Saturday, April 29, 2006

This week has been really a trial for me, i've been tested. im not mentioning only the choir audition, but God tested my faith for Him. For time and time again, i really got to believe and place my trust entirely onto Him, it's an easy thing to say but not one to do. so i was really praying and crying out to God for help and for healing. and on wednesday, my sore throat was gone(:Jehovah Rapha(: and from wed to fri, my cough got better and yesterday's audition, i passed the 1st round(: Before audition, i just closed my eyes and said God, now is the time, i give my best and God will do the rest. and yar(:
lastly, one important thing that i've learnt-> pray with expectancy!(:
God really blessed me(:

here's a special msg for joanne!(:
heys! thankies girl! so sweet of you to give me a big bottle of honey lemon water on friday!(: it was so unexpected.but really, thanks(:

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jesus, because of You, i'm free!(= i really learnt a lot this week.

econs test is postponed!and i skipped my lunch and join simin, far, phyllis, jinyew n weijie-tan outside library. i took my 25 minutes nap there!=)

to ning: hey girl.get well soon okay?feel so lonely in chinese today. heh. see doc, eat your medicine and get well soon!
Lord i ask You to heal ning, so that she'll be well again. and also Lord, grant her a good rest.(:
get well soon(: *hugs

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

special thanks to all those out there who have been there for me these period of time. thanks! for giving me the lozenges to praying to even offering to buy me 1.5 litres of water for me!(: thankies guys.

Sectionals with sops today. i'm practically having choir everyday, but is okay, i love to be with them(: and we sang and i sang!!=D It felt so good to sing again. though some notes i still can't hit it yet but it felt really great! another good news! my sore throat is gone!
Praise God(:

econs test tmr. maths and phy test next thur. spa trial this thur n fri. choir on fri. audition on fri.
two days to friday!!(:

Lord, thank You for hearing my prayers, my cries to You. and because i know You will never leave nor forsake me, so i press in more and with the expectancy of getting healed, Lord, You healed me(: I know that this time round, You are testing my faith for You, so Lord, i ask You to remove my doubtful mind and to step up in faith because everything is already in Your hands. Moreover, Your timing is always right. This weekend and the many weekends to come, i can sing praises and worship You with all my heart and soul, to sing out to You, not like last week.(: im excited!(:God, lastly, i thank You for Your blessings that You have given me.(: In Jesus' name i pray, amen.

Monday, April 24, 2006

i tried to sang but failed. I need to be strong, to stand strong in faith and God i ask You to take away my doubtful mind. Moreover, those who do not lose faith will reap. what is my ultimate goal? step up in faith!! i know it's easier said than done, i also know that i cannot walk through this all by myself. With God, all things are possible!! This is just one of the trials that He's using to test my faith on Him. I must walk through this hurdle! YES! Renew my faith and place it entirely to God, trust in Him! expectancy!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

hello! i know that my blog is not that active anymore but pardon me for that ya?(: choir audition on tuesday! Today's msg and the half makeup cell that i attended really useful. and i just want to take this time to thank God, for being such a wonderful God and im really happy that i have a relationship with You(: i love You!(:

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hello. thanks guys(: im much better already, with the exception of a sore throat. Lots of homework to be completed!!=/ never mind, i shall jiayou!(: i didn't go to school today. hence, i've missed 3 tests in a row.

Oh. choir concert tix are out.
tix going at $10 and $15.
venue: vch
date:31st may.

if you are interested, inform me okay?(:

Monday, April 17, 2006

i woke up with a headache. it's terrible. But nevertheless, i went to school and sat through chemistry lecture before taking the pink form to go home.
yar. im feeling better alr. this morning had fever at 38.0 deg. thanks guys(:
I alighted from the cab at eastwood and i saw nelson.hah. now he knows that i'm sick. but i have prac tmr, i shall see if im well enough to go.
take care and i see you all on wed.(:

Friday, April 14, 2006

the girls: far, ning, simin, me. the guy: weijie
Today was fun(: we (simin, weijie-wong, ning and i) went to far's house to do our econs project and we manged to complete about 90% of it! we were quite efficient. We met at siglap's kopitiam, had lunch and walked to far's house. the walk was SO long!!and it was raining people. weijie and far dumped simin, ning and i at the roadside and they ran to get umbrella for us. 3 of us were left stranded there, shouting for far's name. lol. weijie and i worked on the 3 curves and the explanation of it. it was so time-consuming to draw the 3 curves using powerpoint. we left her place at about 7.30pm. headed to tm for genki sushi!(: it was freezing cold.

hmmm. study hard everyone! to those whose mye is coming in 2 weeks and to s12 people for the THREE tests. (:

far,smn,ning,weijie: thanks for the joy that you all brought to me today, i really enjoyed myself. but most importantly, thanks for standing by me all these while. it's really a joy to me to know you guys.(:

Thursday, April 13, 2006

simin: hello girl. smile alrights? we'll be here for you(:

I received a msg during chem lecture and that led me to hu si luan xiang. I guess i shouldn't think so much. spe was next. we had 1.6km, 20 push-ups n sit ups as warm-up. hah. i think there's an improvement in my speed!(: i can run in converse shoes. 2nd for the class girls(: we learnt some rockclimbing basics. i didn't stepped into the canteen during break for a few reasons. but mainly is because of that something that happened in class today that i decided to stay. we were released early from phy prac but stayed behind to clarify some qns with cher. n weijie was using the other weijie's phone to take photo of me. Anyway, i completed my pi while waiting for small group to start. (: efficiency. small group, 7 sops. woah. it was alright(:

fri->project at far's with ning, far, smn n weijie-wong.
sat->3.50pm. and 4.30 svc. study.
sun->10am svc, lesson 2.15pm. study.
mon->17th! maths test. choir at 4.30pm
tue-> cin's b' n chem test. choir. possible selection.

many activities lining up.=/ time management!

God, thank You for giving me the strength to pull through today!(:

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

music: when you believe by vs
we were let off early today, moreover it's a rare opportunity that i dont have choir on a wednesday afternoon. Therefore, the 8 of us (simin, farihin, kaiying, shu ning, duc, weijie-wong, qinglin and me) headed to tamp for lunch.i think simin, ning n far are happy that im finally free. I ate the $3.95 single mushroom meal. After lunch we went to take prints(: we took twice. the first time the guys didn't want to be in the photo, but the 2nd time we persuaded them. I had fun decorating it and out the prints came.
pretty!(: oh! we saw seng kiat too! he was going to get his new phone. and yar, happy belated birthday seng kiat!(: ning went over to tm's pastamania. kaiying, weijie n simin took the bus. duc, qinglin, far n i took the train and home!(:

let me talk about yesterday. we had a 3-hour practice. no doubt that it was draining, all of us were so tired by the time it ended. I didn't have any energy left to do my work, so i only did an hour's work and off to bed at 10.20pm. it was my first time in this year to sleep at 10.20pm!

alrights. i need to do my pi already. (:

Lord, i ask You for a miracle.

Monday, April 10, 2006


choral fest '06! here i come. (: sops->jil,jo n me. we're gonna rock!

my throat hurts, ever since after camp and there's practice tomorrow. aww.=/

i got two people to come this sunday(: i'm waiting for saturday to come so i can ask you. yups.

pe-> we jogged 3 rounds on lane 7 and 8 slowly. s12 girls were one of the first few who completed the jog(: some stretching exercises in the hall and jumping jacks. I had peanut butter waffle too. chatted with ck a bit, drank milo and off to simei to meet vann.(:

*yawns. im tired. On a lighter note, happy birthday matthew!(:
nette nette: im so happy for you!(: continue to shine for God!(:

Sunday, April 09, 2006

today's make-up cgm and service made me question myself this: where is the fire that used to burn so strongly in me gone to? I feel that it's dying slowly. but no, i cannot let it die,i dont want it to die. I need to be courageous. i need to fight. i need to be strong. as Deuteronomy 31:6 says "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you." The message for cgm and service really encouraged me, to serve God with all my heart. i need to renew my heart once again.

Anyway, Easter is coming!((=so do invite all your friends and loved ones to this Easter Encounter!(: "it will change your live" <- quoted from the trailer.I guess that's all about it! my bro's flying to hong kong tomorrow so have a safe flight!(:


ps: ade! i didn't see you for this whole week!!i miss you(:

Saturday, April 08, 2006

hello!!!I'm back from camp. ahh. my legs are hurting. Let me start off with yesterday. we started our small group practice officially yesterday. I'm in hong guang's group, together with yu kai, max, lynette, cheryl, christopher and ammellia. we took an hour to go through nigra sum properly. And soon, it was dinner time. chicken rice! I had 2 servings of chicken rice yesterday. one was lunch and the other was dinner. After eating, jil, jo and i were walking round n round the circular canteen while singing songs. Before we resumed our small group practice, a few of us started singing ave verum corpus in the canteen and the whole choir joined us!(: our small group combine with julz small group cuz of technical problems. there are 5 parts, 5 people sang at one go, so each of us sing a different part. thank goodness my high notes didn't crack.XD chee kian was in julz group and he kept taking my phone for a purpose, even put it into his pants' pocket.

before night walk started, i was walking around the school with jil and we walked 400 m on the track. Night walk after that. First to LT 2,3,4. it was really really dark. girl power! hazel, zhiyi, shi yun, ammellia , shulin and me. we only have a light stick as our light source. kenny and justin were the station masters and justin scared me. he was following SO close!!! i screamed again and again. And i got shocked by kenny also. So i was with zhiyi all the while. rock wall was the next clue. When we opened the door to go out from the staircase, we saw two live xiao qiang-s (cockroaches). we spotted hong guang and ding neng at the stands but both of them were lying down. we couldn't manage to complete our task though. haha. next was faisal and fabian at the hall. faisal scared us when he chased us and said hurry up in this freaky tone. Task completed. To canteen->juls and sher's station. the blindfolded us were to stretched out our fingers to touch something. i didn't scream i even went on touching and digging it. and i found out that the container contains many many MEALWORMS!! haha. and while i was waiting for my turn to touch that something, this guy came beside my ear and screamed, making noises so that i'll freaked out. but i just stood there. hah. chee kian n chris's station. i reckoned that it was chee kian who screamed into my ear and i was right!(: adeline and guan cheng's next. at the dungeon. super super dark place. hah.last station was charlene and olivia's at the gallery. I was already tired after the night walk so we went back to choir room. bathed. then stoned in the choir room, i also took a nap before moving to the hall. only slept at about 2 plus going to 3am. no pt this morning!!((=

Amazing craze. grouped with george,prem, andrew, shulin and ammellia.
1. expo's coffee bean. (but the clue says starbucks. haha.)
2. bedok market. we found charlene and ding neng outside the ntuc reading newspaper. they were camouflaged. haha.
3. t2 viewing mall.justin and adeline. and there, justin attempted to scare me but failed.(:
4. kenny's place void deck.
5. pasir ris park, to find faisal and fabian.
6. we lost our clue.
then we got a sms from kenny saying to go back to tpjc cuz of the weather and we came in 2nd!(:

the details are too long and i'm very lazy to type. I want to sleep!! Oh. there's econs test on monday. just one more thing to add, i got bullied.=/ haha . alrighty. here are the photos!!(:jil, jo, juls me
back: ai ping and dixon. 2nd row: zhiyi, me, fiona, sher, shiyun. squatting down: justinchee kian and me.
8.30am->meet victor,desmond n charles at simei for make-up cg.
10am->svc @ expo
2.15pm->theory lesson @ pp
3.15pm> -> study with s12vers @ ca

Friday, April 07, 2006

i measured FA3 for THREE times today. first time when i dissolved everything, i accidentally knocked the stirrer so it spilled. second time the water level in the graduated flask was over the mark and finally the third then it was successful. the extra econs lesson was okay. Lunch with far, weijie-tan, duc and qinglin. the other girls yuping, shuning, jiayi, phyllis, simin went bugis. Oh. talking about phyllis, i almost got a kiss from her!! it was so scary. XD

Packed my stuff and ready to go!
alrights. see ya!(:

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Today is an average day. special thanks to you guys, you know who you are(: i'm better now. yups. i guess the days will pass by very fast. thanks. and i cant possibly stay like this for the rest of this week and next week. so yups. to you:all the best yar? take care and i will see you soon.

4x400 heats today. i was forced to run. so no choice. and when i finished running, my butt cramp! *ouch. kaiying's too. thanks guys for cheering(: and for the following weeks, we'll be doing rockclimbing for spe. same group as smn n ning. far needs to lose 5 kg. jiayou girl!(:

tomorrow is the last day of the week. i'll be off to camp until saturday so my blog will be inactive till then. so yup. will be small group practice for most of the time tmr. hmmm.

hmmm. wilson's birthday today. happy birthday wilson(:

God i ask You to give me strength.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

hey!(: simin smile kae??((: Just want to apologise to you all, that it's hard to catch me free after school. really sorry. i want to go out with you all too. but.. yar..

sorry guys for a very short entry today because i need to do my pi draft. so yups. take care all especially you.(:

And thank God for the wisdom. amen!(:

Monday, April 03, 2006

Yesterday's service was really powerful. Being my first time attending a healing service, i was in awe in how wonderful God is. The God that i love, that i adore, that i worship and that i praise is alive!!((: He is not dead. hearing people's testimony of how God healed them, tears formed in my eyes, i was really touched by how God heals the sick and make them whole again. Moreover, the will of God for us is to stay healthy!(: And special thanks to sis jialing, xinyi,vann and victor(: even if i go to service with a heavy heart, the praise will never fail to lift my spirit up! (: and the worship will never fail to bring tears in my eyes that i know God is always always there for me. Talking about God being always there for me, victor shared with me his revelation last night and i think it's applicable to me. we cannot just turn to God only if we are going through a tough time,and if we are not going through a tough time we do not turn to God, that is wrong.

After service, went to get my lunch with victor, vann and damian and i rushed to parkway. Celebrated vann's birthday with victor, damian, wenloong and elicia at tampines's starbucks and there we were making so much noise. haha. we were playing the animal game with new modification to time we can try it in cellgroup yea?(: 4 of us sabotaged victor. LOL

hmmm. these few days didn't see rong zhi in school, i heard that she got into nyp. yups. guess who's the FIRST person that i saw when i walked into the courtyard? chee kian. haha. today was alright. chem lect. gp. break. maths tut. maths lect. econs. break. chi. pe. we celebrated michelle's birthday as a class today!(: even daniel was there. i played badminton with jian kai. he's so jian when he plays badminton. i got smacked from him and i stood there with my jaw dropped. haha. ning and i talked to daniel today! i think he's quite a nice guy afterall(: pe-> ran 1.5 rounds around the track and i survived. haha. we did incline pull-ups 4 by 4 and i did 9. i think i need to start training. i did 12 last year! ummm. push ups on the track!!! you should have seen our poor knees and palms. it's as though we've just fell down on the track.

tomorrow is a long long day. school end at 4.10 then 4.15 meet at foyer to go to cc for prac. On saturday night, i was listening to dixon on air. haha. it's so cool to be a dj at home. dedicated a song as well(: i might tune in to DjDixon on this coming saturday night. so yups!(:
ning and me(:
ning, far, wj-tan, jin yew, wj-wonghappy birthday michelle!(:

Saturday, April 01, 2006

happy april fools! (: Nobody fooled me today though.

yesterday choir was great!!(= but for usuli boat song, the choir was like anticipating and kenny screwed up the last part of his solo. the whole choir burst out laughing. hah. and the tenors sabotaged their SL for the roll tongue part for wak wak gung. and nelson burst out laughing. XD

yesterday's musicfest!!((= it rocked. congrats to for topping the group vocal category. it's really unique and original. yups! congrats again!(:

cgm today was great!! I helped the talent time people (group vocal) for the improvisation of the song. heh. it was quite a success!(: even recorded the improvisation part in elicia's d500.

anyway, i got to check something out. so yar. bye(:
I fell asleep during lunch in the canteen today. i was so so tired. we got back our chinese compo..b3! (= 19.5/30 *yawns. yea. i'm very tired. haha. school then went for choir room for measurement then off for choir prac. then to vj musicfest. musicfest rock! (= congrats to you all. yups!(: whee. you've done me proud. shook hands with hongsheng. *yawns again. i shan't elaborate much, i'm good night. my apologies for a short entry(: