Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My last day of being a teenager!!!
I can say that my teenage years were fun, filled with ups and downs. Honestly speaking, one year just went by like that and i'm turning 20 in about an hour's time. The number 2 states new challenges, a new chapter of my life unfolds. It will also be the year I enter uni, knowing new friends and establishing genuine relationships with others. Being in a choir for more than half of my life and in an all-girls' school! haha. Though it was a bit boring to be in an all-girls' school without any guys, it was still fun with the girls around(:

Tomorrow will also mark the end of my assignment at SCB. It has been a great working experience as this is my first assignment. From being an understudy of Willis till now, it has been a good 6 months and 2 weeks. Through out these 6.5 months, genuine relationships have been built, mutual respect, fun and laughter were my experiences. Though working life does not beat the life of a student, I pretty much enjoyed earning the money, especially claiming OT! hahaha. ( even though I didn't beat OT king...)

One year, I've done things that I never imagine myself doing and I'm proud of that(: in half an hour, a new chapter of life begins and the teenage years will close.

Monday, July 28, 2008

What is my internal intent--the response I begin to take when something happens to me? Do i dwell in a state of self-pity and focus all on how big my circumstances or do i focus on something even bigger because my circumstances are temporal. It's the 'despite all' factor in me. I want to be the one who choose to focus on something that's eternal(:

The past two weeks were really crazy, those who know why will know why i say it's crazy. Anyway, just want to say thanks to those who had been there in one way or another, it really made a difference (:

thanks E348 for celebrating my birthday on Saturday at Marina Square's Xin Wang cafe (again). hahaha. It was where they celebrated last year.
Add Imagemy birthday cake(: MANGO-FLAVOURED! woohoo! They know me well. hahaha. the cake is really yummy(: chocolate layered with mango layer(: white chocolate roses on top(:
haha. sharing my joy with jamie(:
beautiful card made by nian even though she's so busy with school, preparing her As.(: Thanks girl for sacrificing your time!
Zoe and Terence.
the yellow box contains my present(:
u see another cake? it was meant for JOSEPH!!! But he had to catch a movie at 10pm so he wen t off...
WOOHOO~! MY NEW DRESS. not short one, knee length. LOL. Last year, they bought a really SHORT purple..ermm. i wouldn't say it's a dress. hahaha. anyway, thanks Terence for transmitting my message across(: because he asked me what i want for my birthday(:
Jo ordered the mango ice and he went off even before the mango ice's arrival.So all happy people eating mango ice without Joseph. In the photo, we are supposed to look 'fierce' because Joseph went off!!
haha. the left overs for Joseph(: haha.

Overall, I had a great time with them on Saturday(: what's Saturday without them? (: Tomorrow's Haggen-Daz with ning, shi jie and stephen(: it also taking time! hahaha. will update again(:

It feels weird without having ning in the office!Suddenly so quiet and poor Faridah...=/ 3 more days till my last day at scb.

I love the lyrics of the bridge of 'desert song'
'All of my life, in every season
You are still God
i have a reason to sing
i have a reason to worship'

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nothing is impossible for You for You are my Healer. You are our Healer(:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things can just happen so quickly, treasure your loved ones before it's too late.
2 in July

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just let me express my love for this wonderful pretty girl beside me...
I guess we grew much closer at work even though this is the 3rd year that i know her. At loggerheads sometimes but never fail to reconcile, i really don't know how my life will be without this woman((: all hearts to her!

We played arcade after lunch at Swensens today. Swensens is because it was Annabelle's last day and on Friday, it'll be hers and next thurs will be mine. We played arcade and it was just PURE fun! hahaha. We felt like little kids again. It reminds me of the sat cg of what Zoe shared on child-likeness. After thinking for a while, I remembered those unforgettable moments I've experienced as a kid. Child-likeness even though we are at our last teen year, just doing what we want to do without thinking what other people will say about us. It's like both of us playing really kiddy games at the arcade wearing office clothes. hahaha. Those games that comes with winning tickets! Yea. Just imagine how many people were looking at us but we didn't care less, we continued playing. If only this kind of spirit and energy to be transferred to doing God's great works, how wonderful is that? We just do what we want and claiming victories, that will really put the devil down.

Currently I'm reading this book called Women-- God's secret weapon by Ed Silvoso. I would say it's a book every women should read! It's a book that I need to put on a seat belt before I flip the pages because it reveals biblical truths about women. Women are twice refined as God has fashioned us instead of shaping us (Gen. 2:2). It makes a difference constructing a house by a carpeenter or the best architect! Satan is MOST afraid of women which is why he spent centuries holding women down. That's because once women discovered who they really are, Satan's kingdom will come to an end. Of course, God's truth always come to pass! Amen?!

Cheers ladies!(:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm really touched by the concern that i've received. A big thank you to everyone out there. I'm feeling better after allowing Daddy God to take over. I might have wallow in self-pity and not have smiled. I thank God for giving me the peace and the love that I've experienced in my very own room just now. God allowed me to grieve in His embrace, to feel the warmth of a Father, my Heavenly Father. I need to be strong for my family; I need to lighten the burden, as it is a critical period that we are facing. Thank You Daddy for the touch.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I remembered how you call my name; how you dote on me
because i'm the youngest of all the cousins.
you cook delicious dishes.
i still remember when i was younger, i will step on your feet and we'll walk.
and laugh along the way because we only could walk a few steps.
how you let me play with your palm even though the skin that's coming out...
how i tickle you and you're not scared at all
despite those tickles on the feet...
i'll always remember you... kong kong..

Monday, July 14, 2008

You are My Angel

Once upon a time
Archangel in the sky
Made a cover every night

Once upon a time
The angel loved me so
It’s a miracle
In the snow, my heart won't be cold

My Dear
You are my angel
Tell me what you know
Something should be told

My Dear
You are my angel
Tell me where you go
I will prance behind your flow

Once upon a time
My angel gave me life

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I think each time after bible study with Jamie, a lot of things will go through in my head. Not just the one thing that spoke to me the most during the bible study but from that one thing, it leads to a lot of things.

Just now the lesson was on the importance of ministry and how to go about discovering the ministry that i'm called for. Actually, if we lead the life that God has created for us to live, it will be meaningful and fulfilling. To put it in simpler terms, we'll feel ecstatic about doing something that God wants us to do and personally, I've experienced that. It was the prayer group. Of course, when it started off I was really on fire but the fire will drain out, we will grow tired, so what's the key to maintain the fire? What's the key to go on? It's simply just coming back to the presence of God and coming back to God, just God and me alone. It's not about thinking of ways to breakthrough to the next level, of course that is not the primary priority but just to withdraw and go back to God.

I feel that I'm starting to feel a little bit of drained and that is not what i want. I want to learn how not to feel drained and burnt out that easily, I've gotten a grasp of the key points and should put it into actions! Afterall, action speaks louder than words (:

On the lighter note, I've made a new friend on the first day of the 9-day course that i'm attending! Her name is Ashley(: Quite a friendly girl. I think i took a step to initiate the conversation and to make new friends. no doubt it's uncomfortable to go into a classroom where you don't know anybody and have to sit next to a person whom i don't know. Just want to thank God for giving me the boldness to initiate the conversation and get to know new people. Even though Ashley's not going to study the same course as me, she's my first friend at psb(:

Chalet this weekend!(:

Monday, July 07, 2008

happy birthday to you(:

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

haha. two posts in a night.



I just watched finished L for love, L for lies, the ending wasn't something that i was expecting but the plot was not bad. It's interesting to watch how people cheat others, i mean not that i like to watch people being cheated but what kind of interesting, out of the blue ways to cheat people. Rest assured, i won't cheat people(: hahaha.

Anyway, i've been leading a healthy lifestyle! I went jogging today again with the expense of having to leave from work early. I think my speed increased and it feels great to exercise(: I shall keep up this routine, it's one of my goals for 2008 to exercise for at least 2 days a week and finally it's coming to pass after 6 months. haha. i want to achieve my sexy body. HAHAHA XD i know it sounds crazy but yaa =D

July is a great month of celebration! hahaha. XD

to my one and only girlfriend(you know who you are): big hugs to you girl. im all ears to you(: