 1,100 words
-whole book by end of term 1 2007
4. essays
-do 6 outline with complete topic sentences.
5. compre

due to topical test, i need to..
1. revise market failure (concepts and essays)
2. hol assignment
-microeconomics-> NJC case study and 1 more case study
-macroeconomics->1 case study
3. read data competencies booklet

-takes a breather. that's all that i need to do in these 2 months! that's not little but i believe, i can finish it! yes yes.(: A lvl started today, i wish all those who are taking it all the best!(: cgm at jamie's this sat 2pm! I CAN GO!!(: YAY!!oh ya, thanks ade for your sms(:

bu yong xie(:jiayou!21 days

Monday, October 30, 2006

i'm going to dedicate this post to you my dear friend.
though we were in the same school for 4 years, and now you are my classmate, one of the closest girls to me. you never fail to make me were there for me.
Friendship doubles your joys, and divides your sorrows.
we share our joys and laughters together, and not forgetting, we also share our sorrows.
Many people will walk in
and out of your life,
but only true friends will leave
footprints in your heart.

you left many many footprints in my heart, footprints that will never be faded, that never will be erased. you made a difference to me in my life. in just this short-but-full-of-memories 8 months. you really mean a lot to me.and it'll be so different without you around, without your voice around, without your sudden burst of laughter. i wonder how life will be.
Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet
when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

you never failed to stand by me whenever i'm troubled, whenever i needed that support, you were there for lifted me up so that i can fly again..

i remembered the time when we went to your house for project, i remembered the times you invited us over to your house for movies but i couldn't make it. you never fail to invite us over to your house.there is one thing that i am really sorry about, why did we have to outcast you on your special day? on your birthday?why? i know it is not the right thing to do but still..why? why did i insist on doing it? how did it started in the first place???

after cpe on one of the mondays.

i remembered the times when we slack at the lib, or when we studied in the lib. when i taught you econs. when our clique got so bonded with each other. going lectures together. going tutorial together. i remembered smsing you whenever you were not in school.i remembered exchanging bag to carry while walking to tutorial class or lecture or lab.your bag was filled with gold especially during the time before exams. how heavy your bag was and i had a hard time carrying it..
you look so happy here(:


when we exchanged our bags to carry..

how bonded we are...

the bond that we share..

i just wanna say..i love you my dear friend.
finally i managed to post the previous post after many attempts. op dry run today, i was quite nervous because i could feel my heart beating very fast. met jin yew for breakfast at 201 and saw luke n william. and amantha and her group mates. after op, waited for bus 34 to come while talking to aiping at the bus stop(: I was snoozing in the bus due to fatigue. lol.

Today met up with my darling abc to study chinese(: whee. we settled down at pac coffee because delifrance was quite full.i ordered my favourite mocha chillino(: yumyums. i completed the rj paper and studied one chapter of the text. i lend weiqin my rj paper(: hah.
i was doing the rj paper's 3rd compre while wei was studying chpt 4 when panda took this(:whee((: the hardworking me(:.....and wei((:.....and panda(:

both of them starting whining when i said im going home for dinner. heh. sorry girls. i'll eat out with you all next time ya(: enjoy your popeye dinner(: i went home by myself and saw desiree at tanah merah(:
choir tomorrow. meeting and tuition on wed. exam n choir on fri. choir on sat. my week is quite packed alr. hah.
oh yar, im starting tuition(: whee. i really want to improve my grades, especially physics, though i have little interest in it,i will do my best. yes i will!(:

Glory shines
No eye has seen your fullness
The depth of Your amazing grace
No heart conceived
Through mysteries born in heaven
Your hope has come into this place
The whole world waits to see

Glory to the One who reigns

Your glory out of heaven shines
All consuming, overflowing
Given for each heart to find in You
Your glory and Your majesty
Never fading, everlasting
Reigning in my heart
Forever true

Let Your glory reign
Let Your glory reign forever
King of heaven
King eternal
King forevermore

my eyes will swell with tears everytime i am singing "King of heaven, King eternal, King forevermore".

Sunday, October 29, 2006

-YAWNS.-chants and chants"shi jia ru lai, shi jia ru lai, shi jia ru lai, shi jia ru lai" and it REPEATS.=( One good thing for the song is that, i feel that the blending, as in the chords are quite nice. hah. fri's prac was really challenging, but i was glad that i went through it. thank God for giving me the confidence that i really needed(: yesterday's prac. lol. louis said he wants to look noob. and here goes!!
louis before...
...louis after.

cell group at sis jialing's today. it was really great but i think i need to overcome something in order for me to grow. I feel that my growth is kind of stagnant now, so yes. overcomer.confidence.faithyeah can do it bay-beh.(: After that pooled with them, it was really a great time of fellowshipping(: oh ya oh ya!! sis jialing asked me about something too((: the next level is coming up for me perhaps(:

and yummy dinner at pastamania after pool((:

monday's op dry run and i have just finished my 530 words speech. there is still a need to practice it. perhaps after theory later. alrighty. i want to sleep now. tired(:


Friday, October 27, 2006

-yawns. i'm waiting to send the most updated slides to them. is lagging. =( the size of the powerpoint is 12.9MB so i cant send thro hotmail and yahoo. -shakes head. -yawns. i'm tired.

anyway, the last day of school ended well even though something happened before break. ms loh was so touched!!((: a performance put up by our class with farhan as the guitarist and heider the soloist and ahmad the drummer. lol. no doubt it was fun(: i'm really looking forward to our class outing on the 14th!(: i miss you guys. esp the girls(:
weijie and duc preparing for ms loh's card!!
the 5 girls clique. hah(:
some of s12 guys seated across me.
ahmad's solo!
Last but definitely not the least....-drums roll..
farhan's solo!(:

oh ya. when i was on my way walking to mrt, i bump into clement, kaiying and yuping. lol(:

O Lord i pray, as this is the season for really stepping up our faith and placing our entire trust in You, that You will do the miracle for us O Lord. Father God, i pray for forgiveness and forgetfulness to come upon me, even though i'm hurt so badly and got so upset over this, i pray that i will be able to forgive and forget for God You forgive and forget all the sins that i've done, treat it as a blessing to her and so i'm not going to ask anymore. May the forgiveness and forgetfulness of You dwell in me so that i will become more like You.and Lord, i thank You for the blessings You have showered upon me.i love You with all my heart. in Jesus' name i pray. amen

Saturday, October 21, 2006

haha. yes i know i just blogger. but i forgot that i got tagged by yuling to do this! lol(:

seven things that scare me: be in an environment that im not comfortable with.
2. lizard
3.not meeting expectations (mine and other's)
4. not sing well.
5. cockroach
6. the bus 10 man.
7. stalker

seven things i like about myself:
1. my eyes
2.God's child(: family(: wonderful friends. to play the piano
6.that i learnt guitar on my own.
7. able to communicate.

seven impt things in my rm:
4. bed

seven random facts about me:
1.i was from an all girls primary and secondary school<- same as yuling(:
2.i love my family on earth and my spiritual family(:
3. usually i dont like to be alone.
4. love small kids.
5. can type fast
6. immigrated to singapore
7. have a dog named lucas(:

seven things i do before i die:
1. make impact in people's life
2. live a life that is worth living. to hawaii.
4.take care of my loved ones.
5.continue serving God
6.fufill the purpose for my life<- same as yuling. start a happy family.

seven things i can do:
1. sleep piano n guitar
3. sing!(:
4. swim
5. praise and worship God(:
6. talk on the phone
7. laugh

seven things i can't do:
1. cook well
2. sew well
3. to have my dog to listen to
4. play the violin
5. get the results that i want.
6. play the drums
7. play mahjong. lol.

seven things i say the most:
2. YEAH!!
3. oh.
4. uhhuh
5.haha. thank you thank you.
6.yar lor.

seven bloggers i would like to see doing this :
1. siew cheng
2. jillian
3. adlin
4. naomi
5. yuping
6. shu ning
7. ding neng
-heaves a sigh of relief. wr is finally handed in. today is saturday! had my favourite set A at tamp (: and headed to bukit batok. i kinda miss going there every saturday and i haven't been there for months. it was really fun fellowshipping with the whole bunch of them. made some new friends.(: debbie and i grouped with 3 of charles' friends, shiwei, mj (garfield) and david. debbie overheard mj saying "let me show you the power of slow ball" LOL. i had a strike and a spare. i was a bit tired by the end of the first set. so halfway through the 2nd set, my scores remained a little stagnant.hah. but it was really fun(: though we didn't manage to win any prizes.
from the bottom left corner clockwise: sis jialing, me, debbie, naomi, yuling and liu jing. sisters!(:
to the right is our lane and the beautiful flourescent balls. lol(:

took the train by myself to head back to the east, supposedly to take with damian and john but nvm. headed home and was looking for a seat, but the train was very very crowded. i was standing amongst the crowd while indulging myself in the bonesetter's daughter. lol. thanks dad for picking me up at tanah so i dont have to wait for the bus(: the boy below is SO cute!! he's 1yr 9 mths old, one of my dad's colleague's son. i gave him my eeyore keychain. so cute(:
haha. he was in my room when i took this photo. i had his permission alright. haha. i said "you want to take photo?" he just turned and smiled. (:

waiting for 23rd nov to come. i want to go somewhere(:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

rawr. im up printing my 49-pages-almost-exceeded-2k-words wr. today is j2's farewell assembly and mrs goh's farewell. choir will put up a performance too. all the best choristers of tpjc(: is the sincerity that counts ya. so yups. see you all(:

Monday, October 16, 2006

-yawns. i'm up printing written report?! lol(:

Monday, October 09, 2006

promos ended.choir practices resuming this wednesday! and for the following tuesdays, fridays and saturdays!! beloved saturdays that i want to spend with my cg bros n sis.i sent a msg to naomi just now(:whee.

on sunday after theory went to airport and had a chance to fellowship with yuling, damian, charles, wenloong, victor and sis zoe!(: whopeedoo. and yups..took a photo of yuling playing guitar, i think she look really nice in it(:here's the photo!so cool right?!:) oh yar. and thanks victor for teaching me physics on sunday. everyone left except yuling, victor and me. so we left there at about 7pm.

i just want to share something with you all. it's from what pst. kong preached about on 1st oct.
there are many voices we hear each day.
1. the voice of criticism.
2. the voice of doubt
3. the voice of selfishness
4. the voice of limitation
5. the voice of faith.
it's really important to what voices we listen to.don't listen to the criticism. don't listen to the doubt. don't be selfish. we have unlimited possibilites!(: Listen to the voice of faith.(: Not to be selfish because in order for us to get, we got to be willing to give(:
Luke 5:5 ->But Simon answered and said to Him, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.”
there is no victory without a fight, there is no victory without a battle. moreover, when we know we cannot quit, we will fight harder for an even greater victory, and it will lead to success! Never be discouraged, because being dissatisfied means that we want to give up. be dissatisfied instead, have the fighting spirit in us, because by being dissatisfied, we know that there is something more that God is stirring in our hearts.

yups. that's about all i want to share with you guys. i hope it is encouraging somehow or another(:
on a lighter note..kbox tmr with the wonderful ppl!(:

Thursday, October 05, 2006

hmm. interesting i think(:

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You are not looking merely for a girl/boyfriend - you are looking for your life partner. Perhaps you should be more open-minded about who you spend time with. The person you are looking for might hide their charm under their exterior.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:
You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education
You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:
You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.

How do you view success:
Success in your career is not the most important thing in life. You are content with what you have and think that being with someone you love is more than spending all of your precious time just working.

What are you most afraid of:
You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self:
You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.


Monday, October 02, 2006

doesn't she looks like jil? lol(:

HELLO! chem, econs, gp is DOWN.phy, maths and phy mcq to go. all the best everyone.
thank You God, for being here for me when i needed You the most. when i am in fear, Your embrace comforts me. i love You my Daddy God(:

thanks yuling for sending me track 10 of chc children's church cd(: i wanted to buy it on sunday! i decided that i'm going to buy it the coming sunday! the kids have such strong faith, it's really an encouragement to me(:
"i want to know You more
You are a great big God
im young n do not noe alot
come n be my all
i want to love you all
giving You my life n all
You died for me and sacrifice
i won't forget You Lord

i love You Jesus
i grow up knowing You
i love You Jesus
i grow up serving You
i love You Jesus
my life is saved by You
i'll never forget never forget
i grow up loving You"

it brings a big smile to my face(:

Friday, September 29, 2006

now i have a special place in school(: titanic! woohoo. just want to take this time to thank michelle(:thank God for a sister like you(: and edwin too(:yupyups.

turning your fear into faith. Phil. 4:13-> I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. i know i can't do it all by myself but with God i can! Whopeedoo.Though my papers weren't that fantastic, but i know i did my best and i'm lifting everything to You my Daddy God(: You are everything i need. Today during my gp compo, i could write so fast and could elaborate on each point, it's as though i'm guided by the Spirit and yups. ((: i know i did my best and i have no regrets about whatsoever.

take care hard ya(:

Sunday, September 17, 2006

ahhh.God help help!!how come everything turned out like this? tears filled my eyes when i just looked at the photo at the blog. why. why. Lord, i ask You to make the impossible possible for all things are possible in You. Lord, my Father, i ask You to strengthen me as i know that i can do all things through You(Christ) who strengthens me o Lord.
I am falling to my knees
I need You Lord to breathe in me
My prayer is still the same
My heart is calling out Your name

Sweet anointing fill this place
I am found in Your embrace

Rain down on me
Rain down on me
Here in Your presence I am free
Pour down like rain
Come and touch me again
Lord let Your presence fall on me

I'm longing just to see
Your power and Your majesty

Sweet anointing fill this place
I am found in Your embrace

Sweet anointing
Wash me over
Sweet anointing
Wash me over

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

just a short note to add(:
I BUMP INTO JOY!! ahh. i miss crapping with her, haven't seen her for 2 years plus. anyway, i know you won't be reading this, but take care!(:

what i did in 3.5 hours: econs government measures for imperfect market for essay q 2b. aj chinese common test. electrophilic addition, intro to organic chem remedial ws.yups. quite fruitful.(:

alrights. take care!
Lord, i just want to take this time to thank You for pouring Your blessings over me, for granting me the focus that i need to study.(: You never failed to lift me up. thank You(: i pray in Jesus' mighty name, amen(:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

HELLO!! woah. i haven't been blogging for close to two weeks already. and for the next few weeks i don't think i'll be blogging that often. promos is just around the corner and im blogging because SIEW CHENG miss me!!(:awww.haha. i miss you too panda.
promos. promos. tut. tests. spa. make-ups. argh.
phy spa is a day before gp and econs on the 28th sept. hmmm.. and then after promos will be pw. chinese and choir. Malacca trip in december.and sco concert too! those having exams, all the best!!(: *hearts.
the present and the future matters, not the past.jiayou(:

Friday, September 01, 2006

straight off 7 hours! MACLAURIN TUTORIAL!(: awww. haha(:
thank you!!(:

continue with maths today and perhaps a little bit of chem? but maths first(:
mon-maths tut,maths test
wed-chem tut and choir(perhaps)
thur-hair cut
fri-chem test and sl project

there goes my holiday!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

HELLO!haha. i haven't update for more than a week. im finally through my gp presentation. -shrugs. promos coming!! what about integration. what about PHYSICS?!? and that horrible lecture test. organic chem?!? maths test that's coming. econs ESSAY and CASE STUDY?!? ahhh. time management girl. time management. for the past 3 nights, not including last night, i slept on an average of 5 hours a night due to PROJECTS! i was so tired that i dozed off in front of the computer while thinking what to type for my report.

i've just read panda's blog. i miss you all so much. and there's lesson on teachers' day celebration. i even wanted to go back sac with them. nvm..i'll think of a way(: on sunday i called weiqin and we just talk n talk n talk. hah. and where's char?!? haven't seen her for months. and wingyi!! my darling girlfriend. *hearts to everyone.

This year is coming to an end. was is fruitful? what did i gain from it?

dinner time. take care all.
all the best to those taking prelims ya?(:

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i was almost late for school!! luckily the auntie at the gate opened for me to enter and i ran up the slope. when i've reached the top of the steps the councillor said makdap. phew. i made it. was a long day, but thursday will be even a longer one. There's compre test from 4.30pm to 6pm, and after which, the girls will need to run 2.4. all the s12 girls except jiayi. boo. i shan't elaborate on the reason in case he stumble upon my blog. hah. XD

Oishii for first break and weijie carried all our bags. lol. of course we claim our bags in the end(:

let me emphasis this: i dont like the HUGE standing fans in lt 1. rawr.
But luckily, when we went there for gp lecture in the afternoon, the aircon was working. we-ning, min, far, duc and i sat at the top of the mountain and i found this on far's table! haha. spongebob! hmmm. where's jehanne?hah(: she adores spongebob.

chem spa trial was alright.(: chem spa is next tuesday! one test down and *counts six more coming. ( maths lecture test, compre test, econs assessment, phy lect test, chem spa, maths test) and GP presentation is next week on tuesday as well. and yar!! it refuses to ignite when i used the tea light wax, so i had to use the bunsen burner instead. chao da nut. lol.

arrived home quite early and mum went " eh? how come today so early?" lol(: it's a good sign. i even stepped out of my comfort zone and RAN. hah.umm. more like an evening jog that's about 2km.i looked this flush after running. hah. it was good exercise.

Alrights. time for introduction of written report!(:

Sunday, August 13, 2006

a black ferrari!i caught it when i was walking home from the bus stop.pretty car(:

this morning's make up cell was great(:we talked about the love of God.and today's sermon is about the role of a man in marriage.i suddenly miss everybody when i went to church this morning cuz i didn't see them the whole of last week!! oh yar. i told ade and vicks about what i had last night that made me feel so joyful, so full of the love of God.((: ade asked when am i going to move on in this area?hah. oh!oh! THANK YOU VICTOR!! and thanks for the postcard bro.(:

my first love,
forever You will be
my first breath,
You're the life in me
my first joy,
the world can never take from me
my covenant with You,

the song is called first, i can only remember the chorus for now, it's a beautiful song.(:
i will continue with those six lines soon when i get inspiration. i can clearly remembered what happened.
-reading zoe's blog.
-tears came.
-off monitor and spoke to God
-a song of love just came and flow through me.
-the feeling of joy and love.
WOAH. Never have i experienced something like that before!!

4 tests coming up. chem spa trial,maths lecture test,compre,econs assessment.(tue, wed, thur, sat)
rely on God's strength!(:
this song just came..

Jesus, i call upon Your name
everytime you never failed to guide me.
and when i fall,
You are always here,
i can count on You
You're always with me.

one verse. ask me to sing for you if you want(: zoe's blog actually brought me to tears and as i started speaking tongues, i could just feel that a song is flowing through me and hence this verse.(:

Saturday, August 12, 2006

ahhh.mummy woke me up at 6.30am for school but i told her that i've set my alarm clock at 6.45am, so that gave me another 15minutes!(: school was so deserted when i reached. i was earlier than mr kuah. hah. thanks mr kuah for being so understanding, and note this:
i've completed measurements for phy tys for my remedial!!
it was supposed to be done about 2 weeks ago.whopeedoo!(:moreover, i've got my maths tutorial done!((: then studied a bit of physics. that is enough to take me 5 hours my afternoon.this morning waited for ning to reach school, luckily had jin yew's company. lol. ah wong was dozing off, he didn't sleep last night, that's why.-shakes head. anyway..lessons ended at 11.30am after farhan's and moose's SIEAS presentation with daniel mia-ing. Chicken rice-d then slack for a while and studied until 7.15pm. homed at 10pm. oh yar! took photo with ning in the toilet! haha
taken after ms loh went through both BE insights. And the BE insights practice 2, i got the economics concept CORRECT!! hah. and that's on EXTERNALITY!YAY(: hah. and yup. the toilet pics. hah.
the toilet girls(:
the toilet girls again!hah(:
aww. those kids. their innocence never fail to put a smile on my face. even though they were screaming and shouting in the room, playing musical chair,but i did not feel a tinge of irritation. i even waited to ask the buddy host to give me the slice of ICE-CREAM cake!haha. kids(: so cute!!(:

listening to dixon dj-ing. hah. i just dedicated a song to my dearest tpjc choir(: and so did henry and hazel! hah.(: hazel stopped idolising!haha.(:

OH YAR!!. at 9.45pm just now i received an unexpected message from ADLIN!!
awww. ADLIN!! im really really looking forward for you to come back in december. miss you many many.and thanks for everything too girl. and when you come back, we have to go out okay?!(: i miss pinching your fats. hah.XD*loveS

foyer.445.mama shop.201.445.
12th august.happy birthday to my cousin joey!(: musical panorama was alright(: and jil!! i had fun walking around with you before the concert. thanks for the company. =D one test down! 4 coming in the next week. spa trial, maths test, compre, econs assessment. rawr. it's madness. Anyway i saw hong sheng during intermission just now and just waved. oh wells. -shrugs. and yar.. thanks girls for ps-ing me today.=/ but never mind, i had weijie-tan and jin yew. hah.(:

promos coming. jiayou!(:
ahh.phy remedial and econs tomorrow! and i have yet to do my physics tys=/
mp[n(com)]. vch. raffles. tanah merah

Thursday, August 10, 2006

PHOTOS!!look at the candle-lit pizza! we had it in B206. ((: it was on my birthday. thanks guys(:
a few of us on 8th august.
ning and i. i was trying to take the 4 guys-tan and wong weijie, duc and jin yew. but failed.heh.
the girls after the singing session in the hall(: and if i'm not wrong, that's farhan at the back?!hah.
many many tests coming!! i think im picking up my momentum already.i managed to study physics on work energy power and did covered the solution to the examples to do. all this done in 2.25 hours. hmmmm. the j2s are having their prelims soon..all the best ya?(:

201.physics. maths. sundae

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

i will upload the celebration photos soon!(: today studied six hours.macs was so quiet, moreover we were not the only ones studying there. There was even a moment that i feel as though i was in the library! haha. it was that quiet. many tests coming!!
110806: chemical energetics 1 and 2 test
150806: chemistry spa trial skills c and d
160806: maths lecture test on trigonometry (which we have not even learnt)
170806: compre test (after school)
190806: econs assessment (BE insights and essay)
220806: chemistry spa skills c and d. phy lecture test (dynamics, work energy and power, motion in a circle and gravitational force)
250806: maths test on induction and sequences and series @ 3.30pm <- note the time!!we end school at 12.10pm.

promos coming! on a lighter note, concert this friday!(: off to the toilet!haha.

hearts to all(:

Monday, August 07, 2006

hello! woah. today was such a long day, lessons from 7.40am all the way to 5.30pm. with 2 breaks at 9.40 to 10.10 and 12.50 to 1.30pm. i had my napfa too. hah. i dont really care about napfa, that's why. (: OH! i'm going to show you guys some photos, im crossing my fingers that weijie wont come n see it. hah XD
weijie just pointing to space. hah.
attempting to click his hair-take 1
attempting to click his hair-take 2.
haha. it was taken during chem tutorial which was after pe.

anyway, thanks andrew for the present(: and yups!
interchange, cheesecake, bubbletea, bus

Sunday, August 06, 2006

WINGYI!! on friday i was caught by her at 201. LOL.i miss her so much. missed talking to her in cantonese where everyone else around us don't understand, especially back in 4/8. haha.missed singing twins songs with you. missed holding your hand and walk.((: WIGGY!!(: *hugs(: im glad that you are feeling better now. and YOU ARE SO PRETTY LAR. (: boyfriend misses you(:

napfa tomorrow!! 07 aug.
hello! let me show you the state of one of the keyboards in J202.
just look at that. -shakes head.
okays! off to econs now!(:


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the pastamania surprise!(:
trying the top that is given by my dearest E348(:
card, pumps, belt and foreverfriends from jillian, kee siang, henry, amie, zhi yi, olivia kam, juliana and joanne!(:

Just some photos from monday(:
and yups.. thanks for treating me tb+ mpncnonm (: LOL *loveS
5hours today!(:clocking in more!