Wednesday, November 23, 2005

You are a Believer

You believe in God and your chosen religion.

Whether you're Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Hindu..

Your convictions are strong and unwavering.

You think your religion is the one true way, for everyone.

i got this quiz from my bro's blog. so yups.

-yawns. i'm sleepy.heh. Last night i was quite emotional so i ended up talking to adlin on the phone. She's such a darling.(= And now i know who that courtshoe belongs to, haha. It's eunice's. lol. it's so funny.haha.

I'm off to Prague tonight, so this blog will be dead until i'm back.hah. so yups. take care guys(=

Sunday, November 20, 2005


I went ultra high after seeing junyang!!Oh my goodness!!-screams.haha.There were six of them, junyang, sugi, kelly, sin huey, chanel and derrick((=. whoopee! Luckily I brought my camera, if not. Oh btw, we saw cassan and ping too, as usual, cheng and me went to beat them and they screamed. This man in front of cassan and ping got a shocked and turned back. haha. Today was so much more fun than friday. ahhh. JUNYANG!!((=. here are the pics.that's kelly(=she's trying to paste the label on her yellow tube dress.hah.(=kelly!(=JUNYANG and sugi(=sin huey(=sin huey and chanel!(=
sin huey and derrick(=
sugi, JUNYANG!!, derrick, kelly, sin huey and chanel(=

Those are all the photos. OH!!I had a mini neoprint spree with panda too(=.yay. I really enjoyed myself today. thankies parn-da.i love you*hugs

Saturday, November 19, 2005



陪我去走 自昨日蕩韆鞦
到那積雪漸厚 到我有點成就
能贏盡多少豐收 遍踏地球


陪我去走 自昨日蕩韆鞦
到那積雪漸厚 到我有點成就
能贏盡多少豐收 遍踏地球
難及這份愛直到永久 從前伴著盪韆鞦
到那積雪漸厚 到我有點成就
能贏盡多少豐收 遍踏地球
The song above is very nice, though it's in cantonese. You want the song?ask me(=
mcq!i hardly did any.=/ And yar, new template.
Hmmm. are you guys free on wed for lunch?Our big feast remember?can we make it on wed?please. contact siewcheng! or me.(=

I went far east square with mum just now, had yummy japanese ramen(=.
There are so many many things that I want to do, like meet up with room, kbox with wingyi, outings with them. But i think i can only do that when I'm baack from prague and hong kong.And yar, shirs, if you're reading this, the 10 bucks. don't forget!!(=

You are my King, always and forever!(=
We did hit the malls yesterday. But we were quite bored. so yarr.
mcq!heh.i dont even feel like doing it anymore, but no. i have to.(=

Thursday, November 17, 2005

1 more paper and just 5 more days!I kind of miss sing post alr. heh. those pretty photos that i took with my lil panda(= Ohoh. Hey guys!When is your big feast?!?!haha. Hmmm. we made it to the finishing line, though it's not exactly finished, but yar.well done(=Hmmm. i have some photos up.Two of the photos were taken at sing post by panda.take a look at the art.haha.what is that?haha. it's a pig that panda drew.haha. nice eh?=p opps.haha(=And what is this?haha. i wonder what she's
oh jil!thanks for the toki gong score(=You even wrote my name.heh.thanks.
Alrights!bugis with them tomorrow!YAY(= shop shop!lalala.
oh. don't mind if this entry is quite ruined by the 1st 2 photos.haha.=x opps.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Os GEOG is over!heh. that was a typo error. opps. But in another six days, Os will be over!(= 1,2,6,9.(= lalala. Hmmm. I hope i can pass combine humanities with at least a B. heh.Anyway, thank God that I had the energy to speed study tourism and i finished it in 22 minutes.I couldn't believe that i could do that.heh. So only slept at 1.50am. but i still managed to wake up at 6.30am to give 5 calls to siewcheng, who apprently was still sleeping after the fourth call.haha. i was expecting some harder stuff for geog, it's so much easier compared to what ms tan had set these two years. Ohoh!!Talking about Ms Tan, she was SO supportive!I guess she wants her distinctions(=. She bought sandwiches and packets of milo for us! So supportive unlike _ _ _ _*. I don't want to talk about _ _ _ _*. barhh.

Studied at sing post with parn-da.And we saw one vj guy stoned ever since we started lunch until we almost finish our lunch he was still stoning. hmmm..oh, jane joined us. tskk. that girl was so hyper!haha. She did the choir warm-up thingy and this auntie looked at So embarrassing.=| And then i don't know why, my pencil case just dropped into the fountain.HAHA. So i had to pick up all the things, pens, pencils, guitar picks, ruler, compass. oh my goodness.haha.=/

2nd last paper tmr!(= I seriously cant wait for tomorrow. ohoh. and btw, i found a new prague buddy!yay. my darling baboon(=So that's how hard i study. haha. i was umm. doing amaths while parn-da took it with jane in white. beside me. and the fountain on the other for today guys(=

God's love has no limits(=
AHH!!That was shocking.hah.but thx bro(=

Monday, November 14, 2005

just some additional thing. this is how my desktop looks like now!i think it's nice.heh.(=lalala(=heh. is it nice?haha.okay nvm.(=
First person i msg after my lit paper was linette!!oh my goodness. I was so so happy!!Prayers answered(= thanks nette nette(: Throughout the whole paper, I was waiting for 9.20am to come so that I can quickly go out of the hall and msg linette to tell her about the good news(= I think the lit paper went quite well for the first time, if i can get a B3, i'll very happy. okay well, i don't know. But i gave my best. yup.

Did something unusual today. Went to bedok central with shirs as she wanted to buy her shorts.-_-. But in the end she didn't buy one, so we took train home. Alighted at tanah merah and I was thinking what way of transport to go home, cab or bus. Actually I've decided to take a cab, but as I was going up the escalator, I suddenly had the urge to walk home from the mrt station.heh. and so i did.(= I felt really happy about it. Walked past two playgrounds and yar. I started thinking about a lot of things, but generally, I was still very happy when I reached home.

Met parn-da to study plus take photos.haha.We did geog and amaths. Those RV qns!!eee. haha. Thanks for everything today parn-da(=. "orchard road!!" We even had our early christmas photo taking.haha.want to see some of the photos?(=yups. look below!(=plus some photos that I took when I reached home.heh.I was quite yups.
so yups!Amaths tomorrow so i'm gonna do amaths now. take care all. 4 more papers yar(= it'll be over soon!
parn-da->thanks for today yar?(= I had fun(=

Sunday, November 13, 2005

music: pok pok alimpako- RI
(=I did G paper 2 today. After blogging i'm gonna study lit whilst waiting for mum to come back. I'm hungry!heh.Above is amaths model papers, and we were supposedly to do one paper per week but somehow.yarr.haha.
twelfth night!
ahhh..i miss my hui ge!haha.actually, i miss ROOM.yar. it has been quite some time since we had ROOM outing. maybe in dec?(=
I don't know why but I'm blogging so frequently.I can't wait for tomorrow to come!!right shirs?(= i can see them and toh!yay.(= I kinda miss toh after not seeing him for a couple of months. And I still remember ms lye.though i didn't really liked her in the past but she was great, and that was how our Choral Excellence was kept. ahhh.influenza jab, where are you!?!

((: I'm finally done with my lit!YAY(= Not the studying part, but the notes part. lalala. Characters and themes.Oh btw, my bro'll be coming back on wed!(= Alrights i gtg now.
I suddenly miss hk so much. thanks ah. theodore. I can't wait for 7th dec!!Shopping!!YAY!!(=.haha. and i just found out something freaky.haha.want to noe?ask me! And i didn't know there is this cyberport place in hongkong which is only 15 minutes walk from pokfulam(where i used to lived). oh my goodness.haha.

I'm 3/4 done with my lit. I need to sleep early you see. So yar. i shall continue when I wake up!
good nights

Saturday, November 12, 2005

editedtoday is 12th nov right? i slept at 12am this morning and woke up at 12pm. so in total i slept for 12 hours. plus today's date is 12th.hah.=Dedited
(: shirs and I decided to pop by choir on monday. yay.So before that we're gonna study amaths.whee(=
O Lord, I ask you to watch over me and to guide me. I thank you for your guidance for this whole week. I shall do my part and let You do the rest. Thank you for answering my prayers.(:

Friday, November 11, 2005

editedjust another photo.heh. it's taken before i went out for dinner.lalala. white gio top plus denim skirt n belt.heh.(=edited
title: make merry with cranberry!
Whee.(= Make merry with cranberry.heh. It is the special edition of bodyshop's body butter!!(= I went shopping with my mum on thursday at novena square.yay(= umm.yar shopping.heh.It was my first time stepping my feet in novena square and all the escalators.lalala. hair mechanics looks so high-class. (=
I bought this at siglap, and i actually mistakened it as origami's post-it.-_- barhhh.haha.But i can use it as origami paper, it's not that bad actually. the green part is pretty!!(=come let me show you what i did with one of the green post-it.((=So yup. see that?haha. i think to update blog and put really really random stuff is quite fun(=.haha. ahhh. im going mad.

Today is umm. friday!! Finally one week is gone and -counts 8 papers are gone!!yay yay. it'll end soon. it'll end soon. Kingshaw's suicide didn't come out today, was kind of disappointed, heh. So i chose the one on how an atmosphere of fear is being built up because i am left with no other choice, i am not very steady with the relationship between mr hooper and mrs kingshaw. Moreover i didn't know how to answer the pbq, so yups. The prose was on war and i didn't understand it so i did the poetry which was more friendly to me. weiqin did the prose and the pbq. and yar!Talking about this kangaroo, go and see a doctor please. and get well soon okay(=-hugsSo yup!Another 5 more papers but it will be stretched all the way to the 22nd. Never mind, i'm looking forward to 17th!!(=And there are a couple of reasons behind yups(=17th!heh. The above is what is left for next week's monday to thursday and 22nd.Finally it's one paper a day. Os is ending very soon yar. jiayou everybody!(=

adlin->heys darling. thanks yar(= love you
nic->yups. thanks to you too(=
siewcheng->!!!Our big feast is coming up!yay yay!and yarr. congrats. you cleared bio(=

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Just another random thing. You see the candles guys?Look for the one that u gave me!!(=lalala

hello. i'm here to update again(= I had three papers today. English paper 1 and 2 and physics. English was challenging so yar don't talk about it. As for physics, it's more difficult than chemistry but it was quite alright.Please please, let me pass English./=

Her letter made me so so so touched. she made me realised how much i mean to her and all the wonderful times we had together. thanks darling(= love you

hmmm.. all the best to all the geog girls and bio girls yar?(=

Below are just some random stuff.heh.This is what is left on monday at the start of Os. And below is what is left now(=Look at what i drew after my physics paper.haha. Seriously i was quite bored. And the electromagnetic induction plus the a.c. generator didn't come out at all!!All those memorising.bleah. I wrote 2 verses down too. John 14:6 "I am the way the truth and the life." And the other one from James "Resist the devil and he will flee away from you" yups.Now you can tell how bored i was.heh.
The above is what the emaths teachers discussed that may come out on friday, but we were advised to study everything. so..yar.

vj openhouse!that pretty sticker(= 151005The 3 sweet prefect juniors of mine gave me this notebook(=thankies.

okay that's all for the random stuff this week. i am going to do my emaths yar?take care everyone.and yup, it's 8 more days!whee.(=

"Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised" (Proverbs 31:30).

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hmmm. Os had officially started.
emaths 1
social studies

emaths 2
lit 1
lit 2
amaths 1
amaths 2
sci mcq
You can see how fast my Os is gonna end. haha.But well, I believe that it'll end quite fast, in another ummm..-counts fourteen days and I can be free. I seriously can't wait. The big feast with the gang and all those outings.Plus the europe tour on the 23rd(=.okay. shuyun just told me something, that i'm not playing the piano anymore.haha. that means i have to sing aizu bandaisan!!oh my goodness!imagine all those dynamics.ahhh.=/But it will be fun(= But i think it will still make a difference because she's not going anymore, all those things that we've planned over the phone. Those things that i got so excited about. But nvm, i will still go out with you right darling(=?Remember okay?3rd december. I will keep telling you until it gets into your head.hah.(=

to a special group of people->hmmm. i heard that you all are improving, so keep up the good work and i'll see you all again on the 22nd yar?(= remember, keep up the good work!(= you can do it darlings(=

Monday, November 07, 2005

tomorrow is the start of Os, so all the best to everybody ya?Give your best shot!(=All of us can do it! Most importantly, believe in yourself(=
thank you God for giving me the strength.(=

Friday, November 04, 2005

all of a sudden, i feel that i didn't work very hard?But i know that i can do it, Os will be over very soon right?And just the next day after Os will be the tour. But wait. Can I do it?i'm doubting myself. why!!-erase erase. no no. i know that i can but is just this small part of me. ahhhhhhh.-screams.I ask you Lord to give me strength, make me strong. I know that it will be over real soon and i have all my kins supporting me. Lord, i know i just have to give my best shot, to have clarity of mind so that i can think clearly, i know, i know that there are people out there rooting for me and praying for me. I ask You Lord to bless all of them. I lift this prayer in your name. amen

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Heys. Please please please do your very very best on friday okay?You all have to grab hold of this opportunity to really prove to him. We cannot afford to lose him at all.alright darlings? I'll be praying for all of you.Remember ya?

My productivity is very low today.ahhh.=( i went out to ask him emaths, went home and finished off that chapter of ss. that's all i did today. -frowns. It's now down to 5 days, I can even count it with one hand.I think after I log off I'll get myself to do some emaths./=

I'm thinking of popping by tomorrow to see how they are doing. Should i? Or should I just locked myself in my room and face the books that I have to study? I really really want to see them. I miss them very badly.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm on fire again! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

happy birthday terri!(=