Sunday, June 29, 2008

HELLO!!!apologies to all my faithful readers!! yes i know i haven't been blogging much but here are some overdue photos plus the photos from my japan trip!! i know you guys are all waiting to see the photos from my trip. Let's start off with the day when i went to ikea for dinner with these two MONKEYS. hahaha

Ikea's like a playground for them. You'll know why when you see the following photos.

hahaha. you get what i mean don't you? (: there's department chalet on the 11th -13th July so ning and i went down to book the chalet plus some heart to heart talk and had a great meal(:

Just a few nights before i fly off to Japan, had dinner at bugis with the two monkeys again. After which i asked them if they want to have dessert at TCC! Bugis of course we'll have our all-time favourite chicken wings fried rice and i even introduced the 'triple summer shot' to them. haha. tcc dessert! ning ordered a chocolate smth smth while shi jie ordered a tiramisu. I had their marble cheese cake(:

It was the training period for these guys from Chennai, it lasted 3 weeks. I'll always remember 'WOAHH!! Amazing" by Ganesh. hahaha. All of them are really friendly(:

with Ganesh
with KK
with Shekar.Please don't mind my hair, i know it's quite messy. haha XD
Leonard, Kelvin Tan and Kevin. It's their last day at the office, as for Kelvin, it's his third last day. haha. Made them cards(ning and I) because i stayed over at her house the previous night, only managed to sleep at 4am but ning was still so much more energetic than me.
the guys in our lunch group. (:
JAPAN TRIP!!! My first time on board A380. It's not much different for the economy class except for bigger leg room and bigger chair to sit on. Around 6 hour plus journey to Narita, i barely slept on the plane because i was watching movie and i sat with a stranger on my left.
Arrival at Narita, that's the A380, it's a lot bigger compared to other aeroplanes that were there.
this is my first meal at japan, we sat on tatami, but of course i can't sit like how japanese do, i just simply cross my legs. hahaha

Japan has train carts for women only.
daddy and mummy.
headed for Kawagoe on the first day and saw some really beautiful flowers.

it's the place where i bought sweets for the girls in the office and some of my church friends. They are so colourful right.
mango ice cream!(:
this dog knows how to pose and has appeared in different travel guides and even television.
pretty flowers(:
3 dragons! (:
mummy and me

2nd day headed for sashimi lunch at Tsukiji market where they have the freshest sashimi!

my lunch. the sashimi was really heavenly. it doesn't even taste like fish!
the plum jelly i had just beside the store that we had our lunch.
After Tsukiji Market we headed to Asakusa.
Does this temple looks familiar? haha. mum said that i came here before the last time we went to japan but that's like almost 16-17 years ago, of course i couldn't recall.

Akihabara was next. It sells mostly electronics, more of the stuff that men would shop for.
super cute handphone!!
Of course Akihabara was quite a bore to both mum and I so we headed to Shibuya for some shopping! Dinner was back at Shinjuku and really delicious and Q ramen(: what i ordered was their specialty.
3rd day on the train and i saw many penguins!!! I was ecstatic!

Took a very long train ride to Hakone Yumoto where we began our 2day exploring trip at Hakone. Had lunch near Lake Ashi and took the boat ride where we were supposed to see mount fuji but due to the poor weather, we didn't get to see mount fuji on both occasions.

it's SO windy at sea but i'm loving every moment of it(:

Arrived at Togendai-ko and took the cable car to smell hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide. haha. Well, it's mainly due to some eruption that happened very long ago, they will have smoke coming out from the ground. Of course, the toxic gases were smelly!!!!

Took the cable car and went to Gora Park.
I think Japan really have beautiful flowers!!
close-up shot of a lady bug.

We took the wrong train back to Shinjuku, nonetheless, we had a comfortable ride back(:

Starry night!
2nd day at Hakone! Visited the world class sculpture outdoor museum that we didn't have the chance to do so the previous day.
the thing that im sitting in was actually meant for children, they have set an age limit but still.. i went in and took a photo of it(:
This is how the entire structure looks like.
this is one of my favourite pieces!! It's called 'Miss black power'
orange and purple flowers(:
This one is classic. haha. it's in the middle of a grass patch!
hot spring water for our feet! Of course i couldn't miss this chance because i didn't know if we will be going to the hot spring.

red coloured leaves!
this sculpture is called 'the hand of God'.
this one! it's just woahh..
Headed to Miyanoshita for HOT SPRING!!
this is the door of the place of hot spring that mum and i went to. it's totally awesome!!
Spent the next day at Odaiba.
Alighted at Shimbashi and took the monorail to Odaiba, here's the monorail one-day pass! Look at the penguin!! XD

this is the bridge where many japanese movies are film at, it's quite romantic at night.

Went to the museum on ships. Even the museum is shaped like a ship!

that's 3 penguins! haha

this is the ship that pioneered to antarctica back in... *i forgot the year* and now it's an exhibit! we can walked to the ship and just explore the inside of the ship.
While walking to our next destination at Odaiba, i took a photo of a group of school girls. Look at the skirts!! hahaha. SO SHORT!

It's the national museum of emerging science and innovation. here's a robot of Paro. it's a seal that has censors over its body and reacts to human's touch.

mum and i played with this thing for quite some time. haha

robot show.
Went to Palette town next and to mega web! it's a car exhibiton.
the BIG ferris wheel.

this is 'The Venus fort'. It looks a lot like Macau's Venetian and Vegas' Venetian.

The night view of the bridge and statue of liberty in JAPAN.
how they showcase their jeans! haha
2nd last day was spent at Roppongi hills. It's really nice and I bought a Sacrasac. It's my birthday present. haha

a chair that's made of glass
Headed to Shibuya after lunch with mummy and Dad went back to the hotel to put some stuff and out looking at's a saturday at Shibuya and it's CROWDED!! even worse thatn causeway bay in hong kong.
From afar, we spotted demonstrators in green. haha.
5 pedestrian crossing!!
i've always wanted to cut my fringe but i didn't know how i'll look like so here goes. haha. it's a wig. for the fringe. LOL
tempura dinner!!

Krispy Kreme in Japan!! Just a stone throw from the hotel that i was staying in. The amazing thing about this Krispy Kreme branch is that no matter what time of the day, rain or shine, there's ALWAYS a queue.
the view from hotel's window.
I sat next to the window and i can see the wing of the a380. it's HUGE.
Thank YOU for picking me at the airport(: i really appreciate it!
all in all, japan trip was awesome and i can foresee many more trips to japan!((:

Yesterday during service, Pst Tan preached about Life and Light, it's basically a sermon meant for men but of course, the ladies are happy about it. It just wows me at those points that he gave and what are the roles of men and what foundations must they have even before the women came into the picture. Just wow.

on thursday we started our very first prayer meeting even though there were only 4 people and the place where we held it wasn't exactly an ideal place but nonetheless, we could all feel the presence of God as we worship and pray. Of course, it's only the beginning of something great! Thank God for giving me the faith and the boldness to start this prayer group, i would have been too afraid of what i lack but let what i lack make it up with passion! thanks victor for that(: haha. and also, thank you for the support that i have(: