Friday, February 27, 2009

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2. marketing quiz
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4. law quiz
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6. access test
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8. acct quiz
9. access project

I better blog before the work has taken up my time...haha..
Currently, i'm reading this book called 'becoming who God intended', it was a book that i've bought at the expo book fair last year, only $10. =]

I read about the three basic foundational emotions that we have--peace, joy, love. I think that it's really true when sometimes we get so caught up with life and being anxious or fearful of what we have to face, we just take some time to pray and God's promise of giving us shalom (a sense of tranquility with deep feelings of well-being), which is also the peace of God will guard our hearts. This is also when you know that your prayers are brought up to God.

My desktop wallpaper is a cheery girl, at the side it's written 'be joyful always', it acts as a reminder of being joyful. Well, peace is a positive sense of well-being but joy is a satisfaction with life and relationships that leaves our hearts delighted with God--the satisfaction and delight in God, life and others. Furthermore, friends would want to be with a joyful person compared to a person who's always sulking. =]

Love, the greatest of all. We all would definitely want to be loved by our loved ones but how often do we give love? It's easy to give love to those who are close to us but what about those who are difficult to love, do we still take the effort to love them? So.. what is love?

Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things--- 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

I thank You that i'm able to love because He had first loved us.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i thought of something that i want for my birthday....
apple vouchers =D (yes... i know there's still like 5 months to go)
First of all, congratulations ZOE! =D
Secondly, congrats cia-ee for completing the exam and your first year of poly! (:

And lastly, congratulations to myself for having to face 9 deadlines.

1. excel project
2. marketing quiz
3. presentation
4. law quiz
5. practice set
6. access test
7. report
8. acct quiz
9. access project


Thursday, February 19, 2009

After 6 weeks of school, time for a mid sem break! This also means that there'll be 10 deadlines nearing! =X Celebrated my dearest cowcow's 20th birthday at mind cafe! great food, great company and great games! A wonderful chilling session =] After the birthday party celebration was yuling and charles' farewell at the airport. Quite a sad moment but i know they'll be back at the end of the year. =]Really wish that many more ppl could make it though but it's alright =]

Anyway, this post is specially dedicated to the two SWEET people in my life, i see both of you on sunday! yay=]

Friday, February 13, 2009

a sense of peace and joy that flows in me =] so many things had changed just within one week and i did speak more in tongues in the course of my day and even though some days may not be as great as the others, i'm able to overlook it and still thank God for the day. Wondering if it's the trials that i have to go through in order to breakthrough. this year will be the defining year of my life.tml is the zone meeting, i'm expecting changes. let's all go with a heart of expectancy =]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This week is the prayer week which means either waking up very early to go for prayer meeting or going to pray after a day of school. Honestly speaking, i'm not exactly a morning person because i really really DON'T like to wake up early but i guess, it really speaks a lot of our attitude towards our Father. Everything requires sacrifice especially when we want to serve. It requires time, effort and even money but at the end of it, the benefit we get it's far more valuable than what we've gave in the beginning.

I like morning prayer meetings but that would mean that i may not have enough sleep (sleeping 3 to 4 hours) and may even be tired/sleepy in school the following day. Starting the day with God really just make me lift the entire day to Him for Him to guide me through the course of the day. What's more is that i get to see bestie too.

I was in deep thoughts on Saturday night and really reflecting about my life when something crosses my mind that i had to talk to cowcow about it. I felt much better after letting it out and really want to thank her for being such a wonderful animal friend that God has placed in my life. I remembered the feelings of enrolling myself in PSB, feelings of being in an inferior school just because it's private; that PSB is not as well known as other private institution like SIM or SMA. I thank God that He made a way for me to be where i am now, with great friends that i cannot thank God enough for and even wonderful tutors and lecturers.

Wendy challenged me on a certain issue that i have been delaying today and each time she talks to me about it i really felt negative towards it but i know i shouldn't been feeling so because God has placed leaders over my life so that they can speak into my life. obedience is the key =]

Should i have a birthday party? hahaha

Thursday, February 05, 2009

i have to type this down....

lecturer: okay, now let me tell you all about this excel function calls count
*a few seconds later
*sea lion and me turned back to look at cowcow
lecturer: it's c-o-u-n-t not c-o-w, yea, i know it's the cow year but no, i'm not talking about cow here.
*sea lion and me BURST out laughing
*hyena turned to his left to look at us
*sea lion turned back to cow : you ah, disrupt our lecture
me: hahahaha. ya lor.

haha. ok im done =]

Monday, February 02, 2009

Didn't feel like blogging for the longest time.. anyway, it's the month of February, a month had past. I've settled down in this 2nd sem with heavily workload and a project that is due within a week when we only got our topic 3 days ago, thank God we started ahead of everyone else because we've already decided what we are going to do.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!! =D We celebrated his birthday at the pasta shop during lunch and i gave him a postcard. I could tell that he was really touched and appreciative of all that was done and even said a thank you speech to all 11 others who were present. =] Bad thing was that my camera ( or rather my mum's camera) died. haha. school's better with them around =] and of course my other animal friends too =]
marketing tutor said desiree and me look alike and claims that we are sisters. hahaha. XD desiree is the one on the most left of the photo =] my sista and sealion =] Similarities: both have flippers and we dive at appropriate moments to escape from the polluted air.
Here's cowcow's little bro who became a judge one day during law lecture. Remember to stay impartial yea =]
One of the days after school, i went shopping with Shereen and Kevin.while kevin was trying on clothes, both of us took photos =] i think she's really pretty =] and she's somewhat like a vampire. hahaha. XD miss KOALA
During one of the ebus lecture, cowcow wrote those words in blue and sealion drew the pictures. The funniest thing was that she herself don't know how to draw sealion. XD
I seriously love to be driven around, thanks for sending me home on some occasions =]
CNY day one =] The new dress that mummy bought me from river island =] And of course, i straightened my hair, though i don't know if it did made any difference.
CNY day 2 =] Lunch at Shokudo bugis. *can see my fat arms =/ coffee tea or me daddy mummy and me =]
During the night at CNY day 1, we confirmed supper at 10pm and there was full attendance! it was really great hanging out with this special group of friends and just laughing at each other. A truly destressing time (though none of us were stressed). haha. Thanks linette for even rushing down after the movie so that she can join us. thanks didi for sending me home once again =]
thank God for wonderful friends. Yes, i know i can never thank Him enough for friends like those i have, it's really a blessing. What's more is that even though it's the recession period, my mum is getting more projects than ever! =]that means more inflow of money despite the recession period =] thank God =]

alright, time for a shower! i wonder when's the next time i'll update. haha.
anyway to cia-ee: all the best for your major tests this week! =]