Sunday, December 30, 2007

i dont really like packing my room and moving house, it feels as though each time i throw away those things that i dont need, my memories are being thrown away.
last night had a heavenly french cuisine.this is my appetizer! the white part is mud crab meat with pear salad, topped with cherry tomatoes.the sauce is so refreshing.another appetizer! Escargot! yummy((:
next up, it's my main course! pork rack with honey-glazed sweet peas, oven-roasted potatoes and goldensmith apples.
that's grandpa's main course. this restaurant is famous for its truffles. you see the black pieces on the angus beef? it's a type of mushroom, it's very very delicious and very very rare.
DESSERT!! my favourite soffule. just that it contains banana and walnut bits in it, other than that it's also delicious! almost every table ordered this dessert. haha.
friday had ROOM outing, after such a long time, with vann, me, guohui and matthew.
that's bestie and me!(:
after kbox, we walked around and sat down at macs for some dessert and chats. after that they guys had to go off, so left vann and me! and that's where the exciting part comes. haha. we went window shopping!(: trying out clothes at topshop, miss selfridge and zara. we even had to queue for 15 minutes at zara just to try out clothes because the queue was super long.

but nonetheless, i had fun(:

Friday, December 28, 2007

woohoo!! and ancient shot (not exactly) of SACAC!! So Absolutely Charming And Charismatic. all of us looks different now. adlin with long, highlighted hair and make up. me with short hair and plastic-framed specs. denise, who is also my fellow 31st july baby, who has fringe for her hair now. haven't met up with citra for a long long time, but from the prints that i saw in adlin's wallet, she look so sexy. haha.
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all. if talking about skin colour, is me. but in fact, the term fairest, is all of us(:

this is a random post.

Last but not least, happy birthday Felicia!(:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

to all faithful readers, it's time to update my blog! i don't know why i dont feel like updating my blog nowadays. Anyway, here are some photos taken in hong kong.

The picture below was where i 've taken a picture before when i was just a little girl(: i still like this fountain very much.This's the road leading to ahma's house.
i love to take the star ferry(:
exploring at kowloon, trying to look for the science museum.
The invisible mirror!(:
the beauty of mirror(:
mr n mrs brad pitt! woohoo!(:at the wax museum, i even bumped into ms aileen tan. haha.
who will win the election?
teng xiao ping.
I will always remember this person.
opps =X
yao ming is SO TALL.
discussing strategies with tiger woods.
disguised as a sumo wrestler!
the wonderful view at the peak's terrace. last year when i went to peak, this building wasn't even built yet, so it's totally new!(:the sad thing is that you need to pay to go up the good thing, however, is that you can stay up there for as long as you want(:
at the peak terrace(:it's hot and sunny.
in the futuristic lift(:
while walking the 2.8km around the mountain, i was feeling a little hungry, so i grabbed the plants. XD
At stanley(: i go there every year(: love the water there. the bumpy ride of the no. 40 maxicab. almost vomited after taking no. 40 from stanley to causeway bay.
mr gingerbread man!
B-E-A-U-tiful sun and water(:
at ocean park's cable car!haven't been to ocean park for a long long time.
the dragon!! it's a rollercoaster. =/
the view from the cable car. it overlooks the south china sea(:
REAL panda!(:

look at what's not allowed. haha
DISNEYLAND!(: this time had to stay to watch the fireworks at 8pm but this meant that i sacrificed my steamboat=/
mr dumbo!
while waiting for the fireworks.
Lion king show. I think this year's one is better than last year's.

Dinner at kushin-bo. look at the dessert that i took.

got this blouse as one of my christmas present(: love it(:
trying out clothes at dorothy perkins.
car-less road. it wasn't that late, not even 12am yet.
wendy and me at christmas service(: love the candles.

vann and me at her store(:
Went to meet the junior council today. they are from the 06-07 batch. unfortunately, my batch, which was the 04-05 batch, only adlin and i went. i mus say, rebecca still looks as cute!! haha. she ended up tearing cuz she laughed too hard. haha.

this is rebecca.
she has this antique polaroid camera which its flash needs to be charged while pressing the button.
adlin with rebecca's polaroid camera.
this is chrystal's camera. it's even cooler. haha. you have to look into it to take the photo.
this is how it looks like. haha.
chrystal and janaine
and finally, a polaroid(:

we asked two girls to help us take the photo. first one was the polaroid, it was so funny how rebecca reminded us again and again not to blink. 2nd it was using chrystal's camera, the girl had difficulty trying to figure out how to take, it was a funny sight. haha. after which, 3 of them had to leave, so that left adlin, ying hua, chrystal and me. we talked about our primary school life and all of us found out that adlin was a pai kia in primary school. haha. the train was so crowded and 3 of us told adlin to breathe in before stepping into the train. haha. anyway, i enjoyed myself today(:

just came back from simpang with jill.(:thanks for the present!

i shall do some reading soon.