Saturday, April 26, 2008

hahaha. the photos that jamie has been waiting for so long are finally here!! =D It was last Saturday when it was the celebration of the pretty girl hui yun's and terence's birthday!! Terence brought us to one of the best Korean restaurants in town and it's really yummy!(: This photo was taken while waiting for terence and wendy's arrival.
At the Korean restaurant! The guys had buffet and of course we ate some food from them. The beef is awww. heavenly!! It's so tasty! So is the chicken!! And the SOUP=D
Hui yun's first taste of the beef!
The ala carte that jamie and i shared.
Gentlemen cooking for the ladies. haha. Mark especially, keep offering to jamie and me.
Here's another gentleman, joseph.
hahaha. the SABO! (:
This picture is classic.
all happy with 3 presents!
Checking out the guitar buckle, I mentioned that we wanted to get him the big buckle with a sexy lady, and the diameter of the buckle has bling bling stones and the lady is turn-able. I was quite tempted to get it for terence. haha. Of course in the end we didn't but still, i think he can carry off with the bling bling belt. haha.
the card!(:
Back at office on the 23rd, i see red balloons. haha. On the 22nd was Earth's green day and we had to switch off all power supply when we leave the office, like the power point, switches, computers etc. If we didn't switch them off, we will have red balloon at our table. I was quite happy that my department didn't get any (: it's an achievement!
Faridah generously treat us to haggen-daz! Of course it was takeaway. haha. So they gave us dry ice and guess what, PUAYPUAY!(:. put the dry ice in a cup of water so i took a picture of it (:
I met liting for dinner too! (: It has been quite some time since i met her. Really had a great time catching up with her. we had haggen-daz ice cream with chocolate sauce and cookie crunch as toppings! the cookie crunch was really yummy ((:
liting and me (: i'm the only one who calls her auntie and she'll do a super cute action! JUST FOR ME! =D love you many many girl (:
Friday afternoon we celebrated Kelvin's birthday at DTF. here's a group picture (: Thanks to the sweetest ning and niki who offered me food when the waitress didn't take my order despite of putting a '1' at the box. I was having a little bit of gastric but thanks to you girls (: Felt so loved(:
Guess what, when i went back to office from lunch, i saw a smiley face at the computer screen!! I was a bit emo that day and ning gave me biscuits with a post-it that says smile! SO the very cute mildred, gave me a post-it with a blue smiley face (: I guess it's little things like this that can really be a mood uplifter and just make someone's day(:
DA GE GE'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION TIME! The rest gathered in R&R and I was supposed to lure him into R&R by saying i needed help in the storeroom but it failed because he walked the long way and didn't walk past R&R. So the people from the R&R came out and surprised him with a cake. I'm not sure if he knows that we actually planned a surprise for him. haha. He looked quite shocked. Just look at his reaction! haha.

All happy!(: DA GE GE holding the card(:
he looks like he can't contain his happiness anymore!! haha(:
He was so excited when he saw the present that we've got for him and look! He even wore it on the wrong sleeve. haha.

So happy that he flinged his arms up n down. haha.
acting 'shy'.
in R&R, cake cutting time! (:
He just left the knife on the cake -.-
and the expert cake cutter did the job (:
shi jie and kevin.
the legend continues... He's rejuvenating.
Shall end off with my favourite pic!(:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Someone told me that American Idols really sang 'Shout to the Lord' and indeed, I've found the video! It's really amazing. Praising God on national TV. I wonder how many people was touched by it. The cheer by the audience at the end of the song was loud! But was it due to their awesome singing or otherwise?

Learned about thanksgiving and a bit of praise last week during bs with Jamie. What struck me the most is how i couldn't differentiate between thanksgiving and praise. Now i know! Thanksgiving is about God's goodness while praise is about God's greatness! It makes me all the more want to thank God for what He has done in my life, how He has changed me. How much more a happier person I am. In case you don't know, I used to be quite depressed (or let me use the word cui) during my secondary school days due to identity problem, stress and even suicidal thoughts but thanks to kor kor and bestie for not giving up on me (: I'm saved by the grace of God. Not that i really deserve it but by God's grace (: I really enjoy every bs with jamie(: thank God for such an inspiring discipler! (: your disciple love love you (:

Polar bear on Saturday night after dinner was FUN!! It has been such a long long time ever since i played polar bear. I still remembered the first time i played this game was in sec 3 when i first went to church at JW, it was the return trip that we played this game. The place that Terence brought us to was really awesome though there weren't many people as it was already 9 plus when we started eating. Super tasty beef and tender chicken! Plus plus their soup for the buffet is awww.. heavenly. haha. Left the place at 12 and thanks to Jo for sending me back to my doorsteps! (: anyone wants to know where this restaurant is? ASK ME!! =D

I think after Mrs Cho's preaching all of us had sudden craving for Korean food. LOL.Even though her message was a simple one, one that we've heard before many times, it really reinforced how I really need to be dependent on God. During service, yong quan, charles, me, zhi nian, wendy all sat at the edge of our seats to listen attentively because it was quite hard to comprehend due to the accent. Nonetheless, I learnt something (:

Terence's going on tv at 10.30pm! (:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Amazing grace never fails to remind me of an event that happened when i was in sec 3, about a person.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Passion to blog? hmmm. A few days ago, the big boss treated all of us to mini popper, it's chocolate coated with chocolate ice cream.3 of them in total.As usual, mei ling will come over to disturb me whenever she's near the fax machines, hence a photo with her!(:
mr ko! i think he's the one with the most number of hours of OT in the office.
shu ning and auntie (: ning has rebonded her hair! now we don't hear her say 'i hate my hair.' Instead, i hear her saying 'i love my hair' quite a few times.
I think working on Saturday is quite a good thing actually. I take less than 4 hours to complete my work and i'm entitled to a half-day leave!! I dont mind working on Saturdays (: Leona was there also, so was Helen, Penny, Eddy and Yihan. Met Wendy for lunch at bugis and i finally got my eyebrow trimmed. (:

Yesterday at cg, we went into groups of 2 and break down what pst tan had preached the previous week, which is obviously a very big and gigantic word that takes time to digest. Impromptu played keyboard during cellgroup also but it was great to be able to serve God in cellgroup (: Service was about prayer, how important is it to pray. Even though it's the foundation, the very foundation of our faith, many of us still struggle to pray. Tight schedule and the busyness of life may just rob us from our time of fellowship with God. Without prayer, the negative impact is so great that we may even lose our vision and our destiny that God has planned for us. so pray more!!

Supposedly to celebrate hui yun's birthday but due to her uni exams, it'll be postponed. Present is ready, all wrapped up, even the card! just the birthday girl missing. nvm, we'll see you again soon!(:

After service headed down to ECP's hong kong cafe in Joseph's car together with 5 other people. Had a great time eating and chatting, of course, taking photos as well(: We have a 'new' member in our midst. haha.
to the left! is our 'new' member. haha. nah. it's because she changed her hairstyle and is totally different. i like the blue highlights (:
wendy and zoe.
jamie, wendy, zoe.
WENDY! I took so many photos of her posing with her food all because of 'again!', 'eeee, not nice leh, again!' LOL.
Of course, a group photo must be taken too! Joseph, Jamie, Wendy, Zoe, Me, Mark.
and again (:
My food. it's abalone with chicken bites, noodles in soup. It looks a bit gross from the picture but it's delicious!!
Another shot that i took so so many times. haha.
mark, wendy, jamie (:
Outside of the hong kong cafe at the ECP's fountain.
Walking towards Joseph's car, she spotted a bright yellow car and there, the pose.
Went for a swim by myself this morning and just less than 30 minutes, i got a little tanner. haha. Met up with the girls to celebrate linette's belated birthday (: Look at how happy she is. haha.
Make a wish, make a wish.
The present we got for her. I did a little research on perlini silver and silver corner, i think perlini silver has more elegant bracelets even though silver corner has engraving.
Reading the words that we wrote...
Look at the bracelet at her wrist! (:
nette nette and me
I wonder why they are so camera shy!!There's even an imaginary friend between them!
camera shy.
group photo! (:
had a great time with the girls. Brought linette to sasa for an eyebrow trimming session too! Got mine trimmed so more, so both sides look more balance now (:
Work tomorrow! (: