Saturday, January 30, 2010

candles+individual appreciation from each of you+song item
(i was close to tears)

What a special way of appreciating me! I'm truly madly deeply touched by each and everyone of you guys, not sure who planned it though but I was really touched beyond words!

Individual appreciation is like words of encouragement, which is my primary love language, makes me feels sooo soooo loved :D Especially hearing those words from people whom I'm not very close to as compared to the rest, thanks for taking the courage to speak those words out. haha :D

Thanks janet and victor for the stuffed penguin key chain :D
Thanks cia-ee for the card despite your busy schedules :D
Thanks zoe for the most creative gift ever :D

Thanks my family for taking the effort to do this!
*hearts to all of ya :D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Long entry ahead!

The first month of a brand new year is coming to an end! I've met up with various wonderful people.

1. SCB reunion

To welcome Amanda's comeback (though she has been back for more than a month), I helped to organise a dinner specially for her! Here's a photo of MVPS (Muffin Vodka Pumpkin Strawberry) unite! MVPS is the initials of us =]

Headed to tampines 1's rooftop garden for self-timed shots and boy was it fun! There are many more photos at my facebook, feel free to check them out!(: Haven't met them for such a long time, all of us (the girls) still think that Kevin (the guy wearing checkered shirt) is still VERY quiet!!
2. Ippudo & Wild Honey with lovelies

I love to hang out with these two girls! One is a driver who loves to entertain others :p and the other is an irritating but yet sweet girl. Not sure how they think of me though :p It's all the different places that we went to made me a foodie person just like them. The evidence of 'who you hang out with is who you become'. I can be crazy like Jael and sweet but yet not as irritating as Joyce :p I really treasure the both of you and I'm glad there's an openness of communication, we will go a long way (:

I'm sure many of our friends would agree that school without Jael is so much quieter and it takes weeks for us to get adjusted to that. Honestly, i do miss you in school soooooo much. So do Joyce I'm sure.

evidence of being bullied :(

3. A visit to Ms Loh's

After graduating from JC, I hardly ever met up with the rest of my classmates and of course, Ms Loh. This is her 2nd baby, 3 months old Nicole! She's such a cutie :D There were still some issues left unsettled from the past but we do have one common goal and that's to visit Ms Loh, so putting the differences aside, we gathered some $ to buy a gift for Nicole. Thanks to Ms Loh's hubby for sending us to the bus stop :D

ning wants to hold her...
so does loo...and
of course... me!
4. Wei's 21st birthday surprise at 12mn!

This is one of the most exciting event that took place in the month of January. I met up with (@_@) earlier to get the cake and other materials for the surprise. When I arrived at the MRT station I looked for (@_@) and guess what! WEI JUST WALKED PAST ME WITHOUT NOTICING ME! That got me overly excited as I ran towards (@_@) to tell her what happened. hahaha. It was hilarious really. the blur girl also got conned by didi when didi bluffed her about having a friend that live at the same block on level 2, she came up with a story that her 'friend' wants to make friends with her and wei was convinced by the story and told didi which level her house was at. :p

As u can see, here's linette and (@_@) checking out wei's house, just to make sure that we didn't get it wrong.
(@_@) and me with the newly self-decorated mango mousse cake. the cake was really cui when we opened it hence.. the decoration :p
We hid ourselves at the staircase area which was only 2-3 units away from her place. Each time a balloon burst we wanted to laugh and we had to control our laughter in order not to be discovered by wei and also not to disturb other neighbours around. So here are the 21 balloons and the special card made by (@_@) (:
few minutes before midnight, linette was getting ready to knock on wei's door. She even spy on her family when they sang the birthday song for her. When the clock strikes 12, linette knocked on the door and the FIRST thing that wei said was 'ohmygosh! let me change first! i look so cui!!' LOL !

her mum was so nice to let us in at 12 plus and she even took photos for us :D Even though we kinda got scolded by a 10th floor neighbour for bursting balloons and laughing loudly, we enjoyed ourselves very much!
Thank wei's mama for the hospitality and for even staying up to joke and talk to us! We even get to eat their cake (instead of eating the one that we bought) :p Thanks didi for sending us home (:
5. The BIG day!

It's my honour to be the bridesmaid together with Su An for Ding Neng's brother's wedding! It was really fun blocking the guys from coming into the house :p
Great pastries done by Auntie Winnie and yummy food for the lunch buffet(:

After lunch it was phototaking at Pan Pacific! We enjoyed ourselves very much though the weather was really hot. At least it's a good weather (:

darling and me :D
Su An and me at the dinner banquet! (: I got to know her in primary school when we played zero point together during recess. HAHA. It's great to be even more bonded with her and I'm sure God sees the desire of your heart, you are not fighting this alone (:
great couple! :D
thanks jme n cia for taking time off to attend this wedding as well ! :D And mummy dearest for helping with my hair and being your best to mingle around with the guests at the table you were at (:

tpjc choir unites with the newly-weds! (: Congratulations to Nic and Xiao Yan :D A simple example of sacrificing for love. 6. Jing Yi's 22nd birthday celebration
Last but definitely not least, we celebrated Jing Yi's birthday in school today! Thanks for being such a sweet girl and I hope you've enjoyed your special day!(:

This weekend will mark the end of January and I will make sure I end it with a BANG!

Cheerios everyone (:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It was the start of advanced worship dynamics II, this is the fourth term i'm there! Time really flies... I was really excited because I was going to see Jasmine (previous coach) again! But lo and behold, Theophilus came into the class with Jasmine and we were told that she will be handing the class to him. Honestly, I was a little disappointed because i was really really really looking forward to Jasmine's class and I'm really inspired by her testimony that she shared during the previous term. I also felt that she was the BEST coach I've come across so far! Oh well, I've went to Theophilus' class previously during some of my make-up classes, he's not bad as well. A guy in his early 20s, pursuing a degree in SMU, working part time at believer music, his stories are inspiring too!

10 dynamics weeks to come! (:

P.S. I'm glad I'm not the youngest in the class :p

Saturday, January 09, 2010

For all my milk lover friends, as much as how milk is claim to be healthy ever since we are young, there are potential dangers to it.

Studies show that there's a link between cancer n dietary hormones and drinking milk might increase our chances of getting cancer. It's better to go for skim milk to prevent overly high levels of oestrogen.

Drinking milk contributes to high cholesterol. It is due to the saturated fat in milk (full-cream milk especially), which causes high blood cholesterol. Opt for soy milk which has no saturated fat and its fat content is half of that of whole milk!

Lastly, there might be a link between Crohn's disease and drinking milk.

So what is Crohn's disease? It is an inflammatory bowel disease, the general name for diseases that cause swelling in the intestines. This is because the symptoms of Crohn’s disease are similar to other intestinal disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis, it can be difficult to diagnose. Ulcerative colitis causes inflammation and ulcers in the top layer of the lining of the large intestine. In Crohn’s disease, all layers of the intestine may be involved, and normal healthy bowel can be found between sections of diseased bowel.

This disease has been linked to a bacteria that resides in the pus of cow's milk!!

hope this has been informative for all of u(:

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

one's priority may be different from another. So one big mistake a person can make is trying to force your priority onto someone else's.

never never do that.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Flea market with these two wonderful girls! It was fun but would be even more fun if cia was here too =( i can't remember if i ever went shopping with jamie before but it's my 2nd time shopping with Janet! The first was at Robinson sale at expo where i bought..... :p:p:p We took some crazy photos! (: check them out!

There was suppose to be a flyer as our background but ahhh.... hahaha. jamie has those photos!(:
Tri110 officially starts on the 5th! can't wait to see my friends again :D

Sunday, January 03, 2010

How great is it to spend the 2nd day of a brand new year with my destiny partners and the family of E441! I really miss church here in Singapore and I was just telling cia that nothing beats being in the House of God. As I was praising and worshipping God, I felt His love encompassing all around me even though it was in hall 1. I'm glad that I went for the prayer meeting before svc just to get prayed up! As I was worshipping, tears rolled down from my eyes as I thought back how God has been always faithful to me and brought me through 2009 into a brand new year. I'm really thankful. I just feel so blessed to be in the best church (in my opinion) in the whole of Asia.

What Pastor preached was really relevant. Our God is a God of new things and we shouldn't hold on to our past victories and past failures, we should indeed, look ahead into the future! It really spoke to me (: I'm gonna set my goals for this year soon, in fact by the end of next Sunday my goals for this year must be done. Thanks DN for being my motivation to set goals (:

Dinner was great, with Francis being THE man. LOL. I'm sure everyone who was at the table would agree. hahaha. Just some photos to sum up the night! Thanks to cia-ee <3 I'm glad to u like the cardigan! And thanks Jamie for the pretty lotion allllll the way from US :D

Here's how matching cia's bag is with DN's polo tee. LOL.
Cheers to a great Sunday! Let's enjoy before the new school term starts (:

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hello 2010! Here's a quick update about the last month of 2009!

First up, it was HK trip with my family and DN :D
Christmas decorations outside Times Square with SO many penguins :D
Carrying such a small baby for the first time in my life!
Sarah receives my Christmas present :D

Taking a look at who's taking photo of her :p
Sarah sound asleep :D
This is for Jamie : the BEST salmon i've eaten! :D
Christmas was spent at Hong Kong annual food fair, it was a crazy Christmas squeezing with thousands of people in the hall. Came across WD-40 and decided to take a photo in remembrance of my Consumer Behaviour group project :D
Headed to Kowloon Park next! I haven't been there ever since i turn 1 year old! A breezy evening and a great place to stroll!

We decided to head to one of the outlying islands of Hong Kong - Lamma Island for the 2nd time! It's only 20 minutes by ferry(: The purpose was to eat the BEST (as in literally THE BEST) tauhui in Hong Kong! And probably none other famous tauhui stores in Singapore can beat it. I even took photo with the store owner :D

Had the chance to meet up with DN's friends in Hong Kong too ! It was a great night spent :D What's greater is that these 10 days, we fell in love deeper with each other :D

Spent an hour at the SilverKris Lounge at the HK airport with Daddy and had cup noodles. LOL. The place looks really posh and it's so comfortable with big Plasma TVs and free food and drinks! Oh yes and free Internet Wi-Fi too! :D

THE moment i touched down I went to meet the two lovely girls and head down to Clarity for our FAVVVVVV-ourite cheese fries! :D

here's a picture of (@_@) and....
me and kangaroo! :D
Met up with cia-ee the following day to catch up + Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 + yummy bubble tea!! :D Here's a photo of the snacks we brought into the cinema :p
Well well well... i must say New Year's Eve was quite out of the norm for me but i did enjoyed myself :D DN's cooking lunch! :D:D:D:D:D Swam 10 laps to usher in the new year + dinner at a village and countdown at his place.
First day of the new year! Had Thai buffet with DN's friends and cash studio at Cuppage! It was a fun fun fun day! :D
Few more days till the start of tri110, heading the metro sale later on! YAY! :D

Happy 2010 everyone! May this year be the year where goals are achieved and may be all grow as a person!