Saturday, July 24, 2010

The next phase of life is fast approaching. In less than a month, I'll officially be a graduate. Many of my friends mentioned that it's so fast and all and they, like me, can't wait to finish school. Honestly speaking, I'm not sure if I'll miss school or not but nonetheless, I'm sure the next chapter of my life will be full of challenges and it'll be interesting.

Throughout the entire month of July where I have on average 2 assignments/projects to complete, one hand I did complain about not having enough sleep and feeling tired; on the other hand, I can't be thankful enough to the support that I have from my loved ones. Support, even though it's merely on the moral side, matters a lot(to me at least).

On a side note,I'm hoping that Joyce will succeed in making the cake pops so that.... :p
Sarah and my grandma, they are 4 generations apart, yet spending time together. This is what i call, family time.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I think yesterday's cg sermon by jme came at the right time as i'm approaching the next phase of my life as a uni grad. 

Career prospect is good and i'm hoping they'll implement the 5-day week soon because i defiitely wouldn't want to compromise on going for cgm and service on fridays and saturdays. Hopefully everything will turn out well.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

first round of interview tomorrow (: 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Walking like the blind...

I was actually referring to the essay. Never have I felt so lost in doing an assignment, it's just so messy. I wanted to stay home to continue with my essay and just skip going for service but i still went in the end.

I felt that the word was really in season for many of us, for me as well. Being in the wilderness, a place of pressure,

I'm being reminded that everyone has to go through tests, not to be destroyed but to be built up.

I'm being reminded that wilderness is a preparation, not a destination as we are not destined to fail but to grow; it is a place that we pass through not a place we stay.

I'm being reminded that wilderness is a place of humbling, to know what is in our hearts, what we lack.

I'm being reminded that wilderness is a place of testing, a test of our faith.

Lastly, I'm being reminded that God knows how to control our situations and He will not give us too much that we cannot handle, that we will be destroyed but He wants us to have a new level of strength, to stand firm in the midst of adversity.

Thanks to all who have been so supportive towards me, you guys know who you are. <3

Friday, July 09, 2010

Thanks dear for the video :D

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Glitz & Glamour 2010

I was really happy that most of my friends that i tried to psycho into going actually went! It was like a fashion show, seeing many of my friends dressed up, with makeup and hairdo(: Prior to the ball, i actually didn't had a good time calling for a cab from home, took me more than 20 minutes for one of the 8 taxi company to pick up my call. Cab took more than 7 minutes to arrive and after picking up Ryan, Joyce and Weimeng, we reached the hotel at 8pm odd. Cab fare was $38 but thankfully there were four of us (:

Here are some photos(:
I kinda miss hanging out with the bcom people, especially the guys, like Haely and Ryan. We all used to hang out together for lunch or even have a cheesecake or drink at TCC but due to clashing timetable, it has reduced greatly but im glad that the whole group fo bcom people came for the ball too (:

Here is Isabelle and Stacie with Joyce, Jingyi and me (: thanks isa for letting me try Eucerin so that i can compare it with Cetaphil (:

ohohoh! pretty chui mei came along too!
hahaha! the bbus girls with some exceptions :p
Left the ball after the last dish of our 3-course meal, rushed off to meet my fellow loved ones to be the surprise element of Ding Neng's early birthday celebration (: Thanks Jon Ong for taking the photo! you make him look handsome and me, beautiful (: It's less than 2 months!! jiayou my friends (: